OWS bums try to scam elderly couple

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Obama voters, no doubt...

Police say squatters tried to take advantage of elderly couple

KATU:  Police have rounded up a group of squatters who, they said, were trying to take advantage of an elderly couple in Northeast Portland.
Two different vacant homes were involved, police said. One is in the 5600 block of Northeast 14th Avenue while the other is in the 4900 block of North Minnesota Avenue.
In the Northeast 14th Avenue home, police found documentation indicating the squatting was an organized effort to victimize the elderly property owner. A handwritten letter said, in part: “The idea was that we might have a better chance at survival if the landowner was, as our research could tell, a batty old lady and her bed ridden husband.
Police said they found material in the homes from the local anarchist and Occupy movements.   Police arrested the squatters in the 14th Avenue home at about 11 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 9.
Three different neighbors said the squatters had been living in the house since at least last summer. Police have not yet confirmed that detail.  James Lambert said he had no idea the people next door were allegedly trespassing.
“They fixed the house up and said they were fixing it up while they were renting,” he said. “They had an agreement with a third party that they were supposed to fix it up as they lived there.”
On North Minnesota Avenue, a burglary call at about 11:30 a.m. Monday, Feb. 13 brought police to the house that the owner said was supposed to be vacant. Police found two people inside the home and arrested them for trespassing.
The owner of the North Minnesota Avenue home is different than the owner of the home on 14th Avenue, police said.  Neighbors said when two people moved into the North Minnesota Avenue home it seemed legitimate.
Police said inside the home they found anarchist materials, boxing and MMA sparring equipment, literature on how to pick a lock, and addresses for other vacant homes.  The investigation is continuing, according to police. And they said it may include other Portland-area homes.
Police said the three people who were arrested at the 14th Avenue home were 28-year-old Alexander Nicholas Ayers; 29-year-old Molly Maxine Garmire and 23-year-old Benjamin Lee Miley.
Liars and cheaters, trying to steal from someone else in order to “survive”.  Remember, Skippy and Pelosi support the OWS losers.

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  1. “Chips off the Old Whitehouse Block.”

  2. When did the Maori tribesman join the 99%… 😉

  3. they look like they are right out of an old Mel Gibson movie “the road warrior” comes to mind hopefully they’re not maori tribesmen maori’s were cannibals

  4. HAHAHAHAHA….Grouchy Fogie, you are hysterical! You make me laugh!! 🙂 The first thing I noticed was the boy with pigtails too….or rat tail. Do u think they look in the mirror and think, “I look good….eat your heart out Vanilla Ice!” I mean seriously….she has a mullet!! (not that I have anything against mullets, I’m just jealous!)

  5. these are Pelosi,aka obama’s people, mmm. remember that now everyone,lol.

  6. They are working for anarchy but in reality they are self centered. Who would move into someone else’s home and think that it was their right.?
    Free sex, free drugs, improper hygiene are all indicative of selfcenteredness and a perception that only their wants and needs should be considered. I hate to tell them but the real world functions best with rules and responsibility.

  7. Totally agree Sage! Some are crazy, but these 3…ppl think that most demonically possessed humans are just crazy, b/c they play dumb, but they are far more intelligent than ppl give them credit for. To pull something this evil off took a lot of scheming and a lot of brains. They know every loop hole the law has.

  8. LOL – Yep, there go three “pillars o’ the commoonity,” fer sure.


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