Out of Contol – AIDS in Black America

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Reverend Manning is in the mainstream of thought in being highly aware of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the black community.  It has been a scourge decimating their community for over a decade.
These are the first of  two parts of a six part video series.  You’ll recognize the people featured are NOT rightwing wackos.  They’re highly recognized journalists.  Gwen Ifill has no axe to grind in this fight. 

Part 3          Part 4                 Part 5           Part 6

The Black Entertainment Network (BET TV) did a series on the same subject a few years ago.

Part 2        Part 3

H/T to Edward Oleander, the snarky troll, whose hateful attack on Rev. Manning sent me searching for corroborating evidence.

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  1. On this devastating and deadly epidemic — which is transmitted by behavior — there is only silence from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, the New Black Panthers, et al. It’s so much easier to do the Trayvon race hustle ’cause there’s money to be made!

  2. So it’s not only poliotics that the MSM covers up, this is so wrong on so many different levels. I had no idea, Thanks LGT for the article…


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