Oregon students get extra credit for attending Biden rally

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This is what passes for education in Oregon’s public schools.
Teachers of two high schools in Oregon — Washougal and Cleveland high schools — not only gave their students the day off for attending a political rally in Portland in which VPOS Joe Biden campaigned for Democrat Sen. Jeff Merkley, the students even got extra credit for attending.
Joe Biden
Kyle Olson reports for EAGnews, Oct. 9, 2014, that “Laughing at Liberals” was there to talk to some of the attendees waiting to enter the rally.
One girl said she got extra credit for her “honors project” for attending. Another was so weak-kneed for Biden that she’s in awe just to breathe the same air as he does.

In a separate video, adults at the rally struggled to detail Biden’s accomplishments but some still liked the idea of a President Biden.
One woman said, “I support Joe because he’s had, obviously, a lot of experience. I think he had the right answer in Iraq but people didn’t follow. And I think he’s a good person.”
“We want a woman – Elizabeth Warren,” another Biden rally attendee says.
Another woman said, “We like Joe Biden – he’s got a great grin.”
Biden Joker
Her male companion chimed in, “And he’s got good working class roots and that’s what America needs.” He then held up a copy of Rolling Stone with POS Obama on the cover, and said, “I came today to see if he [Biden] would sign my recent Rolling Stone cover with Barack and, you know, he says, ‘I have Barack’s back,’ you know?”

Clearly, both the young and the adults of Portland are either stoned or have IQs the same as that of the average Equatorial Guinean.
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0 responses to “Oregon students get extra credit for attending Biden rally

  1. Pretty pathetic that they have to BRIBE students to attend this clown’s rally. I say clown, but this nincompoop is more disgusting than funny.

  2. I am speechless to think anyone would think he is Presidential material, let alone the idiot that said they wanted the liar, Warren. Do any of these people really do their homework for the truth?

    • Truth is irrelevant in the race to achieve your desired political agenda.

    • Hey-after TWO terms of the alleged president,even a bar stool would be a good choice for President. At least IT wouldn’t do anything else to DESTROY AMERICA!

      • “At least IT wouldn’t do anything else to DESTROY AMERICA!”
        We have no idea if America has hit bottom with the POS in the White House. Hard though it is for us to imagine, things can ALWAYS get even worse.

  3. WOW, when did Germany attack Pearl Harbor? Did I miss something?

  4. Oh God help us, even smacked up side the head with the obvious facts of the Obama failure and Joe is a part of that, these imbeciles STILL can’t wrap their brain around it and would vote in more stupid. Yes, we haven’t had enough stupidity running the country, let’s vote JOE and supersize it.

  5. Scary that he is only a breath away from being Our Leader!!!


  7. Living proof that public indoctrination has reached its goal…

  8. It is interesting that “Washougal” high school is listed as a Portland, OR high school; actually, Washougal high school is located up North above Vancouver, Washington. I am sorry to hear that even in Washington State they have teachers that are stupid enough to pull a stunt like this.

  9. Sadly once again the northwest is demonstrating “progressivism” which is basically communism/feminism/satanism/gnosticism/new age etc. I wonder at how it got so corrupted so quickly.
    Also, aren’t there laws against schools awarding merit for political ends? If there isn’t there really should be.


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