Our Justice System is Messed Up

Homeowner who shot burglar gets 5 years in prison

As Casey Anthony gets ready to walk out of prison next week for the killing of her daughter Caylee, a Washington State man will go to prison for killing a burglar on his property.

An Onalaska man who shot and killed a man who he thought was going to rob him will spend more than five years in prison. Lewis County Judge Nelson Hunt sentenced Ronald Brady to the maximum possible sentence, 63 months. A jury found Brady guilty of manslaughter last month.

Brady shot and killed Thomas McKenzie in the middle of the night April 19, 2010. Police said McKenzie and his wife came to rob the house. Brady had been robbed repeatedly prior to the shooting. That night he waited in his garage with a loaded rifle and when the McKenzies came up his driveway, Brady began shooting.

He shot at their car first, and when the couple pointed flashlights at Brady, he shot and killed McKenzie. Johanna McKenzie, Thomas’ wife, ran away from the home and was not injured.

Jonathan Meyer, Lewis County’s prosecuting attorney said had the couple been in the act of stealing something, or had they been in Brady’s garage, Brady likely would not have been charged with a crime.

Brady’s attorney said his client was acting in self-defense. “Rob really believed they had weapons and he was about to be killed,” said defense attorney Don Blair. The couple did not have guns. According to prosecutors, Brady never showed any remorse or regret for the shooting.

As a single woman, I certainly wouldn’t wait for a perpetrator to come into my home or for them to start stealing before I took action.  If I feel threatened on my own property in any form, I’m going to react.  Your Second Amendment Right apparently comes with caveats these days.


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You know the old joke; if you’re going to shoot someone on your property, drag the body in the house before calling the police. This is NOT right. particularly since he had been the victim of prior robberies. Had I been in his shoes, when flashlights were focused on me I’d have thought I was being lit up as a target and reacted in defense of my life. This is so wrong in so many ways, particularly in light of the not guilty verdict in the Anthony trial. The American Injustice System needs to be torn down and rebuilt.


Breyer– oh, the Constitution doesn’t fit in the third-world banan republics so we should do away with it to fit in and be more like them, in effect. Instead on coming up to our level, we should sink to everybody else’s… typical liberal solution.


Anon, the Constitution doesn’t fit the way this banana republic is being run. We ought to keep the Constitution, and get rid of those that violate it. We could also get rid of judges that would allow the Constitution to be trampled through outrageous rulings, such as corporations have all the rights of persons, save suicide. Those corporations are deemed too big to fail and saved in spite of themselves, with government help. The poor fellow in this case should have waited until they broke the close, or got into the garage, the house or some other way indoors. Then,… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn

I can’t add anything to Debbie’s title for this post. To do so would be an exercise in superfluous redundancy — except this:



So lets get this right he opens his garage and just randomly shoots right and this guy is apparently a hero WTF what if a cop was there would you hicks be saying the same thing?