Oprah's miraculous transformation

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The other day, our Steve did a post on actress Raven-Symone refreshingly insisting she’s an American, instead of a hyphenated “African-American.”
Raven-Symone said that in an interview 3 days ago with Oprah Winfrey. Here’s the video:

I took a screenshot from the video, then cropped it to show just Oprah. I think you will agree with me that Oprah looks like Oprah in this pic (below), taken just three days ago.
Imagine my surprise when I saw the cover of the new (November) issue of O, The Oprah Magazine in a Daily Mail story:
Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Oprah-in-the-video (l) and Oprah-on-O‘s-cover (r):
You wouldn’t think the obese dumpy woman with dull skin and hair on the left is the same person as the full-figured-but-trim woman on the right, with slimmer arms and thighs, an actual waist, glowing skin, and lustrous flowing hair.
Such is the miracle of Photoshop!
But didn’t Oprah base her entire talk show on how women should have self-esteem and not let themselves be brainwashed and oppressed by society’s standards of beauty? What happens to women’s self-esteem when they compare themselves to (the totally unreal, photoshopped) Oprah in O magazine?
She’s quite the hypocrite, isn’t she?

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0 responses to “Oprah's miraculous transformation

  1. This is hilarious. A welcome boost to the ego of every dumpy woman in America!

  2. Great point!

  3. Hehehe & WOW! Since I usually read online in “Inverse Colors” mode (less harsh on the eyes, but it also inverts photos colors), I just HAD to go turn that Off so I could SEE your O photos as they really are! Too funny > The Big O-girl & your sense of humor. Thanks for the laugh!
    Yes indeed, Ms Oprah must have had photoshop-plastic-surgery on her FACE, too, as it is longer & much thinner than her recent frumpy plump round face.
    Is The Big Boned Girl really trying to lose weight again or does she merely let the graphic artists “lose weight for her” in her old age? (Only Reggie, Stedman, & Gail King know for sure, haha!)
    I wonder if O-Mag sales would plummet for any issue that had the real Frizzy Frumpy Oprah on the cover? That would be an interesting experiment.

  4. I have never liked Oprah, always found her to be a hypocritical fake. I don’t have the time to waste watching her show or reading her magazine. The swooning women that love Oprah were probably all the fainters at the Obama campaign stops. Perpetually dizzy broads.

  5. The Power of Photoshop should be the title on that mag…

  6. I took one of those magazines apart one day; I ripped out every ad, every fake ‘article’ that was really an ad, usually for makeup, everything that wasn’t actual content, and out of over a lb of paper, there was about six pages of actual reading material. What a waste of trees.

  7. A rich liberal what else do you expect…

  8. She is a bitchocrite! Sorry, I have NOTHING nice to say about that woman.


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