Out of the closet: Obama wears a tiara

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Let me ask the male readers of FOTM:

Under what circumstances would you ever wear a tiara? — an unmistakably girly tiara?

Obama did just that in a photo-op last May.
But the photo wasn’t released until Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 2014, when chief White House photographer Pete Souza posted it to Instagram.
ABC News reports that the photo shows the President of the United States of America wearing a tiara alongside a group of Girl Scouts from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Tiara Obama
Back in April, Obama adamantly had refused to try on a custom-fit helmet presented to him by the Navy football team. The POS said at the time, “Here’s the general rule: You don’t put stuff on your head if you’re president. That’s politics 101. You never look good wearing something on your head.”
The next month, in May, Obama broke his own “general rule” by donning a tiara in a group photo with Girl Scouts.
Then his chief photog chose Christmas Eve to release the pic, the timing of which is noteworthy.
limp wristprissy Obama

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0 responses to “Out of the closet: Obama wears a tiara

  1. I would hope my husband would wear a tiara with his grand daughters, he is man enough to do that.
    That said, the Navy football helmet he would treasure more than me AND he definitely has a strong wrist.
    This POS is an embarrassment. (Right in the middle of that word is ASS!

  2. There’s a saying in psychology that your subconscious will always tell the truth on you; I think Obama’s subconscious just shouted out the truth in that picture. I’m sure he had a huge thrill running up and down his leg while playing princess. Very embarrassing, once again, for our country.

    • I agree, plus still curious about the few times during public speeches where he says both Michael and …..Hmmmmm I just love Freudian slips, especially when socio-psychopaths in power make them
      He does need a splint for that limp wrist. I hope he doesn’t meet foreign dignitaries with dead fish handshakes then refer to them as “girlfriend!”

    • What’s great about it is that it matches his Ballet Tutu.

  3. Can’t help thinking about the ridiculous way he/she dances up steps at public appearances…. or coming down the ramp to AF One…..
    Also can’t get the song “I feel pretty” out of my head…..
    “….. pretty…. and witty….. and gay…….”

  4. I have five girls and I wear them often. There comes a point in life where the smiles on the little faces are more important than my own dignity. LOL With that said I am not POTUS. Belated Merry Christmas all.

    • Dean, I think the difference between you pleasing your little girls by wearing a tiara and Obama wearing one is I’m betting it looks out of place on you where as Obama looks like he was born to wear pink tiaras.

  5. Son of the Rabbit People

    Any chance of seeing Putin in a tiara?

  6. Oh, my! He’s a natural for a tiara. Wherever did you get these images. They’re priceless! I’m sending them on.

  7. Funny! 😀

  8. “Under what circumstances would you ever wear a tiara? — an unmistakably girly tiara?” Only and I mean only, if it would mean I would beat the competition for another FOTM Caption Contest, I admit. 🙂

  9. Bob Toonist: The song “I feel pretty” is appropriate. However, I think “Tutti Fruiti” would be a good one too. Leeann

  10. I MIGHT wear one-on my belt loop with the keys to my bike and trucks. That’s as close as it’s ever gonna get to my head. (Unless somebody THROWS one at me from behind,or something….)


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