OWS organizer says police sent rapists to Zucotti Park

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Watch this OWS guy Harrison Schultz being interviewed by Sean Hannity. Unbelievable!
The 29-year-old punk defends the rapes last fall in the Occupy Wall Street tent city in Zucotti Park by blaming the NYPD. The police had sent rapists, drunks, and criminals to the park just to make OWS look bad!
When asked about Occupiers defecating on police cars and destroying property, Schultz just shrugs. Stuff happens!
Then he says Hannity doesn’t have a coherent thought, about capitalism or anything else, although Schultz admits he’s never watched Hannity.
When asked what’s his objection to capitalism, Schultz blames the high rate of youth unemployment and the national debt on capitalism, but makes no mention of government over-spending, entitlements, the bloated welfare state, 47% of Americans not paying income tax…. (See my post, “The Fall of America – in 12 graphs”)
What an idiot.
H/t beloved fellow Tina!

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0 responses to “OWS organizer says police sent rapists to Zucotti Park

  1. Communists – just don’t get it. They blame a free market on what fascism and state control of the market has produced. But, let’s remember that this fascist state now owned by the megabanks is not a free market. And when the fascistly owned police send rapists and drunks to OWS — which they did I believe — it’s becuz the fascist state likes their useful idiots to be protesting for communism but not necessarily against Wall Street (which is state-owned and the megabanks are the state today),

  2. I think Hannity is inexcusable in this attack on this young man. The man is rightfully stating that the debt is outrageous. But Hannity didn’t want to have a discussion with a young man — he wanted to attack him. I find it inexcusable. Also, just a bunch of hype to stop discussion of how the govt has been taken over by big banks — Goldman Sachs. I think Hannity works for Goldman Sachs to create this emotional nonsensical refusal to discuss the facts — and instead to launch into an attack of a young man on his show. Obviously, communism doesn’t work. But, this young man might have understood the FREE MARKET — had there been a real discussion. I don’t ever want to watch Hannity after seeing this. He’s a 29 year old man who realizes that the big banks have fixed the markets and created this unemployment, etc. — and was protesting. Communism may be the wrong solution — but his protestations are valid and discussion could have ensued with RESPECT. Shame on you, Hannity!!!

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in those accusations against the NYPD. And if he is bringing such strong accusations, he must demonstrate any evidenciary support to hold them. Besides that, I don’t think Hannity behaved badly, I just believe he got shocked with the young man’s words. If someone behaved badly, was the young man, that started the conversation in passive-agressive terms. So I disagree completely with you!

  3. absolutely unbelievable. I watched this guy in total amazement. It is sad,this kid being an American is displaying this ignorance. To think there are masses of this type of mentality is astonishing. They will be the ones to get trampled when things finally come to a head. Yes,they will be in the way. I for one will not be protecting these people. They will be on their own. I am ashamed of him. A certain amount may be indoctrination,but common sense you would think,would come into play some?

  4. If he says it then it must be true! No proof needed whatsoever!
    Must be nice to be a know-it-all.

  5. videriquamesse

    The OWS movement is an ab-reaction to the severe economic conditions that have existed since the meltdown of the financial and banking system in 2007-2008. The people in in this movement are ill-represented by inarticulate and ignorant of history thugs like this young man. What I know for a fact is that there are millions of people across the U. S., former believers in the American dream who were wronged by the behavior of the major banks in the foreclosure mess. They are incensed; they are well armed and if nothing is done to hold accountable the bank executives who both created and profited from this debacle, there will be bloodshed. Soon.

  6. Hannity did a great job on this kid last night! Just blasted him. Loved it!!

  7. Occupiers are more than capable of having rapists, druggies and criminals at their sites on their own, thank you very much.

  8. wildbillalaska

    Dr Eowyn
    It is just too bad these people are allowed to breed.
    Wild bill

  9. viderdeedooblah….or whatever,
    Do you really believe that the American ppl are not at ALL to blame for the mortgage crisis? Honestly? You are truly going to lay it ALL on the banks? Really? You’re not going to accept just a sliver of the blame? Truly?
    Let’s be honest here….the banks did NOT and COULD NOT force anyone to buy a home they could not afford if the buyer did not want to. Right? Sure the banks pushed loans buyers couldn’t afford but is it not truly the buyers own fault for not knowing what they could and couldn’t afford to begin with? (I am only talking about the majority of home buyers that could not afford their mortgages….yes there is a minority that did basically get screwed and that stinks!)
    Look OWS Groupies…I hate to burst your dirty, little bubbles but Internet access is NOT a necessity!!! iPhones, cell phones, Tv, DirectTv, Tabacco products, a college education, and INSURANCE are NOT NECESSITIES! When you choose to live w/o all of these luxuries….yes luxuries…I might have a tad bit of sympathy if you still cannot pay your outrageous mortgage.
    Please hear me on this….I am so very tired of being punished b/c I have a savings account, drive a used vehicle, actually own my little, tiny house, choose to NOT use credit cards, lived w/o cable and Internet for years, paid for my college education w/o a dime from the government, worked a full time job while attending classes, am actually SELF-PAY when it comes to medical, and my husband still works 2 jobs even though we have a nest egg! Seriously!
    I did NOT provide the shovel you buried yourself with…why the heck should I do all the work digging your butt out? Get it?

  10. Later in the interview, Hannity tells him to get a job. His response? “Give me a job.” Everything is “gimme, gimme, gimme”. He wants free education, health care, dental care, child care, house and car. Hannity suggested he get a job as a dish washer, cook or contractor, but that was too “menial” work. Schultz, along with many other occupiers, are nothing but parasites.


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