OWS supporter won't work for less than $1M

Working hard for the 99%, I mean 1%...

NY PostAfter refusing to settle for less than $1 million to perform at a New Year’s Eve party, Kanye West went back on a hunt to land a gig two days before the ball drops.He doesn’t want to get on a stage for less than a mil,” a source said. The “Watch the Throne” rapper is considering heading west to Vegas to DJ at an Eve bash — but at a much lower rate. West tweeted Tuesday, “I kinda wanna DJ somewhere this New Years,” and then, perhaps to boost business, tweeted again Wednesday, “My New Years DJ name is gone be YEEZY WORLD PEACE! If you book me you have to put YEEZY WORLD PEACE on the E-vite. Or I ain’t spinning.” While the jet-set crowd has been vacationing in the tropics, West has been holed up in a studio on Broadway and Spring Street, working on his “G.O.O.D” album and a music video. “He’s been picking creative people from all over and asking them to work with him,” a source said, adding that they are “a very eclectic group of music people that are very far from his old crew.” A rep for West didn’t get back to us.
Yep, this guy who supports OWS has a net worth of $70 million. Yet he can’t be bothered to DJ for no less than $1 million?  And Wall Street bankers are the greedy ones…
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Oh, wow, ain’t he special… just go back to making dumb statements about W., Kanye (you ain’t that special).