Oregon lawmakers introduce bill to eliminate proof of legal residence requirement for driver’s licenses/IDs

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Oregon has automatic voter registration at the DMV. To ensure only US citizens vote, the Oregon Secretary of State web site states, “The Elections Division will only send OMV Cards to people who have provided documentation that they are U.S. citizens. Oregon voters are also required to attest to their qualifications –including citizenship — at the time they submit their ballot.”

As reported by Oregon Live: Oregonians should not be required to prove they are U.S. citizens or legal residents to drive a car.

That’s the premise behind a bill filed in Salem this week by a bipartisan group of state lawmakers. If passed opens the door for non-citizens to obtain legal Oregon driver’s licenses, learner’s permits or general identification cards. It wouldn’t apply to commercial driver’s licenses.

The Equal Access to Roads Act would amend state law to allow drivers to submit a statement saying they have “not been assigned a Social Security number” instead of producing documents proving U.S. citizenship or legal residency. Qualified applicants would still have to pass a driver’s test and show they live in Oregon. The bill would not apply to learner’s permits or commercial driver’s licenses.

The bill comes as Oregon in July 2020 will begin issuing driver’s licenses that comply with the 2005 REAL ID Act, which requires states to verify citizenship and add other security features for state licenses. Either a federally recognized form of identification like a passport or Real ID card will be required for any passenger to board domestic flights starting in October 2020.

Proponents say the bill is a logical move that will benefit all Oregonians who are either unwilling or unable to comply with those federal requirements, not just those undocumented workers who may rely on cars to get work, school or elsewhere around the state.

Rep. Diego Hernandez, D-Portland, one of HB 2015’s five chief-sponsors, said it makes sense to give all Oregonians an option other than paying more money for a Real ID starting next year. “Many people are impacted by these strict requirements,” Hernandez said, “including the elderly, domestic violence survivors and immigrants.”

He said that having access to driver’s licenses without producing additional paperwork eliminates a roadblock to getting an essential piece of identification.

If approved, the bill would be effective January 2021. Oregon would still have two licenses if the bill dies in Salem – a Real ID compliant one and a non-Real ID card. The bill removes the legal residency requirements for the non-Real ID license while adding additional civil protections so driver’s licenses holders can’t be discriminated against for not having a Real ID.

Gov. Kate Brown issued a statement in support of the bill. “As a mixed urban and rural state, many Oregonians depend on the ability to drive to support their families and go to school, the doctor, and the grocery store,” Brown said. “Increasing access to driver’s licenses means more Oregonians will safely access their jobs, education, and the services they rely on.“

The bill comes more than a decade after Oregon last issued eight-year driver’s licenses to residents without requiring they produce documentation proving they are citizens or legal residents.

Read the whole story here.


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18 responses to “Oregon lawmakers introduce bill to eliminate proof of legal residence requirement for driver’s licenses/IDs

  1. The Socialist Republic of Oregon has spoken. Give up your rights as Oregonians. Your rights under the second amendment. Your rights to be identifiable citizens. Your rights to educational choice. Your rights to freedom of speech. All for what? For illegal aliens to come in and steal your money, your votes and your freedom.

  2. The Liberal lunatics want to register bicycles in NC. (Keep in mind, in many liberal lunatic asylum areas, illegal green house gas spewing invaders, do not have to have car insurance, registration, or driver’s licenses, which results in thousands of our people being killed and or injured)


  3. How did the crazies come into control of Oregon and Washington states? Was it voter fraud, a dumbed down population, or a bit of both?

    • No, the Odor simply decided it was time for that employee to take their seat. Simple as that.

  4. All federal assistance to the runaway states should be significantly reduced and let them govern themselves as they want- let’m have it their way!

  5. What a sickshlt state. The entire West coast is populated with antiAmerican do gshit.

  6. Democrats: the party of anti-America lawlessness.

  7. This should invalidate all federal elections from the time it is passed and signed until it is removed. But it won’t OH Good i can vote in multiple states like the DemocRATS do.

    • That is EXACTLY what this is about. They have “mandatory voter registration” with the driver license. So, no proof, you get to vote. How simple is that?

      She is really trying to get extra brownie points with her owners, The Odor. Look at how badly they want to give away their country. Of course they all already consider themselves “Class A Subjects” in the New World Odor.

      They will get extra rations and special treatment. The cops will get patted on the butt and given a few extra “credits” to use at the state store. The rest of the eaters will be sized for the culling.

  8. Great they already get free insurance for their children but they still use the emergency room free abortions. Now this I’m an American and when I moved her even though I had a military birth certificate they refused it initially I have a valid social security number and wedding certificate and I’m 66 years old Just because they never saw a military birth certificate from North Carolina even though I had a valid drivers lincense fro Missouri Now non citizens can get a license wow talk about discrimination against legal citizens. Next they will be able to vote which some already do It’s bad enough you allow illegal criminals go free and that you don’t report homeless crime The residents of Salem don’t get this information Stabbings and gun violence in this city is out of control because you don’t tell the truth I love this state but it’s political climate is so far left that they forget who pays for all these services We will be California with extreme high taxes companies leaving in droves get prepared. This goverment failed with the water crisis how will they do with a massive disaster they’ll fail us just like they did with the water crisis.

  9. This bill on driver license should be put up to the voters in this State. Not a handful of idiots elected to represent the people in this state / instead of the people here illegally and not a citizen of United States

  10. well looks like I will get me a few more drivers licenses under different names then use it borrow money and many other great things under a different name and not get in any trouble or pay back anything this is awesome

  11. It looks like some people owe former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer an apology: He was driven from office, in part, because of this very issue. Now we have Oregon—and other states—eliminating proof of citizenship in order to vote as well as getting a driver’s license!

    It’s time for a quick recap of the Communist program at work here in America. We’ve always had a CIA-influenced and infiltrated news media. Now we have political correctness, designed to restrict free thought and free speech. Almost every social media platform save Gab has narrowed the right’s sphere of influence via “deboosting,” shadow-banning and censorship.

    Next, the commie rats went after our historical monuments! Tear that Stonewall Jackson down! Get rid of Jefferson Davis statues! Tear down Robert E. Lee statues, etc., etc.

    They’ve gone after the guns. They promoted abortion to the point we now have legalized INFANTICIDE in a number of states.

    They’ve gone after the very concept of citizenship, harping against Donald Trump’s wall and coddling illegal aliens. They’ve even banned the very term “illegal alien.”

    Now it’s proof of citizenship they seek to eliminate for aliens who want to vote and obtain driver’s licenses.

    Yes, George Soros is in on the con. But so have been BOTH political parties: Both George W. Bush and Nancy Pelosi have sought to saturate America with foreigners—and foreigners of the worst sort, Somalis and MS-13 gangbangers, respectively.

    Both Thomas Jefferson and socialist pinko Norman Thomas have turned out to be prescient: Not only have we woken up to find ourselves all but dispossessed on the continent our ancestors tamed, but we have woken up to find out that socialism has triumphed via the incremental process he (and Aldous Huxley and others) advocated.

    All that’s left is to make our sovereignty moot via the right legal moves. Don’t be conned: IT WILL HAPPEN. (After all, we’ve already gotten God out of public life, Right?)

    How much longer will America’s slow-motion suicide continue? Can it be stopped? Not the prettiest looking middle aged schoolmarm women will make the outcome any prettier! I am NOT conned.

    But we have to maintain our sanity here. For those who are familiar with the Bible, we already know Who will WIN.

    • Look, “two wings on the same bird”. It’s all for show. They have been nibbling around the edges for years, now they are taking big bites and digging in. Believe it or not England is ahead of us (if you want to consider that “ahead”).

      We know what they plan to do. I’ve said that they don’t ask for permission. They don’t make announcements either. They just DO. If we don’t stop them, they “win”.

      So while I appreciate the sentiment, just watching and saying “that’s not fair” probably isn’t going to offer much resistance. I thought I would have gone to my reward before it got this bad. There is worse to come.

      Once they get the guns they’re gonna be REAL cocky. Remember, never let them get you in the car. It isn’t rape if you consent.

      • I don’t get how England (which banned private firearm ownership in 1969) could be ahead of us, other than five timezones!

        The real danger to England (in addition to the usual governmental stupidity) is that whatever happens over there has a nasty habit of coming over here. Yeesh!

  12. Neighboring Washington State registers all who apply for any form of welfare to vote. No citizenship residency or driver’s license required whatsoever. They also auto enroll at the DMV & freely give driver’s licensing to illegals. It’s so bad DHS under Obama determined no domestic airline can accept our state’s driver’s licenses without a passport. Now we are required to get expensive “enhanced” ID to travel by air. Did I mention we vote solely by mail here?


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