Oregon driver card proponents (for illegals) launch their fall ballot campaign

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Oregon Live: Proponents of allowing Oregon driver cards for people who can’t show they are in the country legally illegal aliens kicked off their fall campaign Monday urging a yes vote on Ballot Measure 88.
Supporters of the driver cards launched a website that includes testimonials from groups ranging from the Oregon Association of Nurseries to Causa Oregon, an immigrant rights group. The new website also features what it says will be the first of 100 days of stories about someone who would benefit from the new law.
The first features Mayra Martinez, a Portland State University student who says she has lived in the U.S. since she was 3. She talks about her difficulty getting to school without being able to drive.
The issue could be one of the most highly contested on the ballot. Opponents gathered the necessary signatures last year to refer the legislatively passed driver’s card law to voters.  A website from Protect Oregon’s Driver Licenses, which is urging a no vote on Measure 88, features opposition from the Sheriffs of Oregon PAC.
Proponents argue that the driver cards would allow immigrants illegal aliens who are driving on Oregon roads to be insured and licensed. They say the cards can’t be used to fly or obtain other government benefits. Critics say the cards would encourage illegal immigration and would not improve safety.
My questions: If you can afford college tuition, then why can’t you afford to go through the legal immigration process? And if not having a driver’s license because you are an illegal alien makes it “very hard for you to get where you need to be”, then why not apply for U.S. citizenship?

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0 responses to “Oregon driver card proponents (for illegals) launch their fall ballot campaign

  1. Unbelievable!! If you break the law by coming here we will shower you with all kinds of perks. I am sure the taxpayer will be providing the illegals with the insurance and the college tuition. But hey, why stop there, why not buy the vehicle and the gas for the illegals too!! The liberals in their desperation for control and power are gladly giving away our country with no care for its citizens. They know they have burned too many bridges to get past the legal voters so they will just overwhelm the vote with the illegals.

  2. Licensing isn’t a problem. The illegals use other people’s ID. The problem is they have a problem with drunk driving and no insurance. A license should be the least of their worries.

  3. The answer to your two questions at the bottom of the article is, “Because whining is easier,” lol. “Boohoo, Woe is me.”

  4. Am I the only one that is beginning to wish the vaunted “Oregon Trail” had led elsewhere?
    LOL – Like the middle of Siberia in friggin’ January?


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