OWS Defecation; Disses American Flag

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This pic was e-mailed to me by a faithful FOTM reader as one taken at Occupy Wall Street. It is not. Instead, it was taken 4 years ago at an anti-war rally in Seattle, attended no doubt by the same denizens of Occupy Seattle.

WARNING: Graphic Pic

Though the pic above wasn’t from OWS, these two pictures are:

An OWS protester defecates on a police car near Zucotti Park.

An OWS protester tramples the American flag.

Just remember that the following individuals have come forth stating their approval of Occupy Wall Street. Their names are followed by their estimated net worth:

  • Barack Obama: Annual POTUS salary (not total income): $400,000; Net worth in 2010: $10.5 million
  • Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca): $21.74 million
  • Former Vice President of the USA Al Gore: $100 million
  • Yoko Ono: $500 million
  • Russell Simmons: $325 million
  • Sean Penn: $150 million
  • Rosie O’Donnell: $100 million
  • Roseanne Barr: $80 million
  • Deepak Chopra: $80 million
  • Kanye West: $70 million
  • Alec Baldwin: $65 million
  • Russell Brand (networth: 15 million; combined networth with wife, singer Katy Perry: $63 million)
  • Susan Sarandon: $50 million
  • Tim Robbins: $50 million
  • Michael Moore: $50 million
  • Danny Glover: $15 million
  • Talib Kweli: $14 million
  • Mark Ruffalo: $10 million
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson: $10 million

[Networths for celebrities without an individual source link are from https://www.businessinsider.com/occupy-wall-street-celebrities-2011-10]

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0 responses to “OWS Defecation; Disses American Flag

  1. What is it with these Occupy Wall Street folk and dookie?

  2. Makes me sick to my stomach…
    And to think our troops fight for the right for these commies to have this “freedom”. Sigh

  3. Spiraling, spiraling, spiraling down into the abyss. Unbelievable. I hope his parents are deceased because the shame this reprobate will bring upon them is unmeasurable. I’m disgusted. When does this end? Enough is enough.

  4. I’ll bet his folks are proud….and that Thanksgiving will be

  5. GRRR! I am Up to ^here^ with this!! This guy should be arrested for public indecency, doing ‘this’ in public, and exposing himself to a child which is also illegal and a sex crime.
    I have HAD it with these imbeciles! They are a disgrace and represent nothing but disdain and riotous behavior and a LISTof illegal activity. They are causing people with stores/companies to close their doors because no one wants to go through these idiots, and in turn the store owners cannot earn their living…. Sorry to rant… I’m done. I’m sickened. And I’m pi$$ed.

  6. LOL – Gee Eowyn, thanks for the diet plan.

  7. I know a great place to put that flag pole. 🙂

  8. Steve,
    Yeah, and I would be sitting right next to ya in the cell. 🙂

  9. Somebody should have thrown some gas on the fire and burned this dumb Bastard’s nuts off, the Flag stands for the people NOT the government, but stupid people have NO CLUE, so they shit on the people! The government is the one that deserves this kind of treatment. These monkey people are disrespecting the wrong thing AGAIN as usual. Just like chimps they have to sling their crap at anything and everything! Misguided anger! Semper Fi.

  10. Dr. Eowyn and Tina, thank you so much for this post, for exposing this horrific truth for Occupy Wall Street. I love to see the list of supporters and their millions of dollars to their names. Reallly, they should give all of their money then to OWS since they allegedly support their violence! We still don’t know what OWS stands for formally. I SAY THEY STAND FOR HATRED, HATRED AND HATRED!

  11. Don't kill the messenger

    Well, I suppose the more appropriate metaphor would have been that “Wall Street Bankers sexually abused the people of America,” rather than defecating on them. Perhaps the protester thought that sexually assaulting someone at OWS was going to far to make a point. We all need to wake up and realize how morally repugnant and unhealthy capitalism has become …the current state of affairs is not what the founding fathers envisioned – they would be ordering the arrest of the financial parasites, cheats, and liars who have hijacked our country and brought it to the brink of ruin I don’t agree with all of the behavior of the protestors but their basic message is righteous: we need to cleanse ourselves by removing the Wall Street pirates.

    • Don’t like capitalism? Try moving to China or Cuba and get back to me on how wonderful your life is…
      And that’s the beauty of capitalism…don’t like it? Don’t participate. Stash your money in the mattress. No one is forcing you to play the stock market, open a bank account, etc.
      Financial parasites, cheats, and liars who have hijacked our country? You must be speaking of those in DC…

      • Don't kill the messenger

        Apart from leading an existence similar to the Unabomber or a hermit, how could one exactly live (work, own a business, raise a family, etc.) in America without participating in Capitalism? Should I refine my own gasoline? C’mon, get real.
        Simpletons like yourself (“love it or leave it”) fail to recognize the Constitution gives me as much a right to live here and say what I think about our democracy, its systems and institutions, in the hopes it will improve.
        BTW: what has been going on in our stock markets for decades is not Capitalism…it’s Captialism corrupted by cheaters who are unable or unwilling to make their fortunes honestly.

        • You can get by without a checking account – I know of someone in his late 30’s and to this day doesn’t have one. He cashes paycheck (at bank drawn from) and pays rent in cash. Doesn’t own a credit card. Pays utility bills and everything else in cash. You don’t have to invest in the stock market.
          Don’t have to refine your own gas – take a public bus or ride a bike. I know someone who doesn’t own a car and walks everywhere, or takes buses & trains. There’s also a newspaper columnist w/kids that doesn’t own a car. She walks kids everywhere or they take the bus. It can be done so you don’t need to buy gas.
          Don’t want to support the evil banks? Don’t open an account with one. It can be done.

        • The Constitution gives you the right to “live here”? Are you referring to the US? That is odd because your IP address is located in BC, Canada. Maybe you are travelling on business or vacation or something….

        • DKTM,
          Please name ONE socialist country wherein the Communist Party took all power, which did not end up making a ruin of the economy, killing millions of people, throwing (or killing) dissenters esp. intellectuals in jail, and becoming even more corrupt than the evil capitalists.

    • DKTM,
      Please give us a list of those “Wall Street pirates” you propose we should “cleanse” and “remove” — by which you mean what and how exactly?
      Next, I expect to see you write that those “Wall Street pirates” are “enemies of the people” (Maoist China) or untermensch (Nazi Germany).
      There’s one correct way to rein in excesses, and that’s through the government and through the law. But then I seem to recall it’s the Obama administration that bailed out those dastardly “Wall Street pirates” with billions of taxpayers’ dollars, and it’s the Obama administration whose cabinet is stacked with “Wall Street pirates”, like Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (he of Goldman Sachs).
      You are one scary dude. I can just see you wielding the guillotine in the French Revolution or as a Red Guard in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Guess how well both of those revolutions turned out….
      You’re in Alberta, Canada. Don’t you have enough problems of your own in Kanada, without butting your nose into America’s business?

  12. Who is this idiot? What’s his name? I want to take a crap on the drivers seat of his car. Someone NEEDS to ID this guy. May he NEVER live that down.

  13. This post is a lie, and this blogger is a liar. A little Google searching will produce the truth: that this photo was taken in 2007. No wonder Conservatives are so mean; it’s because you’re so STUPID.

  14. Wednesday, 11/16/11
    Yes, I received this same picture in an email with a narrative saying these are Occupy Wall Streeters. This picture was taken in March of 2007, not in Seattle, but in Portland, OR, at a war protest.

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