OWS Protester Wants You to Pay for His College Tuition

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And the reason?
Because. Just because I say so!

Interviewer: “Why should anyone pay for your college tuition?”
Protester: “Why? Because these millionaires are getting a lot of money, just out of greed. You know, they’re exploiting people. Lower class people. Middle class people.”
Interviewer: “How do they do that?”
Protester: “Just through…Well I guess it has to do with the government as well. For example, we get taxed more than they do.”
Interview: “That’s not true.”
Protester: “Not true?!”
Interview: “This country has the highest corporate tax rate in the world…. And also, one percent of the population pays 40% of all the taxes.” ….
Interview: “Why should anyone pay for your college tuition?
Protester: “Why? It’s just, it’s just my opinion.”
And that, my friend, is the Socialist Mentality: “What’s yours is mine. And what’s mine is mine.”
H/t my dear friend Sol, who points out that the protester is wearing a $375 Burberry scarf.

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0 responses to “OWS Protester Wants You to Pay for His College Tuition

  1. If the O.W.S. protestors want Free College Tuition; then O.W.S. protestors sould Unionize; then Obama, and Both Parties, will Compete, and you What-Ever You Want, just so You Might Vote for Them!
    “Money Is No Object!”

    • Of course, they’re just being typical… I’d like to win the lottery too, but that’s not going to be made more likely by demanding it as a “right.”

  2. Wow his parents should be embarassed.

  3. I thank Jesus there are still young people like your children, sage.
    I came to this country on a student visa, with $2,000 that the US Embassy had my poor parents deposit in a bank account before it would issue me a visa. Upon arrival, my oldest brother immediately took the $2,000. I worked my way through college, was entirely self-supporting, worked as a dishwasher, waitress, and shoe clerk in junior college; then “graduated” to be a student aide in an office on campus, doing typing and interminable photocopying for the faculty, when I transferred to U.C. Berkeley. I was a teaching assistant throughout grad school. When I finally graduated with a Ph.D., I’d accumulated $2,000 in student loans (at 3% interest), which I paid off the next year when I got my first teaching job.
    I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

    • Good for you Eowyn! 🙂 With the exception of all the visa hassles you had to deal with, ugh, I too, paid my own way – Was it hard, yes, but not impossible…
      This kid can’t be but around the same age I was, and he seems quite able bodied to do the same…This “The world owes me a living!” mentality is lazy, pathetic and sad, really – in that, these like-minded young people are part of the future of this country… 🙁

  4. LOL – Yeah, and maybe I’ll decide to have a penis enlargement and use the government to force this idiot to pay for it.
    Or maybe I’ll just use him.
    What an idiot tool.

  5. I think the rich should give him an education.
    Pay for his one way ticket to Biafra at a cost of $1200. And give a full paid Biafrain education degree cost $25.
    The real education is how in the hell he’s going to get back stateside. And kiss the ground he spit on.

  6. These would be the Democratic voting base.

    • That dude probably sleeps very well at night… lack of normal guilt/shame is helpful for Demo-rats (see Bill Clinton, for example).

  7. beware of generalizations by the mainstream media,my friends.
    Perhaps we should concentrate on why the non-moonbat and clueless fringe elements are protesting

  8. This protester and those like him have a narcissistic sense of entitlement. Like Eowyn, I paid my way through college, my parents did not pay my way as this is an investment in yourself. I was able to become a judge of the State of Nevada over many attorneys that I knew, through hard work and very careful and effective writing. Nevertheless, the issue is whether or not from a “person’s opinion” that they are entitled for the taxpayers to pay for their education. What do you think is the common sense, logical and moral answer to that question? Isn’t it obvious!

  9. another of the brainwashed masses. i’ve seen interviews with a parrot (einstein the parrot) that had more brain power than this mass of liberal idiocy.

  10. And Dr. Eowyn, you came to this country with nothing and through sheer determination, courage, resourcefulness and goodness, with God’s help, you became a professor with distinction, an author, a wonderful tailor and the best sister one could ever have! What your brother did is amazing! What can I say but a big “BRAVO” to you, who you are and what you have accomplished!

    • Thank you, my dear Godsister. I can’t say I suffered or that I went through tremendous hardships. It helped that I was very young and didn’t know any better. I simply did it.
      But I couldn’t have done it if it were not for an American society and polity that made it possible for me to succeed. That’s what’s so special about America — there are plentiful opportunities for anyone to succeed, with hard work, self-discipline, and some smarts.
      As for my brother and that $2,000, years later I asked my parents what happened to the money. They had no idea. Some day maybe I’ll ask Peter. But then, I truly believe his life is punishment enough. 😉

  11. You are absolutely right, Dr. Eowyn! But I am certain that you experienced hardships but as you pointed out, your youth knew no better. I love your phrase, “I simply did it.” Powerful! Yes, you do what you have to do through the help of our dear Lord. Thank you for being my sister!

  12. You’ll see more intelligent creatures lying on their backs on the bottom of ponds.

  13. I used to enjoy coming here to see your animal stories but I find the hypocrisy in here stomach churning to say the very least. You all act so religious and better than others, well let me ask you this? Where in your warped bibles does Jesus condone belittling and judging others? You are ignorant to what is talking place in Zucotti Park. Ignorant to the war being waged by people with the courage to step up and fight the establishment that is bringing down our country. You criticize these people but your standards and morals are half of what these people honor.These are not only kids but middle class wage earners, unions, people in 3 piece suits. You must watch the trash on Fox news. What are you doing to make change in this world? Are you sleeping on cold wet concrete to try and save this country? No you are in your warm homes sitting at your computers pretending to be religious while putting down the very people trying to save your sorry asses. You need to do some real soul searching for when the shift does happen God won’t be saving your butts.

    • So you’ve been to Zucotti Park yourself and seen what is happening? Rather long trip from Kansas isn’t it?
      I’m going to claim YOU ARE IGNORANT. Wall Street follows rules and guidelines set by our government. The “rich folks” follows tax laws set by our government. You want to blame someone? Start with the government. They aren’t fooling us with this “blame the rich” mantra. It’s a clever, albiet idiotic ploy, to diverge the American sheeple’s attention from who is actually to blame, and that is the failed policies of this administration.
      Sleeping on cold concrete isn’t going to change what’s going on in DC.
      Save me your claims that we are judgmental and act so religious and better than anyone else. You have NO IDEA what us individuals do on a daily basis to try and save our country. You might want to take a look at your post – it’s full of judgment.

    • Where in your warped mind did you conjure up the notion that people like this clueless avaricious young man in the YouTube video I posted are “saving” America? He can’t even articulate an intelligent thought, even less why others should pay for his tuition. But you call these our saviors! God help us.
      By the way, you do realize that you just did to us EXACTLY what you accused us of doing — “belittling and judging”. Mannheim’s Paradox will bite you in your rear end every time.

    • This country was not founded under, nor lived under, communist* principles until very recently – as since 12:01 pm, January 20, 2009.
      Please provide evidence to us ignern’t religious-type people of any point over the last 200+ years that Communism actually saved a country.
      I’ll save you the trouble: There isn’t even one.
      *I make no distinction between Socialists, Marxists, or Communists, as I consider them to be three peas in a pod.
      After all, Lenin himself said the ultimate goal of socialism is communism.
      It doesn’t come from a higher “authority” than that.
      Yeah, I know


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