Oregonians putting 'No Californians' stickers on for sale signs

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Ruh roh: Oregonian liberals not too tolerant when it comes to competition with their own purchasing power.
no californians
SF Gate: Oregonians are fed up with the rising home prices in Portland and seem to think Californians are to blame. “No Californians” stickers are mysteriously popping up on for sale signs in front homes that are on the market. The stickers resemble a no smoking sign with a silhouette of the Golden State slashed out in red.
Realtor Lori Fenwick told The Oregonian that she learned about the trend when one of her buyers sent her a photo of a sign with one of the stickers. When Fenwick posted image on Facebook. she immediately heard from colleagues who had spotted the same sticker on signs.
“A lot of these homes are going into bidding wars and going over ask price,” Quinn Irvine, of M Realty, a Realtor who has seen the stickers, told The Oregonian. “And a lot of these guys are getting outbid. And I think they’re going around to agents who have properties that have sold over asking price and putting anti-California stickers.”
While bidding wars and cash purchases might be typical in the San Francisco Bay Area, the crazy competitive housing market is new in Portland. The median price for a metro-area home has gone up 10 percent in the past year to $320,000. 
Both Fenwick and Irvine told The Oregonian that many of the buyers are from California and often they can pay in cash.
The one-sided Oregon rivalry with California–some would call it misplaced envy of our weather and variety of recreational choices–is nothing new. Back in 1971, Governor Tom McCall famously said “Come visit, don’t stay” in a speech about the tourist industry. It’s thought that he was specifically referring to the Californians moving to the state in droves in search of a better life. Later in the 1970s, “Don’t Californicate Oregon” bumper stickers began appearing.
So much for “welcoming to everyone”…
lauren bacall

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0 responses to “Oregonians putting 'No Californians' stickers on for sale signs

  1. I agree with Oregon. We do not want those from the land of fruits-and-nuts in our portion of this fair land. Only those who were born and raised here, left and now desire to come back to their roots are welcomed. Just like the muslim/islamic/terrorist who invade an area and bring their sharia law with them, the transplants from CA would bring all their evil ways with them also. The saying that you can take the boy out of the country, but can’t take the country out of the boy holds so true. It also works both ways in that you can take the city slicker out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the city slicker. May our Lord and Saviour have mercy.

    • are transplants from CA to blame for Oregon becoming nutty? Makes sense.

    • If only we native Californians had done that in the 40’s to keep the liberals out, then in the 70’s to keep the illegals out.

      • You would have had my vote on keeping all out. Then my family would not be so scattered. I live out in the hinderlands by choice and I want to keep it that way. The man that helps us with our cattle is from an area commonly known around here as ‘posseum walk.’ He has been in this community for forty years and I still tell him he is a ‘foreigner’ by our standards. To move here and live you gotta accept the fact that hog/cow/sheep/turkey manure is first a fertilizer and second the smell of money in the bank. We have a enough idiot city slickers from our two large cities moving out here to the hinderlands we simply do not need California’s imports.

  2. Not everyone is a loon in ca. Much too simplistic of a reply. grow up.

  3. send o’bama’s MUSLIMS there, which they won’t dare to complain about!

    • Good. Finally an answer to Obama’s Guantanamo “problem.” Maybe he’ll empty out Guantanamo into a holding tank in the Republic of Oregon (at which time you KNOW he’ll hand the property back to Cuba….why would he have “normalized realations” with them otherwise. No other motive in sight). And then, yes…..no one in the liberal Republic of Oregon can dare raise up a stink about ANY of it.

  4. so, if a homeowner in Oregon rejects an offer by a homosexual “couple” from CA will the “couple” file a lawsuit and end up owning the house anyway?

  5. MomofIV sounds like she is familiar with Obama’s America

  6. Baccall’s statement. Operative words “liberals GAVE Americans more to the population.”
    As the commercial says “It’s what they do”!!!!!

  7. Carly said it – stop over generalizing. The fact is that there are plenty of conservative people in California, just not enough anymore to make a difference in any election. And it will never be any different from here on out because all the Mexicans coming in will assuredly vote Dem. Sadly people tend to take the reputations of LA and San Francisco as being indicative of the whole state, which is just not the case. If I am sick and disgusted at California’s policies, and want to move somewhere else in the country – MY COUNTRY, I’m now treated as an illegal immigrant MA in MO? Speaking of illegals….. I bet those liberal Oregonians are all for illegal immigration- Mexicans welcome but Americans not welcome ?


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