It's a miracle! Dead people vote in America!

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There’s a joke that goes something like this:
“My daddy voted straight-line Republican all his life. Since he died he votes Democrat.”
Indeed, a report last February from the Pew Center on the States found that a whopping 24 million – or 1 in 8 – of active voter registrations in the U.S. have serious errors. Those errors include 1.8 million dead on America’s rolls of registered voters, as well as 2.75 million who are registered as active voters in more than one state. (Source: NY Daily News, Feb. 14, 2012)
More recently, the Orlando Sentinel reports, May 18, 2012, that the state of Florida’s Division of Elections said that 53,000 people registered to vote in Florida are possibly deceased. The department reported that they had also found as many as 180,000 people in the state who were registered to vote, but were not citizens of the United States.
Just this Monday, June 11, 2012, US Department of Justice announced it will sue Florida to stop the state from purging ineligible voters from its voter rolls. The DOJ statement came after Florida had filed suit against the Department of Homeland Security for failing to cooperate with efforts to clean up the state’s voter registration records.
Ever on the cutting edge, Fellowship of the Minds procured a photo of some of those dead voters:

You have one guess as to the party ID of those dead voters! 😀

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0 responses to “It's a miracle! Dead people vote in America!

  1. More from the Grateful Dead.

  2. Disgusting and depressing!

  3. 1.8 million dead voters, and that’s just Chicago.

  4. Eyes Wide Open

    It’s true. Dead people vote for Democrats. My neighbor’s wife has been dead over 15 years and she seems to vote an awful lot. Nobody has an explanation for it. I wonder if requiring photo IDs when you vote would stop that. Of course, it would be a hate crime to discriminate against the dead. The FBI would be all over that.

  5. you should try memphis politics. soooo many dead voters. And none of the democrats want a photo ID to vote.

  6. I got an URGENT email from ACLU today…”Florida officials are trying to remove thousands of legitimate voters from the rolls!!!”. Wait a minute. I must be one of those dumb rednecks, somebody please ‘splain this to me. How is it removing legitimate voters if you cull the lists for dead people, non-citizens, felons, and cartoon characters?

    • No Demo-rat voter is illegtimate to the ACLU, be they dead or drawn by Disney.

    • Obviously, the ACLU has not had access to Congressman Miller’s letter regarding the subject. Think I will forward it to them (snark). I know they will appreciate a factual account, and I will expect them to change their stance any minute now (more snark). And I just saw a pig fly past my living room window.

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for exposing this unbelievable fraud. And this crooked AG is advocating fraud in the voter pools of this nation. He makes me physically sick when I look at him, just like the first time I saw Obama. IT IS NOW OR NEVER! IT IS NOW OR NEVER! IT IS NOW OR NEVER – WE MUST TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AND ELIMINATE THIS FRAUDULENT AND UNHOLY ADMINISTRATION!

  8. And as the Progressives say… ‘Vote early and often’…

  9. There’s a saying up Chicago way… “The election isn’t over until all the dead folks vote!” Truer words were never spoken or written. All across this great nation of ours, State legislatures are demanding in law, that only people with proper photo ID be allowed to vote and many of these so-called “American” organizations decry these laws as “racist” and “unjust.” So explain to me how in the hell proving who you say you are is “racist” and “unjust?” You need a photo ID to drive a car, rent a car, buy an airline ticket, cash a check, register a vehicle at DMV, get a hunting/fishing license, take the GED test, and a myriad of thousands of daily activities in this country. But you don’t need to show a photo ID to vote in an election? Someone else said it best when they said, “The only reason for opposing presenting a photo ID to vote is to allow Voter FRAUD!” Enough said. I’m sick and tired of this PC double speak. LEGALIZE THE CONSTITUTION!


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