Oreo goes gay

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On Monday evening, Kraft Foods, the maker of Oreo cookies, posted a gay pride Oreo on the cookie’s Facebook page.
Amy Bingham reports for ABC News, June 26, 2012, that the photoshopped picture of an Oreo cookie stuffed with rainbow-colored layers of frosting carries the caption “Proudly support love!”
Basil Maglaris, a spokeswoman for Oreo’s parent company Kraft Foods, said in a statement that Kraft is not planning to sell the rainbow-stuffed Oreo in stores, as it was created solely for the advertising campaign in honor of Pride month. The image was part of a “series of daily ads reflecting current events in a fun way using images of OREO cookies and milk. We are excited to illustrate what is making history today in a fun and playful way. As a company, Kraft Foods has a proud history of celebrating diversity and inclusiveness. We feel the OREO ad is a fun reflection of our values.”
Gosh, this must mean that Oreo and Kraft Foods “proudly support” the  “values” of sexual promiscuity and unhealthy, even dangerous, practices like anal intercourse, rimming, and fisting!
Prior to the AIDS epidemic, a 1978 study found that:

  • 75% of white gay males (3 of every 4) claimed to have had more than 100 lifetime male sex partners;
  • 15% claimed 100-249 sex partners;
  • 17% claimed 250-499;
  • 15% claimed 500- 999;
  • 28% (that’s more than 1 of every 5 white gay men!) claimed more than 1,000 lifetime male sex partners. That’s how much they “love” each other!

After declining in the aftermath of the AIDS epidemic, with new HIV drugs, the percentage of homosexual men reporting multiple partners and unprotected anal sex once again increased — from 23.6% in 1994 to 33.3% in 1997, with the largest increase among men under 25.
An Australian study found lesbians to be more promiscuous than straight women:

  • 93% of lesbians reported having had sex with men. Other studies similarly show that 75-90% of women who have sex with women have also had sex with men.
  • Lesbians were 4.5 times more likely than heterosexual women (9% of lesbians vs. 2% of heterosexual women) to have had more than 50 lifetime male sex partners.

For anal intercourse and other unhealthy practices, go here.
Just one more business to boycott, in addition to Cheerio breakfast cereal, DC Comics, JCPenney, Target…. No big deal. I wasn’t buying stuff from them anyway! Besides, eating the hi-fat, hi-sodium, hi-sugar, no-fiber, and low-to-no nutrients Oreos makes you fat.
Less than 2% of U.S. households are same-sex, i.e., homosexual. But these businesses are determined to risk alienating the 98% by pandering to the 2%. Go figure.

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0 responses to “Oreo goes gay

  1. Never buy Oreos and not going to start!

  2. I was so shocked yesterday when I turned on C Span 2 and saw that the Pentagon was celebrating Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual pride day. I’m sure there must be decent people in these groups, but I haven’t met any of them. My lesbian neighbors, Jennifer and Mary, mind everybody’s business but their own. If my dog barks they call the cops on me, but their cats are free to roam the neighborhood. They have a fight every other week and the cops come out disturbing the whole area. The Transexuals, Kevin and Evan, work in a dance studio during the week. On the weekends they put on their wigs, dresses, high heel shoes and visit the night clubs dressed as women. They especially like to frequent the women’s restrooms. I know a lady who married a bisexual, who caused her a great deal of pain. She didn’t know he was bisexual at the time of their marriage. She suspected he was having an affair with another woman, but it turned out to be another man. He finally left her with three small children. I wish somebody would explain to me where the pride is and what we are supposed to celebrate.

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this post. My husband and I have enjoyed oreos for many years. Looks like no more! This is so sickening! They are going to lose a lot of consumers!!! We don’t shop at Target and I haven’t shopped at Penny’s for quite awhile. What are these companies thinking of-catering to such a small percentage of people! Idiots!

  4. When I was four months pregnant with my first I got one of those weird cravings and ate a whole package of Oreos. Needless to say, they came right back up. I haven’t been able to look at one since. Must have been an omen. Good riddance.

  5. Unfortunately, there are plenty of pervs for both of us to post. 🙁

  6. Not that I know of! But I readily concede that Terry is the bigger perv! ASCAOTS 😀

  7. Noob question, what does ASCAOTS mean?

  8. Done with Oreos.

    • They’re bad for us anyway, full of sugar and fat. A study actually found they are more addictive than cocaine!

      After my morning chores, I’ll cut up a big bunch of carrot sticks as munchies! 😀

  9. I find it sad that so many people are so full of hate. Boycott a product because it is over-processed imitation food. But to boycott a product or company because they are not condemning gay marriages, bi-racial relationships, etc is just sickening. Apparently we as a nation are still living in the dark ages. I go to work every day, pay my bills, shop at local stores and vote in every election, and volunteer countless hours a month at the local animal shelter and food pantry. You’re really going to tell me that because I share my life, home and bed with a woman, I am a bad person? Sad. I’m glad that none of you are my neighbors, since you seem like such “lovely” people. Enjoy your hatred…life has too many good things to spend all of my time being angry.

    • Jen Franklin,
      You are terribly confused — confusing “disapprobation” for “hatred.”
      I find it sad that you imagine that I or we hate you because you’re a lesbian. What we object to is to have the homosexual agenda forced on us, and to be called “haters” simply because we don’t approve of your “lifestyle.” You and your ideological agenda don’t merit such a strong emotion as hate or anger, merely disapproval.
      As for “spending all of my time being angry,” I regret to disappoint you. Actually, I spend part of my time living up to the promises of the United States Constitution’s First Amendment by providing information to our readers which the willingly State Controlled Media will not. I spend the other part of my time caring for my household, which includes many flowering plants inside and out. You can see some of the flowers by going to FOTM’s “Creation” page.
      If we go by your cognitive inability to distinguish between “disapprobation” and “hatred,” then I must deliver the distressing news that YOU, since you clearly disapprove of us, are yourself a hater who “spends all of her time being angry.” Now, that truly is sad.

    • “…because they are not condemning gay marriages, bi-racial relationships, etc ”
      They came out to support and promote it.
      I gave it nary a thought before they did that.

    • “But to boycott a product or company because they are not condemning…bi-racial relationships”. Where in this post did it mention anything about bi-racial relationships?
      Alinsky would be proud.
      “Go after people and not institutions”. Attack us and our opinions instead of Kraft Foods and their decision to support the homosexual agenda.
      “Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.” Claim we are boycotting a company because of bi-racial relationships.
      “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Condemn us as haters while ignoring the statistics regarding homosexual relationships and sexual promiscuity.
      “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself”; “Apparently we as a nation are still living in the dark ages.” Hyperbole much? Our nation has produced many wealthy homosexuals who have fantastic and wealthier careers than we can ever dream of: Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Richard Chamberlain, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, David Hyde Pierce, Jodie Foster, Neil Patrick Harris, Rosie O’Donnell, Suze Orman, Sarah Gilbert, Ellen Page, Cynthia Nixon, Richard Simmons, Alan Cumming, Maria Bello, Lance Bass, Jane Lynch, Melissa Etheridge, Wanda Sykes, Nathan Lane, Rachel Maddow, Marc Cherry, Amanda Bearse, Lily Tomlin, Anderson Cooper, etc. It’s a wonder how these homosexuals have managed to be so wildly successful during “the dark ages”…

    • Jen, let me see if this makes sense to you. Speaking for me I do not hate you, nor could I care less what you do in your private life. What you do is your Biz. It’s the activists trying to destroy what we hold sacred.
      Ever seen the SF gay day parade? Lovely. LOL
      People are fed up with the “In your face” stuff.
      Oreo has made a stand, so we are calling them on it. Not gay people.
      We do believe a marriage is Man/Woman.
      I believe Civil union,and then every other right that goes with Marriage .
      Peace, Steve

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