Oregon Christian blogger gives up leggings to honor God and husband; sparks international debate

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Veronica Partridge and family

Veronica Partridge and family

Oregon Live: Oregon wife and mom Veronica Partridge had no intention of causing a stir with her Jan. 5 blog post titled “Why I Chose to No Longer Wear Leggings.”
“I thought maybe 10 of my friends might read it,” she said.
Partridge, a 25-year-old Christian, felt conflicted about modesty, she writes in the post, and talked with her husband about whether or not leggings are appropriate as pants. He told her that it’s hard for him not to look at other women wearing the tight athletic wear. She wrote:

And at that moment, I made a personal vow to myself and to my husband. I will no longer wear thin, form-fitting yoga pants or leggings in public. The only time I feel (for myself) it is acceptable to wear them, is if I am in the comfort of my own home or if I am wearing a shirt long enough to cover my rear end. I also want to set the best example of how to dress for my daughter. I want her to know, her value is not in the way her body looks or how she dresses, but in the character and personality God has given her.
The blog post went viral after her husband, a self-described “serial entrepreneur” with a strong social media presence, shared the link with his online network, she said. Thousands around the world have read her post. Media outlets from The Huffington Post to Christianity Today to Good Morning America have picked up the story.

The attention has made Partridge uncomfortable. The Bend resident, burgeoning farmer and mother to one toddler said she is a “reserved” person that doesn’t like controversy. She didn’t write about her decision to stop wearing leggings in public to spark a debate, she said, but because she felt like God was calling her to share her story with friends. “If I had known it would get this much attention, I wouldn’t have posted it.”
Modesty and coverings are integral parts of many faiths. Many Muslim women cover their hair — as do some Orthodox Jews — and some Mormons wear sacred undergarments.
Nevertheless, critics have accused Partridge of “slut-shaming” and mocked her for prudishness.
“The type of faulty logic Partridge uses in her call for modesty is the exact same sort of faulty logic that places blame on the rape victim for dressing in a provocative manner,” Michael Stone wrote for Patheos, a website that hosts dozens of blogs about different religions.
But Bible scholars in the Portland area applaud Partridge’s thoughtfulness.
“I, personally, am always encouraged when both men and women make a conscious decision to reflect intentional outward modesty out of respect for others and for their own personal dignity,” said Rebekah Josberger, who teaches theology at Multnomah University.
Modesty isn’t a major theme in the Bible, said MaryKate Morse, a professor at George Fox Evangelical Seminary, but it is an important part of modern Christian life.
The Greek word translated today as “modesty” appears only twice in the Bible, Morse said. (The word appears in 1 Timothy 2:9 and 3:2.) The author of those passages was writing to the pastor at a new church where some women were displaying their wealth with gaudy hairstyles and extravagant jewelry, she said.
“It was disrupting worship and creating an environment where the wealthy were being elevated,” she said. “The writer was calling on them to all dress simply so worship could be done.”
Today, she said, modesty is about being an ambassador for God whether you’re a man or a woman. It’s about ensuring that your look communicates your values–whether that means covering cleavage or passing on a designer handbag. “It’s a larger conversation than just covering up your legs,” she said. “It isn’t our job to police the males, but it is our job to reflect God.”
There goes the tolerant types again…
freedom of speech

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0 responses to “Oregon Christian blogger gives up leggings to honor God and husband; sparks international debate

  1. Good for her and whether you agree or not, good for her. She has her reasons yet haters gotta hate. The world needs more like her and this couple.

  2. I will start by saying that I love to wear leggings with a long sweater or tunic. That said, our oldest is the media specialist at our local high school, and oh, the legging stories she can tell. These young girls wear the leggings that look like tights with a short top. It is vulgar and exposes everything God gave them. Even the skinny ones cannot tastefully pull off this look.

  3. What is wrong with PANTS? Leggings should be worn in the gym but not as outerwear, period. Women who wear leggings as outerwear should honestly ask themselves why — Why do they choose to mold every contour of their buttocks, pudenda, and thighs? How would women like it if MEN wear leggings that mold every contour of their buttocks, penis, testicles, and thighs?

    • Before we were married, Mrs. Dust and I took a day trip to Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod. I had been to P-town a number of times in the 1960s as a kid for a visit to candy stores for salt water taffy and such, and to see the artists doing portraits of tourists. It was fun.
      But this time (1990s), the display of decadence was awful. And many galleries were filled with art so demonic that we felt physically sick. On one outside wall there was a large mural of some kind of satanic ritual human sacrifice. And Mrs. Dust was disgusted to see men wearing form fitting workout shorts with their genitals hanging out. I didn’t see that, but to this day she gets angry when we recall our day trip to P-town.

    • Agreed, Dr. Eowyn, agreed. Being all guy I love to see women share their bodies with the rest of us BUT being old school, for me it must be done with class, moderation and taste. If a lady is showing it poorly or so tight that ‘camel toe’ is in danger of gangrene from loss of blood flow or something, I look away, every time. Call me prudish, old fashioned, dinosaur whatever you want. I loathe tight clothes on meself.

  4. Sorry lame stream media, this lady will get a whole lot more positive support than negative support. God bless this woman for taking a stand. I totally support her and kudos to her husband for being ‘man enough’ to be honest with her. I wonder what the rape statistics would be if more women felt like this lady and more men would become man enough to say to the women in their lives “don’t wear that!” As far as those who think this is “slut-shaming” (a term I have never heard) maybe it is but I bet you have a quilty conscienous or you would not think like that!
    On another note, I stand amazed at the rape stories of young girls, girls in the 14-20 year old group, that go to a party where they know alchaol will be flowing, where the male testratrone is flowing and they have on a super skinny spagetti strape top and butt showing shorts and cry rape. Get gripe girls. If you don’t want to be raped then stay away from these situations. It will reduce your chances of being a rape victim tremendously.
    Now, on the other hand, if men decided to start wearing form fitting clothes on a regular basis, I would be all for that! I enjoy looking at a good hunk too you know!! I would like to think I am kidding, but I am not.

    • “if men decided to start wearing form fitting clothes on a regular basis, I would be all for that!”
      I wouldn’t, and I am not a “prude” — whatever that word is supposed to mean. Preening men are a big turnoff for me. I would be embarrassed for any man who wears leggings & other form-fitting clothes, and I would avert my gaze. The only people who would welcome that are penis-obsessed sodomites.
      Besides, what makes you think only “hunks” would wear form-fitting clothes? LOL

      • fashion designers today are teaching boys to wear skinny pants when they skateboard…boys are getting used to tight fitting clothes as well as pants that are so loose they fall off their butts and expose their underwear and Lord knows what else…either way they are perfect eye-candy for pedophiles

  5. good for her…these yoga tights or leggings are so thin and cheaply made, you can see through them…no modesty there

  6. Have you guys heard of the revival in Indiana?
    “Revival in Indiana”

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  8. I first read about this revival on the blog Gorges’ Grouse earlier today:

  9. i can only agree with her … to many women think its ok to show themselves off and a man is not supposed to say-do-think (be human) with out being told how depraved or sexist they are….. well am i wrong ????

  10. but its ok fore them to show off there crotch and a man dam sure better not act or think like a human being……

    • You are spot on! Again I ask, wonder how many rapes there would be if women practiced a little modesty, especially among the college crowd where booze and testaterone flow like a river?

      • college campuses are hedonistic cesspools….as hedonism increases…so do rapes…if the drunk (intoxicated) “victim” even remembers

  11. I like jeggings which are like jeans, the material is heavier and then like Doc’s wife said they are worn with long almost the the knee shirts and sweaters. Covers everything that a dress to the knees would.

  12. Not sure what the problem is, she said, it wasn’t for her and made no demands on others. She said she wants to set an example for her daughter and good for her. I am glad she is preaching some modesty, of which there is little these days.

    • Glenn, I imagine the only “trouble” is that the lady made such a choice and her hubby has online “presence”. That is, this is getting such attention because the devil worshipers are trying to make clothing as immodest as they can, and a push against such sexually explicit clothing as ultra-thin & tight leggings etc. make them scared of a setback, at least that’s my guess.
      They already have suckered people into dressing with no sense of class or dignity (ala skateboarder stuff, the whore-clothes that are passed off in walmarts to women and girls etc.) if they suffer a setback because this woman is making a correct moral choice and has clout or some presence enough to influence a sizable group of people, then well, it might hinder their other vile schemes.

  13. Far as this goes, I’d say good for the Lady, too few people are bucking the immodest clothing lines etc. Far as being prude or slut shaming goes, since when are these bad things? A slut doesn’t even charge money for their wanton self-destruction as the whore does, they shame themselves by their actions, it doesn’t take anyone else to do it for them… and as I understand it prude is some brittish slang that is intended to be slander to people of moral character, which is ridiculous because of the fact that immoral character needs to be looked down upon, not vice versa.
    Lets hope & pray this lady isn’t put in danger for her righteous choice, and that her, and her family, will be protected from any desperate attempts of the devil worshipers to try to undo any Goodness she has done.

  14. WHY are people casting blame on an item of clothing, when its the human arrangement of such that’s at fault? Nowhere in her post does she even state how she wore the leggings. I wear mine as legwarmers under pants all winter. What kind of fault is to be found with that?

    • Good points, Thornye. When I face real cold weather, like at the top of a ski mountain (sometimes 30 degrees blow zero), I wear “leggings” called Hot Chillys to survive in comfort.
      Of course, if I (a middle aged man) were to wear them as outerwear in Wallmart, it could be interpreted as a crime against nature, unless (God forbid) I wore them that way in Provincetown, MA. 😀

      • This discussion thread, to me, is not about whether to wear or not to wear form fitting leggings. It is about this woman deciding not to wear ‘viewer-see-all’ form fitting leggings as outer wear as a statement to being more modestly dressed. There was a time that only ‘ladies-of-the-evening’ wore revealing clothing. Now I am not suggesting we go back to being covered head to toe, but I do praise this lady for making the decision to wear clothing that is more modest and less revealing when in public. We need more like her. If this makes me a prude so be it. My daughter’s dress code was neck-to-knees, with sleeves. Neckline being described as two fingers below the collar bone. Granted I was only modestly successful, but it helped tremendously that we also attended a church that mandated modest dress.
        My husband used to work at convenience stores. He tells the story that way too many woman, of a certain ethinic group, would come in to make a purchase with a three-sizes-to-small spegetti strap top on, plop one boob and then the other boob on the counter, reach into the cleavage and pull out their money to pay. I guess we should just be thankful that they paid.

  15. I’m glad a woman finally woke up. I’ve been complaining about the way modern women dress on my blog for a while now, but many women are so arrogant, self-righteous, and foolish on this issue.
    I think women and men should both dress modestly. It’s not a sexist issue. It’s only women who make it a sexist issue because they are the ones who choose to show off their bodies most of the time. If guys walked around in tight T-shirts, I think they should stop doing that too.

  16. Well first let me say to each their own on what he or she wears
    Leggings or spandex i can agree if a person dose wear them yeah some one is going to lust after you and look at you not as a person but as a sex toy of some type but the only thing is when you or lets us say running or at the gym i feel spandex or leggings would be fine to wear but let me say this I wear spandex and i have no plans to stop wearing them


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