OWS hippies make me sick…

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From OWS San Diego on October 24th.  The title of this video? “USA Flag Dog Chew Toy: Best Use of Old Glory to date!”

The OWS hippies claim to represent the 99% – they represent you, me and your neighbor.  Skippy supports their “movement”.  Pelosi has even said, “God bless them for their spontaneity”.
If these people hate the American flag so much and what it stands for, why are they still in this country? 
Don’t let the state run media fool anyone: these anti-American hippies come no where close to representing us freedom-loving Americans.

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0 responses to “OWS hippies make me sick…

  1. They don’t hate the country. They merely see it from a different perspective than you see it.

    • They can take their commie/socialist/hippie perspectives to Cuba. Better yet, go to Iran – they love to disrespect the American flag there too.

    • Yeah, they just like being mean to it and taking their freedom for granted.

    • And I don’t “hate” the Left. I merely see them from a different perspective than you see them!

    • The “America” they are looking to bring about has never existed.
      This country was not founded on totalitarian, tyrannical Marxist ideology, and would not survive under it.
      As that appears to be what these people wish to live under the thumb of, there are still plenty of communist Hell-holes they can move to.

  2. You are correct GF… sad to say… And anyone who desecrates and disrespects our nation’s flag shows what they are truly made of… There are some lines one doesn’t cross, even in anger, and this is one of them, IMO.
    And Old Jules… their *ahem* ‘perspective’ is clouded by their blind anger and a cocktail of mixed motives shaken and stirred into a molotov of idiotic proportions…and they are ultimately, in the long run… pawns in the bigger game… a game we are all a part of whether we are ‘willing’ participants or not.

  3. If you believe you’re in a position to predict outcomes you’re probably wrong. Nobody’s much good at it. Whether they show respect for the flag is generally a non-issue. The flags are all manufactured in China, same as everything else. Showing respect for a Chinese flag is un-American, I’d suggest.

    • “Whether they show respect for the flag is generally a non-issue.” Wrong – here it IS AN ISSUE.
      “The flags are all manufactured in China…” Wrong – Ever hear of Valley Forge Flags?
      Spin all you want for these commies – I ain’t buying it.

  4. These are the idiots who whine , scream, yell, about how bad our country is. They will wake up one morning with a hammer and sickle or a crescent and star on a red background flag. They will not know what hit them,and will whine, scream, yell for the good old USA.
    Beware what ya wish for.

  5. The wall street dead beats dont represent me, or true america. They have no initiative to do anything on their own, as Bill Gates and STeve Jobs did but want a handout because they are jealous of other peoples wealth. Now I do agree that the bankers should not have been given a bailout and all of obamas friends or that the Federal Reserve should print our money. But they do not seem to be organized at all and sound like two year olds in Sesame Street or Romper room by parroting back whatever the yell leader says. Its as if they are brain dead and they could be with all the drugs, liquor and sex and no telliing what else…If they protest anywhere it should be before Congress!!!

  6. Have song for ’em… they’ll hate it, too.

  7. @Old Jules – No, they hate the country AND they want everything for free – free stuff that our military fought and died for in order for them to behave like a-holes.
    @everyone else – this was my response on youtube:
    “I’m not rich – I’m not even middle class…but you and these people and everyone else out there at OWS most DEFINITELY do NOT represent me. Shameful and disgusting, that’s what that is. Being angry at politicians and bankers is a WHOLE lot different than disrespecting our country and our flag. Don’t like it? GTFO!!!!!”

    • And more from ‘ol Merle said dirtbags won’t like…

      • LOL..Anon… Where are the parents of some of these loons… some are probably there with them.. others’ like their mother’s are at home w/their heads in their hands… Which makes me think of how, “MamaTried!” 😉

  8. Right to effigy. Effigy of the flag in substitute of chewing on released asset reports, about how these corporation are robbing us to deliver our money to DC, which gives our nation ‘direction’.

    • Hey ND, did you type that comment using a device you bought from a corporation? Do you buy nothing voluntarily from a corporation? Or is there some greedy CEO keeping your hands tied?
      You don’t like the laws corporations follow? Take it to the law makers.

  9. The country is in desperate shape. OWS is trying to bring attention to that vs paying attention to the people bankrupting the country and then wanting to go all austerity when a Democrat takes office. The Hippies are long gone. These kids are many generations removed.

  10. OWS… the only people realizing that 9-11 was inside job.


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