Oregon governor signs mandatory, statewide rent control bill

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KTVZ reports that Oregon has become the first in the nation to impose statewide rent control upon landlords. From their report:

“Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has signed the first mandatory statewide rent control bill for the U.S. as the economically booming state struggles to control a spiraling housing crisis.

The Democratic governor at a signing ceremony Thursday said the measure will “provide some immediate relief to Oregonians struggling to keep up with rising rents.”

The law will limit rent increases to 7 percent each year plus inflation. Landlords must also provide just cause before evicting tenants after the first year of occupancy.

The law takes effect immediately because Democrats who control the Legislature say the housing crisis is an emergency.”

The governor announced the following on Twitter:

“Every Oregonian should have access to housing choices that allow them and their families to thrive. Today I signed the country’s first statewide rent control bill, providing immediate relief to Oregonians struggling to keep up with rising rents.”

The bill is 22 pages long. Read it here.

More bureaucracy that will have a very, very minimal impact on Oregon’s homeless crisis. Just ask New York City how that rent control has worked for their homeless crisis.


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9 responses to “Oregon governor signs mandatory, statewide rent control bill

  1. I know cities, like NYC and Berkeley CA, have imposed rent control, but an entire state! Good grief.

  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Wonder if they even consider effects their property tax rates as a factor in rising rental costs. Or perhaps,…is just another ‘trojan horse’ for forcing acceptance of illegal aliens.

  3. Nothing like rent control to encourage investment in new housing construction! AOC’s idea?

  4. Leeann Springer

    This could have an adverse outcome on states who want rent control. As someone who rents a nice house to leased occupants, I can attest, there’s no profit margin. After property taxes (too high in my opinion) upkeep for things like Heating and Air, repairs, etc, I consider myself lucky to clear $2,000 a year, with property taxes exceeding the income from rentals. In fact, I’m selling the property this month. Rent control means that owners will have to bear the loss. As for tax deductions on rental properties, the IRS isn’t that generous, as it only increases the tax bracket and only a portion is allowed for write-offs. Also, as mentioned in another post, people are leaving liberal states with overbearing petty laws and therefore, it’s a huge loss of tax revenue. Leeann

  5. No one will want to rent out their property. Looks like it will be a buyer’s market. And the idiots that came up with the idea either don’t know or don’t care about job losses,decreased tax revenue and blighted properties. When those problems crop up they’ll just pass more laws to try to deal with it. Another way to transfer wealth to someone that didn’t earn it.

  6. All complaints will be submitted to the “Central Committee” and arbitrated in the Politburo. Comrade Kate needs to take Mandarin lessons.

  7. Mist'ears Mom

    As a landlord with several rental properties I haven’t raised my rents more than 5% ever. That covers rising prop taxes & any other expenses are normal and expected but don’t come up often.
    First thing is to get good tenants-charge market, have a lease and raise it at annual renewal. If I have good tenants I don’t want to loose them and I also don’t gouge them.
    This is just more gubmint overreach/control to virtue signal to the liberal voters that really will do nothing with solving the housing crisis. That Gov is an idiot who just want votes to stay in her cushy job.
    Homeless people – most can’t afford any rent, often don’t want to live in a property and/or can’t qualify to even start a rent lease-never mind any rental increases-what a bunch of dopes.
    This idiot just wants to look like she is fighting the “greedy” capitalists for the ‘little’ guy but this is mostly for illegal aliens IMO that once in move in multiple families into one unit to cover the rent-this kneecaps the landlord when trying to get bad renters out.

  8. Freaks and tribades like Kate Brown are in charge. None of this is lost on the enemies of this country who are watching and waiting.

  9. Lol. Rent controls are the textbook example of socialist failure in books like Sowell’s Basic Economics


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