Oslo Bombing: Massive Blast Hits Norway Government Headquarters

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THE CANADIAN PRESS — OSLO – Terrorism ravaged long-peaceful Norway on Friday when a bomb ripped open buildings including the prime minister’s office and a man dressed as a police officer opened fire at a nearby island youth camp. At least seven people were killed and 15 injured in the bomb blast, the nation’s worst attack since World War II.
Police Inspector Bjoern Erik Sem-Jacobsen said a suspect in the shooting has been arrested. He said the gunman, who was dressed as a police officer, pulled out a gun and started firing into the crowd of youths. There were unconfirmed reports that five people were wounded in that shooting.
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0 responses to “Oslo Bombing: Massive Blast Hits Norway Government Headquarters

  1. This could be a false flag op, as firearms are difficult to obtain in Norway and the other Scandinavian nations. We’ll have to wait and see what come out of the wood work on this very grim event.

    • I didn’t know the ATF was this devious about Operation Fast and Furious… but, seriously, another case where gun control has left only terrorists having them.

      • Because of hyper strict euro-socialist gun control, everybody was defenseless except the police and this guy was wearing a police uniform which gave him lots of latitude and the element of surprise when making his move. Left/liberal types will say this is a reason to ban guns and increase police powers, of course.

        • We know banning guns isn’t going to stop the problem. Just cuz you can’t buy one at Wal-Mart doesn’t mean you can get one – some way, some how. Idiots.
          So sad to hear how many people he killed, sigh…

  2. It was white middle class Americans.
    Janet “Reno II” Nobrainatallo will say so.

    • Those damn white supremacist veteran TEA Partiers… oh, wait, his name is Abdul bin Mohammed? Again?

      • Update… he’s Norwegian (and probably just nuts) and at least 80 are dead. Two (2) muslim jihadist groups have happily claimed responsibility for it, though.

        • “A suspected right-wing fanatic,” Reuters calls him, reporting that he “hated ‘cultural marxists,’ wanted a ‘crusade’ against the spread of Islam and liked guns and weightlifting” and quoting him (supposedly) “Before we can start our crusade we must do our duty by decimating cultural marxism,” adding that his lawyer says he claims the killings were “atrocious” but “necessary”.
          Damn, just what our left/liberal bretheren need to declare conservatives a national security threat or public health hazard before 2012… although they’ll have a harder time justifying their “civilian national security force” as this happened in an over-regulated, gun-controlling euro-socialist nation that couldn’t prevent this anyway.

  3. How come the ‘religion of peace’ were the first to accept responsibility? Gas innit! LOL

  4. Our left wing portion of the government here has opened a book of condolences. if they were conservatives killed their wouldn’t be a whimper. Then I read one leftie journalist in the paper wanting to ban handguns here. We don’t have handguns here they’ve been banned for years. Only the gangsters have hand guns here! We had our own home grown terrorists for years. I just give up.

  5. If you remember a piece you had a few months ago which showed the Norweigen Pres? or Premier with 666 on his t shirt. is this some kind of vengeance? Just surmising!


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