Outrage as Dallas officials threaten to tear down wall honoring fallen police officers because of regulations

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last call lounge fence

Fence at Last Call Lounge/AP photo

From Fox News: A downtown Dallas business owner says city officials are threatening to issue summonses over an 8-foot-tall fence on her property that features a mural honoring five police officers killed in an ambush last year.
The large mural pays tribute to the officers who were killed during an attack on law enforcement at a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas on July 7, 2016. Flowers, notes and other tokens have been left at the mural regularly since its unveiling four days ago.
Diana Paz, who runs the Last Call Lounge, told Fox News Friday that city officials didn’t want to listen when she tried to them about the mural, which is about a mile away from where the shooting took place. “They never gave me the chance to tell them what it was that we wanted to do,” Paz said.
City officials insist the mural is not the problem and that they are wrongly being portrayed as insensitive. They say the fence was constructed in violation of city codes.
“We did not ask that any mural be taken down, this has nothing to do with any mural,” said Richard Hill, the public information officer for Dallas City Hall. “It has to do with the fact that a fence was built without a permit.”
“The building inspector went out and looked at it, and gave them a notice,” Hill said. “They went back and the owners still didn’t have a permit, so they gave them a warning. The city did its job.”
Paz was issued a violation notice May 25 saying that she failed to obtain a permit to use metal siding in the construction and that the fence blocks visibility at a nearby four-way stop.
Paz said her cousin, Cesar Rodriguez, made changes. He moved the fence back three feet to address complaints about visibility at the intersection at an added cost of $2,000, bringing the cost of building the fence to more than $17,000.
“They still said it wasn’t right,” Paz said. “The previous old posts are still there, they can see we moved the posts. They say they’ll keep giving us citations.”
Paz said her intention was to commemorate the shooting anniversary with the mural, which shows six officers of different races carrying a coffin with an American flag draped over it.
She said she vividly remembers that horrible night. Three officers working at her bar took off when they heard the call for assistance. “We saw how they rushed out,” Paz said. “It touched our own employees. We just wanted to do something for the anniversary, to give some positivity” by commissioning the mural.
Paz said she will continue making modifications to the fence until inspectors are satisfied and grant her a permit.

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0 responses to “Outrage as Dallas officials threaten to tear down wall honoring fallen police officers because of regulations

  1. Unfortunately, we seem to have an awful lot of individuals who when placed in jobs with authority decide to C-R-U-S- H those who come within their circle of influence. I guess we might just say . . . just another example of the rampant mental illness sweeping our nation. They need to find something about themselves over which they feel good.

    • Not finished . . . I am dying to know, what race are these inspectors? Since this memorial with the fence in question is for slain officers, who were murdered at a Black Lives Matter function.

  2. Did the city at least tell them how to rectify the problem and keep the mural. I understand the permit and the owner should have applied for one when she was told she needed one. I mean, the city needs its TAX monies. Before your say it isn’t tax, B.S. any fees imposed by a city/county or state are TAXES just pronounced and spelled a different way!

  3. But, of course, Dallas city gov’t (except police) is all:

  4. No surprise at all, erasing all that represents our country seems like it will happen in a short time. “They” claim that millenniums don’t have any idea of our heritage, and that our history is a thing of the past, instead, it is moving forward and being committed to technology. The idea of becoming dependant of the magic button is to not allow the brain to function and for the system to achieve control and domination. Blacks and whites are intertwine in historical events, removing any monuments is denying our history for generations to come.

  5. There were several things about this event last July that didn’t add up. The hoaxes were happening so often under Obama, it was hard to keep up, and this is the only one that happened close to me. The inconsistencies started immediately, and I’m still not sure if I believe the official story.

  6. I saw on the internet a clip where the supposed shooter was down on he street, & did a little dance where he supposedly shoots a cop,..
    Well, for this bit to be true the cameraman who took the pictures, just so happened to be in just the right place, high up in a building across the street from where this happened, & where he could , just happen to be able to see this small bit of sidewalk.
    But, more importantly, in order for this clip to be true, the shooter would have needed to ,..
    Leave his snper’s nest,..
    Go down to street level,..
    Exit the building,..
    Travel to a different location,..
    Have a dual with a cop, who he supposedly shoots,..
    Then return to the entrance to the building,..
    Then, go back up several floors to his sniper’s nest,..
    All without anyone seeing him, or realizing that he was gone from his sniper’s nest,..
    So, obviously, that could not happen,,..’
    So this clip is obviously false,..
    So the whole story COULD be false,..
    Also, we ,supposedly, have 5 DEAD cops,..but NO wounded cops,. so, we are told that ALL HITS were fatal.
    That is very, very.. very,..UN-likely,..
    Enough said,..

    • That just doesn’t sound believable, does it?
      The first thing my husband noticed about the shooting was that it reportedly happened within minutes of 9:00 p.m., but the videos being shown live on television appeared to have been taken earlier. He could look out the door and see it was dark; there was too much light for the videos to have been taken at 9:00. That just made us suspicious, but didn’t prove it didn’t happen. The date also made us suspicious, 7/7/16 = three sevens. Then we were given the highly unusual account of how the sniper was killed by a robot in a parking garage. In the next few days, came the photos that had been clearly staged for effect, just like in other similar events. I still can’t say for sure, but I just never took it to be a real shooting.

      • Ah it was all a huge Hollywood special effects drama staged for the public’s benefit right. There weren’t any police officers killed. It was all play acting. Since you feel that way I have a wonderful investment opportunity for you with a prince from Nigeria. For a few thousand dollars and your credit card details you will make millions. But only someone with your intelligence and ability to discern the details would make it possible for you and all those with equally impressive IQs to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.
        Act fast.

        • So you were there and witnessed it?
          You put words in my mouth that I did not say. I said I noticed inconsistencies, but couldn’t be sure. Am I not allowed to say that?
          No thanks, you can keep your Nigerian prince in Waco, Bob. Hope that’s fast enough for you.

  7. Here’s the other side of that coin:
    A good discernment tool is to think, is this just “too convenient?”, it probably is. BLM rally?
    I don’t like to be manipulated. There are enough “joiners” to feed several movements. These types of “interest stories” are highly suspect. They are designed to tug at our emotions. They are long on image and short on facts.
    So events involving stereotypical players should be scrutinized very carefully, whether its queer nightclubs under fire by “arab” muslims or “oppressed” blacks screaming “I can’t breathe”.

  8. Sounds to me like the builders are trying to adhere to the codes as best they can,but the city officials probably DON’T HAVE codes that cover this,so they’re making the rules up as they go. I’m with you,Auntie-the question is WHY are they putting up such a fight over something noble like this?

    • My guess is that they are drawing attention to it so that they can wring some sympathy out of it. You know, like a sponge.
      Without starting an argument with those who want to feel bad here, I strongly suggest that they revisit the whole “shooting” scenario as originally described. It’s more than a little reminiscent of the Gabby Gifford affair.
      While I’m not going to categorically say that a bar owner wouldn’t spend $17K of their hard-earned money to put up a private monument, I don’t know anyone like that (including me).

  9. An interesting thing about there being 5 cops killed, But ZERO cops wounded is that in the Sandy Hook matter we are told that there were 26 kids killed,..but,.. like the Dallas matter there were ZERO wounded persons..,..
    And to make things even fishier, re Sandy hook, was that it was the cops who pronounced the kids dead [Which is NOT legal] & the medics were not even allowed into the building, & the,..supposed bodies were not removed until that night,..
    Yeah right,..
    Both the Dallas police shootings & the Sandy Hook matter stink to high Heaven,..
    As does the Boston Bombing which was nothing more than a couple of smoke bombs,along with a few crises actors putting on a little charade to give the government an excuse to drag some innocent civilians out of their houses,..

  10. Are the city officials insane? She’s honoring these brave men and women in blue who risks their life daily at their job so that you can sleep safely at night mr.city official.
    No. This is bullshit. I bet it’s all because it’s due to it having to do with “Black lives matter” and nothing else, what about Blue lives matter, or LIFE matters.
    Ugh I’m so angry 😡 reading this. Snjajzsudjjsjaksjsjjsjzkjs


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