Oregon demorat lawmakers want to lower the voting age to 16

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Combine a left-leaning indoctrination curriculum with young skulls full of mush and you got yourself a whole lot of new democrat voters!

Funny how demorats only care so much about the future for kids AFTER they are born…

Oregon Live reports that demorat state Sen. Shemia Fagan claims that “younger” teens in Oregon should have a say in their future. Demorats in that state are pushing a bill that would amend Oregon’s constitution to lower the voting age in the state from 18 to 16. They hope to put it before voters in 2020.

From the Oregon Live report:

“Younger Oregonians should have “a chance to participate in the ballot — about decisions that affect their homes, their clean air, their future, their schools and, as we’ve seen, their very lives,” Democratic state Sen. Shemia Fagan said at a Monday press conference announcing the measure.

Teens are “begging us to take action to protect their future,” she added. OPB reported that she referenced the student activists from Parkland, Florida, who launched the “Never Again” movement in the wake of the 2018 mass shooting at their high school.

Several Oregon student activists spoke at the press conference about why they deserved the right to vote before age 18. “We need to be able to take our work to the ballot and protect the policies we’re working so hard to pass,” South Salem High School senior Maria Torres said.

Pressing issues affecting young people have brought the voting age down before. It used to be 21 before the 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1971, lowered it to 18. The amendment was fueled in part by teenagers facing the draft for the Vietnam War, which had become increasingly unpopular.

Congress had lowered the voting age in 1970 for state and federal offices, but Oregon objected to a lower minimum age being foisted on its state elections. It insisted the law was unconstitutional and won in the U.S. Supreme Court. This led to the successful push for the 26th amendment.

The newly introduced Oregon bill seeks to allow Oregonians starting at age 16 to vote in all elections, the Statesman-Journal reported, but such a law ultimately might only apply to state and local elections.”


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15 responses to “Oregon demorat lawmakers want to lower the voting age to 16

  1. Oregon law makers are doing everything possible to steal California’s title of land of fruits and nuts away from us. They likely will want the same for illegal aliens living in sanctuary cities as well.

  2. Great article, DCG!
    And I love your husky meme!

  3. What do you expect from a 16 year old that leaves caca tracks on his/her underwear? The biggest mistake ever done to the state, and the saddest part is that copycat states will follow. Pardon the comment but that is the truth!

  4. Most eighteen year olds are not politically savvy, most sixteen year olds can’t even spell savvy.

  5. “It doesn’t matter how smart teens are or how well they scored on the SAT or ACT. Good judgment isn’t something they can excel in, at least not yet. The rational part of a teen’s brain isn’t fully developed and won’t be until age 25 or so.”


    There are hundreds/thousands of this type of article out there.

  6. I remember my first vote in Ca. They had just lowered the age from 21 to 18.
    I had just turned 18 six months prior to the presidential election. This made sense to me at the time because the argument that instigated this was the Vietnam war. If young men could go and lose their life and limb for country, why are they not allowed to vote? You have to admit there is a certain logic and fairness in that. What should have been the way to deal with this one would have been to let young men in the military vote. Everyone else has to wait until they are 21. Of course the way I feel now, no one should be able to vote before they are 28 to 30- with a proficiency test on top. Too many uninformed boobs out there voting with emotions and no information. Course I guess that’s the way TPTB like it.

  7. I love the Husky! There is a reason we make distinctions between “minors” and “adults”. Worse, in my opinion, they actually want foreigners who are here illegally to be able to vote too.

    Now, do you think they would want that if they thought they voted conservatively? Of course not. They want an audience for AOC (She Guevara) and her minions. She’s the little ringer who will lead them.

    Don’t be mislead into thinking that just because to date they aren’t brandishing weapons that we are not under attack. Once they get ours they’ll come to finish us off. These are demonic communists. They don’t play nice.

  8. Most 16 year olds wouldn’t bother to vote but the ones who do will be the “worst who are filled with passionate intensity”. Their issues will be non-existent climate change, gun confiscation, free abortion on demand, and other important stuff like “transgender” rights. And rock star AOC shall lead them, her legions of silly stupid fan girls. I shudder at the prospect

  9. I can just see it now: “I’m 16 and I vote, but I can’t buy beer?!” Hey—in NYC you can’t buy any kind of tobacco until you’re 21!

    Minors MUST NOT be permitted to wield political power. That is what this proposal is all about. Think about it: Let’s say this idea is a good idea. Do you honestly believe the Elites are going to let them have it without any strings attached? Hardy Har Har.

  10. So, let us look unto those who gather statistics that actually MEAN something about this specific age-group being able to make good choices/control impulses/survive/ end up dead or killing others through their immature condition: actuarial science. There is a REASON that drivers younger than 21 have to pay way more in auto insurance than other ages…..b/c they are , in the data-driven business of insurance, a danger to themselves and others. They are short on impulse control and sound decision-making. Their choices are risky to themselves and others, even IF they are amongst the most gifted in reflexes, eyesight, and so many other things that youth gives them as opposed to their older driving kin….But, for sure, this is JUST the sort of voter the Demorats crave to include under their wings …..

  11. What the hell is wrong with you Eowyn?
    You are on the WRONG side of this one. 16 year olds are smarter than any of you AND they have never watched CNN a day in their lives. I know, I have a 17 year old. The REAL fight should be against “mail in voting” which is TOTALLY non-verifiable. Oregon and Washington should NOT be off your list of redeemable states.

    • WTH is wrong with you, flamethrower A.Scott?
      I am not the author of this post, nor did I even comment.
      And to think you actually call yourself “angel”.

    • While there are many smart teenagers in Oregon, I would beg to differ that there is a majority who are fully capable of making a well-informed, unbiased (through public indoctrination) voting decision. Just because your child is brilliant doesn’t mean that the majority of 16-year-olds are of her same intellect.

      Thanks for stopping by with the insult to Eowyn though…you have a lovely day!

    • Dear Angel…please send us your 17-year-old’s qualifications for choosing the course of our country for the next decades as opposed to write- in votes from individuals qualified according to our voting laws.

      I’d have NEVER acquiesced to my sons voting at age 17…even tho’…. at this age my oldest was already graduating with an early acceptance and full ride to an Ivy League Boston College….and not b/c we were “anybody”…forgodsake, he’d grown up where we worked on an Indian Reservation Clinic and we had to fight for him to even get GEOMETRY at the local community college b/c his HS didn’t offer it…..our youngest got up every morning from age 11 onward at 3 AM so I could drive him 70 miles to an ice rink to train in figure skating—then back again after lessons to attend school. I made him attend a regular school instead of “home school” even tho’ it was harder on both of us…(I went to a teaching position, he went to school) ..b/c I wanted him to be responsible for his own education…..wanted him to be in the band….PLAN for his day to include his academics AND his dreams. He became a national competitor in his sport for a decade and now is an international coach in his field. When YOU can show me that your 17-year-old is managing his/her time and future plans and maintains these goals in this manner….then maybe I will believe you that your 17-year-old is capable….however, remember…..at the get-go….I said that I’d NEVER give even my high-achieving, self-directed kids the power of determining the future of our country by vote. Why? BECAUSE I AM THEIR PARENT AND I KNOW THAT AT AGE 17, MY JOB IS NOT DONE YET. THEY ARE NOT READY for a year…maybe two or more, depending upon their maturation rate……SO PALEEEZZZZEEE …..Angel…do not unleash your 17-year-old upon us. RETHINK!


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