Our U.S. military rock!

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Not only are they brave, they’re pretty smart too!

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0 responses to “Our U.S. military rock!

  1. I see someone was paying attention while watching those
    Saturday Matinee westerns 🙂 I believe Aude Murphy used
    that one in “Sgt York”,too.

  2. Please forgive the correction; but Gary Cooper played Sgt. York. Audie Murphy played himself in To Hell and Back. :-)) Be that as it may; this is a cool trick. I should do some mock ups for my windows should we have a complete societal melt down.

  3. That soldier is laying right in front of what looks like a 50 cal sniper rifle. Not a good idea.

    • I noticed that too. Maybe it’s empty….Out in combat they probably try to follow the rules yet sometimes may get overlooked.

  4. For more than 200 years, soldiers have fought and died to preserve freedom in America. Freedom is a rare thing today—and throughout world history. Yet, there are those who have the audacity to use this precious freedom of speech to burn the American Flag. Many elitist liberals are offended by the US flag and other patriotic displays. I don’t know about you, but those offended by the American flag should just relocate to one of those “enlightened” socialist nations.


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