Osama Bin Laden Dead, Big Deal

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Excuse me if I sound cynical, but two and a half years under the regime of an habitual liar, thief and con man has made me that way. While I am happy that bin Laden is now fish food and that the SEAL Team expedited him on his way to Hell. I am sickened by Obama taking so much credit and the MSM fawning over him like he is suddenly some kind of hero. Obama did nothing except give the order, the SEAL team took all the risks, it was their lives on the line, not his.
You want to know what Obama has killed recently, no it wasn’t Osama Bin Laden, Obama has killed our economy, practically single-handed and the evidence is all around us:
Skyrocketing gas prices…

Trillions of dollars in debt…

High unemployment…

Bank closures…

and a crashing dollar.

Meanwhile this peabrain continues down the same destructive path:

Now I’m sorry, with the economy in the tank I find it hard to get excited about a single terrorist half a world away getting his head blown open. Now that Obama refuses to release the evidence of Bin Laden’s death and he’s already at the bottom of the sea and the versions of what happened at that compound in Pakistan change almost hourly I’m not inclined to believe anything the Liar-in-Chief says.
As Obama has completely politicized the killing of Bin Laden by making a trip to ground zero, something he couldn’t be bothered to do on the last two anniversaries of 9/11. He sees the opportunity to use the deaths of over 3000 Americans to bump up his sagging poll numbers and give the impression that he is a strong decisive leader and that he actually cares about the victims of Bin Laden’s master plan. I don’t believe any of that BS for a moment, Obama is nothing more than a political opportunist and a narcissist, everything that has taken place this week is about him and only him. You can hear it in his speeches, his interviews and see it in his manner.
There is one thing though, I think we have found the only thing that he doesn’t blame George W. Bush for. 
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Osama Bin Laden Dead, Big Deal

  1. That is exactly what I thought when all you kept hearing in his spech was “I did blah blah.” again and again and again. At the very end “And thank you to our miilitary”. Umm- they were the ones risking their lives & most surely should’ve been thanked FIRST before all your prideful gloating!

  2. As Tom says it exactly how it is,it hits you right between the eyes,you are so right my friend.

  3. Exactly…and Obama turned his back on a family member of a 9/11 victim when she asked about charges against CIA interrogators. “Obama allegedly responded that Burlingame is right, that he cannot tell Holder how to conduct his investigation. Burlingame jumped in, saying, yes but “You can give him your opinion, will you do that?” Obama said, “No I won’t.” And then he allegedly turned and walked away.

  4. lowtechgrannie

    Great reality check, Tom!

  5. Agree completely. Couldn’t have been said better. Somebody, somewhere, somehow has got to get that a$$hole out of our White House. Sometimes I get really scared thinking it might be too late to do anything about him. Joan

  6. Outstanding, Tom. You’ve said it for all of us. I hope this op-ed goes crazy viral.

  7. George Meredith MD

    The Liar in Chief and Ms. Hillary Make Desperate Attempt to Boost Their Dismal Poll Numbers
    Review the movie Navy Seals…begins with Charlie Sheen passed out drunk, in casual attire, rolling around in the surf at 53rd Street, Virginia Beach, circa 1988. Anyway when this seal team went into Lebanon to blow up some hijacked Stinger Missiles, why they video taped and photographed everything. Do you think we will ever get to see the videos and photographs from this Bin Laden mission?
    America spent $1.3 trillion dollars hunting down this guy…and now we can’t se any photos, videos, etc
    No autopsy on an old man with renal disease….an old man who may have had a kidney transplant….no post mortem x-rays, no dental records. review…even JFK had skull x-rays done as part of his autopsy….even Kennedy and Lincoln had autopsies done and we knew who they were…..
    We don’t need the photos of Bin Laden’s face because we have the photo that tells us the whole story. That is the photo of Obama and Hillary et al watching from NSA or Langley or where ever….watching/directing in real time, with the CIA, NSA, etc….two chronic liars spinning a tale about OBL, a guy who may have been dead for years now…just when Obama and Clinton are desperately low in the polls and gas is at an all time high. Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, Robert Rubin, Alan Greenspan and George Soros have looted most of Americans’ retirement funds, universities endowments, money market funds, etc The only thing they haven’t trashed is gold and I hear they are working on a plan confiscate the people’s gold and silver
    Do you really trust these people? Navy Seals are great and we should be proud of them But they are not to be sent on some propaganda show mission!
    Fact is, we really don’t know what happened. The incinerated Chinook makes me uneasy. For all we know there was only one chopper and the Pakistanis shot it down They may have captured our Seals. All I’m saying, the cock and bull story that the Liar in Chief and Ms. Clinton have concocted is probably far from the truth.
    Obama: “I, I, I, me, me, me, my, my, my, I, I, I”, just as his bailout and stimulus and dollar inflation plans have all proved to be counterproductive. Anyway, George Soros and a bunch of Wall Street big shots control Obama. Almost everything he has done has been back ass wards…ditto for GHW Bush and his moron son GW Bush. And for Bill Clinton. New rules: no more coke snorting, drug dealing draft dodgers will be allowed to run for President!
    OBL: No capture, no interrogation, no trial, total disregard for the rule of law upon which this country was founded, no adherence to the Geneva Convention, no dental records, no X rays, no autopsy, and burial at sea in contradiction to Islamic tradition.
    Wake up America! We deserve some legitimate answers.
    George Meredith MD
    Virginia Beach

  8. While it may be good news that he’s dead, It doesn’t stop terrorism at all. won’t get any better. Once again, US citizens will be afraid of flying and this will in turn hurt the airline industry. For a nation that’s looking for an economic recovery, this is the last thing we need.


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