Oregon governor tells Trump she'll refuse order to deploy National Guard to protect our border

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You cannot win anything with proggies who love illegal aliens. They defy immigration laws and make up their own rules.
Gov. Brown has vowed to keep Oregon a sanctuary state.
From Newsweek: Governor Kate Brown said she will refuse any order from President Donald Trump to send Oregon’s guard troops down south to the US-Mexico border. 
Trump wants National Guard troops sent to the Mexican border as his effort to build an impenetrable wall stalls because his administration is struggling to secure enough funds from Congress or other sources. He originally said Mexico would pay for the wall, but it has refused.
In a presidential memorandum authorizing the request of deployment of Guards to the border, Trump says U.S. security is “imperiled by a drastic surge of illegal activity”, in particular drug trafficking by gangs and unlawful immigration.
He said it is a “crisis” of “lawlessness” at the southern border.
“If @realDonaldTrump asks me to deploy Oregon Guard troops to the Mexico border, I’ll say no,” tweeted Democratic Gov Brown. “As Commander of Oregon’s Guard, I’m deeply troubled by Trump’s plan to militarize our border.”
She added: “There’s been no outreach by the President or federal officials, and I have no intention of allowing Oregon’s guard troops to be used to distract from his troubles in Washington.”
The National Guard is a reserve force of the U.S. Army. Each state has its own unit of guard troops, which falls under the authority of the governor.
Other governors welcomed President Trump’s decision, including in Texas, which shares a border with Mexico.
“My top priority as governor is ensuring the safety and security of Texans, and securing our southern border has always been essential to that mission,” Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, a Republican, said.
“In my time as governor, Texas has maintained a continuous presence of National Guard members along the border, and we’ve added hundreds of permanent Department of Public Safety troopers to the region.
“Today’s action by the Trump Administration reinforces Texas’ longstanding commitment to secure our southern border and uphold the Rule of Law, and I welcome that support.”
The governor also pointed to previous decisions by the Obama and Bush administrations, in 2010 and 2006 respectively, to use National Guard troops to secure the southern border.
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0 responses to “Oregon governor tells Trump she'll refuse order to deploy National Guard to protect our border

  1. I just can’t stand bully women, not that we have to be subjected to men, we exist and we are, but to defy the order of the president of the nation and compromise the security of millions of people is just too much. There’s this thing that always works, the mighty dollar, hit them in the pocket, little by little start taking away until a compromise is reached, you give I give or I take away.

    • Alma . . . . I agree with every word in your submission to this discussion. You have little idea how it feels to be a citizen of the State of Oregon. and when other States are more than pleased to step up to the plate and send their National Guard units . . . but here in Oregon, we used to have a governor by the name of Kitzhaber, who was found guilty of “inappropriate financial dealings ” while being governor (as in he was paying his live-in girlfriend high payouts for work she did, supposedly) thus our Secretary of State (bisexual Kate Brown, who is married to a man, but has other female dalliances) became out new governor) a rabid Progressive was placed in the position. Naturally, in the last election, since Oregon is now a hot-bed of liberal dillweeds who have come-up here to escape from the political climate in California. The saddest thing is that they bought their Progressive ideas with themselves, and they have been slaughtering native born Oregonians ever since with their Progressive voting. I cannot even envision that we will ever again be able to have a Republican governor.
      It is horrible to have this woman, Brown throwing her weight around and defying our President. The very first day I read that she would refuse any orders to call up the Oregon Guard, I sent off a letter to the President. As far as I am concerned she should have charges laid at her feed and she should have to answer, not only to the citizens of the State of Oregon, but to the citizenry of the whole combined United States. This kind of sh*t is just a travesty. Just as a sideline, when a State’s National Guard are called up–it is the Federal Government that pays their wages, not the individual states. It is just horrible to have someone of this ilk as the sitting governor. I do hope that Jess Sessions can bring himself to come up with some charges under these circumstances.

  2. I love Governor Gregg Abbott! I’m so thankful for him.

    • Maryaha . . . . I find I am jealous of all the reasonable Governor’s around our nation who would heed the call to action issued by our President. Thank God we have a President that is truly looking out for the people of this nation.

  3. Don’t “kid” yourself on WHY those democrats on the West Coast want open border Floods, and claim santuary status for their Cities & their State.. Every illegal alien that comes in – can sign up for Federal Benefits that amount to 90% of the alien’s income.. The Flood of Federal Money’s going to these rebelious western states comes from taxes of all the other Mid & eastern states..

    • Plus, illegal alien voters (not an oxymoron) tend to be Demonrats.

      • How would it change if the law became,”People who are found to have voted illegally,by NOT being legal and legitimate American Citizens,will be executed as purveyors of Treason.”?

        • That would be interesting but you can’t get them to enforce what they DO have. It is still against the law to vote if you are not a citizen. They are simply refusing to enforce the law, just like they do with immigration laws.
          Refusing to enforce them is every bit as much a crime as breaking them. In short, they are totally lawless. These are sworn officers of the state or country. They do not have an “option” whether to enforce existing laws.
          What we have are a bunch of leftists who are only loyal to Soros and the Communist Party. Doesn’t anyone else think that is grounds for arrest? How is that any different than invading and then setting up their own government?
          They may not have “invaded” but they can’t ignore the duly constituted government just because they are politically opposed to it. This is Obongo, Soros and crew driving this insurrection.

        • But who would enforce it? States like California, Oregon, Washington, etc. already are NOT enforcing federal immigration laws.

          • Well, therein lies the rub. In most instances, every state must have their own version of laws that comport with the federal ones. In other words, it is not legal for a state to pass a law that negates a federal one. They can be MORE stringent, but not less so.
            If they have such a law they become responsible for enforcing it. Again, if they refuse they have committed a criminal infraction. The feds can (and should) step in to both enforce the law and to withhold any funding associated with it.

        • truck . . . . I think if the Feds made an example of just a few by removing them from getting any Welfare, or other monies, and ushering them to the boarder. Kind of like—taking out the trash! They should be forever barred from obtaining citizenship if they have illegally voted!

    • Easy cure for that-Shut down ALL Federal Assistance for that State until they can PROVE they’re in compliance with Federal Immigration Law.

      • Absolutely but before that can happen they need to arrest every last official who refuses to abide by the law. If that means installing a temporary government, fine.
        They cannot be allowed to serve while encouraging and/or defiance of laws. They are sworn to uphold these laws. They don’t have to like them.
        They are treating this to gently. This needs an immediate and ugly response. They should be rounding them up as we speak. In fact, if those slime balls in D.C. are giving him trouble, he still has powers under the Patriot Act. I don’t like that thing, but it’s there.
        He could call up the Guard and order them to arrest them.

      • truck . . . . That is a MARVELOUS idea! I could really stand behind that 100%.

    • EddieBG . . . . You hit the bulls-eye with that comment. I have little doubt that those in power here in Oregon, sit back slobbering all over themselves, and wringing their hands at the prospect of monies flowing into the State of Oregon (also California and Washington.) Federal Taxpayer monies SHOULD NEVER go to pay for expenses that are to inadvertently go to illegal persons–unless those monies are utilized in the effort to hold these individuals until they can be rerouted back to the land of their birth. Can you just imagine US citizens from 40-50-60 years ago, many of whom are no longer with us, would think of this idea of their pockets being picked legally by the government and the monies being transferred for the care of citizens of any other country who have invaded this country.

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    One would think that an elected official refusing a Constitutionally mandated or authorized edict would be grounds for immediate prosecution, or at least removal from office,…… and then prosecution.

    • I’m sure it is-I’m still mystified as to why this isn’t happening yet. It isn’t rocket science-I”LL do it if the Courts are afraid to.

    • It already is. They are simply refusing to enforce it. They are now complicit because of that fact. A public official is like a cop in that way. It is a crime for a cop to witness a crime and not do anything about it.
      When a public official, who is duly sworn to abide by our laws says “I will not enforce such and such…”. They have committed a crime. It now becomes the responsibility of the appropriate justice department to issue an arrest warrant and file the charges.

      • lophatt . . . . Your statement has given me some hope. I am now each new day searching the news for any word that the DOJ has made a move on this POS Governor Kate Brown. Her arrest and incarceration cannot possibly come soon enough to please me!

    • Kevin . . . . God Bless You for stating such a commonsense response to the actions of this nincompoop governor Kate Brown of Oregon. I certainly do hope that the DOJ is considering this scenario. In fact, I have crosses fingers on both my hands, and toes on each of my two feet!

    • Kevin . . . . I am behind that idea completely!

  6. I’m not too sure the Guard would obey her stand down orders. Who’s to stop them if they decide to go?

    • All he has to do is say that the state appears to be in a condition of insurrection. He would, therefore, call on the military to restore order. This is entirely necessary. Up to this point it has not been necessary. They have crossed that line.

      • lophatt . . . . I just hope that the actions of Kate Brown will not just be allowed to fall by the wayside. Our nation needs to live by the rule of law, as such all of the governor’s of the left coast need to be wearing orange prison duds. As far as I am concerned, since they each have pushed this “sanctuary city” thing to the very extreme–they each need to be held liable for their individual actions.

  7. docfnc
    David Olen Cross writes on immigration issues and foreign national crime
    U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons: Criminal Alien Report February 2018
    April 2, 2018
    By David Olen Cross
    The United States having a significant foreign national population residing within the nations boundaries, be they legally or illegally present in the country, unfortunately includes those who commit crimes.
    The extent and impact of foreign national crime on the U.S. citizens and residents of this country is explicitly revealed by a simple search on the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) inmates statistics website under the heading of inmate citizenship.
    Here are the countries of origin, moreover, the number and percentage of those countries citizens recently incarcerated in the U.S. BOP prison system (The most recent BOP crime numbers available were from February 24, 2018.).
    Inmate Citizenship:
    México 23,601 inmates, 12.9 percent;
    Colombia 1,669 inmates, 0.9 percent;
    Dominican Republic 1,462 inmates, 0.8 percent;
    Cuba 1,175 inmates, 0.6 percent;
    Other / unknown countries 9,113 inmates, 4.9 percent;
    United States 145,814 inmates, 79.8 percent;
    Total Inmates: 182,834 inmates.
    To clarify the meaning of these preceding criminal alien inmate numbers and percentages, I will translate them into words:
    Combining February 24th BOP criminal alien inmate numbers, there were 37,020 criminal aliens in the BOP prison system. Alien inmates were 20.2 percent of the federal prison population; more than two in every ten inmates were criminal aliens.
    With 23,601 Mexican nationals being incarcerated in the BOP prison system, at 63.8 percent, they were the vast majority of criminal aliens in federal prisons.
    The U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons breaks down the federal prison population into 13 types of offenses. One of the top five offenses, the reason inmates are serving time in federal prisons is for immigration crimes. There were 12,238 inmates in the BOP prison system incarcerated for immigration crimes; they were 7.1 percent of the federal prison population.
    David Olen Cross of Salem, Oregon is crime researcher who writes on immigration issues and foreign national crime. The preceding report is a service to federal, state, county and city elected and non elected governmental officials to help them assess the impact of foreign national crime in the United States of America. He can be reached at docfnc@yahoo.com. His past crime reports can be found at https://docfnc.wordpress.com/.

    • What we don’t know are how many thousands of criminal illegal aliens there are hiding out in the US while still committing crimes.
      Some months back, I had stated what I thought was the main reason we had to have a nonpenetrable border wall. We know the obvious ones are to keep out terrorists, drugs, gangs (MS-13, etc.), felons, rapists, those carrying disease, and those who have little to no skill sets that translate into jobs instead of relying on Welfare. I had stated something to the effect that as parts of Mexico and Central and South America fall into chaos, many of them will try a stampede to cross the US border as we are currently observing. In most areas, we cannot protect our border if thousands of illegal aliens are rushing it. These runs to our border will not end until a real wall is built and Trump gets really, really tough on Mexico.

      • greenworxx . . . . Congratulations! That was beautifully stated, and every word rings out as true. In order to preserve our way of life, it is critical that we cease “catch and release” tactics, and that we get the
        Wall built sooner, rather than later.
        When we take into consideration all the naysayers from the Progressive left, it speaks clearly to all of us, that they do not care one hoot what the consequences are to our nation, by having all these criminally minded illegals jumping our boarder.

    • David . . . . God Bless you for fleshing out the exact numbers of foreign nations that we are currently paying to house, medicate, feed, and guard in our federal prisons. This is just ridiculous!
      As far as I am concerned, since there is such a huge number of foreign national’s who send part of their earnings back to their countries of origin. There should be the immediate imposition of a tax, or surcharge on all monies that are wired, or sent using money orders, to other countries. Perhaps a nice round figure of 25% on top of the amount they are sending home, could be put towards the monies that you and I, as US taxpayers have to come up with to maintain these foreigners in our prisons. If 25% is not high enough, then go higher. As far as I am concerned, the sky is the limit! Let their own countrymen pay for the fact that we are stuck with having to hold this cretins in our custody.

  8. “Gov. Brown has vowed to keep Oregon a sanctuary state.”
    That’s all the more I vow to never turn over my guns.

    • Silhouette . . . . As a citizen of the state of Oregon, I do not have even one acquaintance in my circle of family and friends who is for Oregon being a “sanctuary state.” We don’t even know how it came to be. One day we just were. As long as there are people in government who don’t seem to have a problem with allowing criminally minded folks to jump our border . . . . there will be a need for citizens to have the means to defend themselves!

      • Auntie Lulu
        I also am a Conservative citizen of Oregon and like many innocent citizens of California and Washington, I am being dragged, against my will, towards the liberal version of utopia that we all know is the proverbial ‘Shit-hole’.

  9. First, the President can “nationalize” (call up) the National Guard any time he likes. If I were he, I would do that. I would then follow it up with federal marshals at the Governor’s door. They would lose all their equipment and funding and the Guard there would remain federal until she left office, one way or another.

    • Yes, I saw this the other day. I meant to comment on it. I am dead serious when I say that unless Trump gets a handle on this he is going to lose it. There are sedition laws. We need to use them. The first step in that direction is getting rid of Sessions.
      He must be surrounded by enemies or fools. The lawyers know he can nationalize the Guard. They should be advising him to do that. That way the Governor doesn’t have anything to say about it. He should declare an emergency at the border and do whatever he thinks necessary.
      If any of these Soros commies speak against it, they should be arrested for sedition and assisting the enemy in a time of national emergency.

      • “He should declare an emergency at the border and do whatever he thinks necessary.”
        I heard on Dick Morris’ podcast that this is exactly how Trump is going to pay for the Wall. He made Border Security a National Emergency after including in the Omnibus enough funding for the Military to pay for the wall and other Border Security measures.
        Hope Morris is right,and he usually is.

  10. When the shtf these folks will be running for the hills. they will have betrayed their countryMEN. They will have sold the pawns of their evil into slavery. Their friends won’t trust them. The media will cut them loose to save themselves. Their enemies will converge on them and in the end they will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

    • Now that is a refreshing thought (sigh!). I think that’s what I mean when I say they should be chased through the streets.

  11. Apparently, one mental patient Brown out West is not enough; Now we have TWO of them in TWO different states! And if some counties of California secede from that once-great State and form the State of Jefferson, No Worries: The Brown shall spread all-around!
    Kate Brown, affirmative action mental patient governor that she seems to be, has publicly stated her intentions not to enforce Federal Law. This is an on-the-record impeachable offense, but again, No Worries, enough of the State of Oregon seems to have gone LOCO, also.
    What President Trump should do, in addition to stationing National Guard to our borders is send American Army troops down there and take charge. For if National Guards are actually attacked by the Government of Mexico, Army troops would have FULL constitutional authority to launch a counter-offensive in response to an Act of War.
    President Trump needs to assemble a group of the most determined and knowledgeable constitutional lawyers that can be assembled, and he needs to discover a constitutional and legal precedent whereby he can order the arrest of Gov. Brown of California and Gov. Brown of California, and DOUBLE-DOG DARE the House of Representatives to impeach him. For what we have on our hands here is the constitutional crisis that will not die, the constitutional crisis that will not raise its ugly head so that it will continue to infest the body politic like the TAPEWORM that it is, ready, willing and able to erase our borders and reconquer America by repopulation that will elect its own governors and representatives. Think it can’t happen? IT’S HAPPENING IN CALIFORNIA NOW.
    This IS NOT about the false canard of “racism”: It is about the legal and factual continued existence of the Sovereignty of the United States. But the Little Lefist Lemmings of Doom continue their march off of the cliff, dragging the rest of America down with it.
    In the meantime, they’re filming “Weekend at Sessions” who is, apparently, nowhere to be found!

  12. trump ought to nationalize the national guard, the same way jfk did in Mississippi, send them to the governor’s home and arrest the stupid bitch for not upholding her oath as governor.

    • Yes. He doesn’t need permission to do this. It’s already a done deal. The first order should be to bring the rebelling officials in. He can use the federal marshals for that if he likes. I can tell you honestly, I wouldn’t mess around with this. I wouldn’t publicly embarrass myself either.
      He should have his staff get hold of Soros’s propaganda staff at the cable channels and tell them that if he hears one negative remark about this he’s shutting them down. National security, no further questions.

    • bob, you are correct. Soros and Obongo may have paid these Hondurans to come up and thump their chests at the border in order to embarrass Trump, but a couple of bursts of .50 cal. machine gun fire over their heads could have them headed South in no time.

  13. If Kate Brown was told that Lavoy Finicum & the Bundy family were trying to illegally cross the border, she’d not only deploy her state’s troops, she’d fly them to the border herself.
    Apparently she didn’t pass her civics class in high school.

  14. It’s ok when Obama does it but racist when trump does it. Go figure

  15. Is this woman under arrest yet? She should be. Just to reinforce what I said, the National Guard units are normally under the commend of state Governors. The President can assume that command any time they like. He doesn’t need her “permission”.
    Does everyone see what’s going on here? These little snots have decided that they are simply going to start their own government and ignore the one they have. That leaves us with the choice of either allowing this, or taking proper action to correct it.
    States belong to the union. If they wish to secede they can start that process. Right now, they are obligated to adhere to federal law. Having Obongo and buddies run separate communist governments from Kalorama in D.C. is neither acceptable or legal.
    All involved with this are traitors to the oaths they took. They don’t have to like Trump, that isn’t the point. This is seditious and looks like an insurrection. There are steps required to correct this.

  16. Legitimate question – is this not a state’s rights issue? Don’t yall anti-gov conspiracy types usually like state gov’t over federal?


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