Oprah and the skincream made from foreskins

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OprahOprah and her wig collection (source)

File this in the Weird News folder.
Oprah uses a $150-an-ounce skin cream that’s made with the foreskin of penises.
Canada’s Owensound Suntimes and the UK’s Daily Mail report that Oprah Winfrey endorses a face cream made from baby foreskins — the part that is excised when a human male is circumcised.
The billionaire talk show mogul has called SkinMedica’s creams her “magic fountain of youth” and urged her devoted fans to try it – at $150 an ounce – the cost of SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum (below).

Neonatal fibroblast is tissue grown from the cells of infant human foreskins, i.e., a piece of human skin is used as a culture to grow other skin or cells. Neonatal fibroblast is hailed by some researchers as revolutionizing medical skin care for its use to help heal wounds in new ways.

SkinMedica, a Southern California company, claims that the baby foreskin cells also make an unparalleled anti-aging cream.

The San Diego City Beat reports that SkinMedica hasn’t harvested a foreskin in 20 years. The company instead grows the cells it needs from a single foreskin sample.
SkinMedica founder Dr Richard Fitzpatrick told the newspaper, “Initially, there was a misunderstanding and people thought we were actually grinding up the foreskin. So, there was a lot of snickering and laughing about people putting this foreskin product on their face.”
That hasn’t stopped the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project (CFAP), a Vancouver anti-circumcision group, from protesting Oprah’s endorsement of SkinMedica.

Glen Callender, founder of CFAP, says it’s hypocritical of Winfrey to speak out against female genital mutilation, while saying it’s all right to use a face cream made from foreskins from circumcised infant males: “Imagine how Oprah would respond if a skin cream for men went on the market that was made from parts of the genitalia of little girls.”
I have one word for Oprah’s endorsement of SkinMedica:
I wonder how SkinMedica obtained that piece of baby foreskin?

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0 responses to “Oprah and the skincream made from foreskins

  1. Yuck, just yuck!

  2. Gee, who knew? All these years I’ve been using plain ol’ Jergens! 🙂

    • I’m in the preventive stage since I’m not quite old enough for wrinkles, and I love Aveeno brand facial moisturizers with SPF 30.

  3. Only a retard would compare male circumcision to female genital mutilation. It’s usually selfish men who think only the man is supposed to enjoy sex.

  4. Well, it is obvious the cream didn’t work. She looks like hell!

  5. This news item is hard to swallow unless one supposes that the users were used to swallowing such material.

  6. Ewww… And I am a licensed esthetician/skin therapist. Just disgusting! Why do people insist on slathering their skin in the most disgusting of chemicals or human/animal body parts in hopes of better appearnaces?!?!
    Trust me I can recommend many holistic or organic approaches that use spices, plants, oils, etc. that will be better than foreskin. Now I am reminded of the Niptuck episodes with facial tretments made from semen.
    And then I have to ask is this sanitary or safe because in my profession it runs close to the health industry on sanitation laws/requirements. Don’t get me started on the horror stories I have seen and heard like a mass MRSA outbreak in the Netherlands from wax pots that were contaminated because people are nasty and double dip between waxing your eye brows, bikini line/brazillian, etc. Or unclean tweezers that gave a girl in cosmetology school MRSA. I doubt foreskin is sanitary especially if that is paraben free to boot!
    The craziest stuff is put in skin care or snake oil campaigns. The other favorite of mine is from a biotech company and the docotrs whom worked for MD Anderson in cancer research. They use the toxic and poisonous nerium oleander in the skin care they make. In fact they are doing so because they startd using it to cure cancer supposedly. Nerium oleander is a cytotoxin for pete’s sake. I wouldn’t dare touch that stuff.

  7. Dear Eo:
    To answer yr question, “I wonder how SkinMedica obtained that piece of baby foreskin?” I can only say this: If you have to ask, then you don’t want to know! By the way, do readers know that the ‘correct’ way to perform male circumcision on a Jew is for the mohel to place the penis in his mouth and BITE off the foreskin?
    If you think I’m making this up, please go to Wikipedia or another trusted source. Here is a Jewish site: https://www.come-and-hear.com/editor/br_4.html

    • I have to go disinfect my eyes and brain now. Yuck…not sanitary or at all in my eyes proper. I am no anti-semitic, but what the…

    • One word: DISGUSTING!
      This site (https://www.come-and-hear.com/editor/br_4.html) says according to the Talmud (which is NOT the Torah), ritual circumcision consists of three actions: milah — cutting the foreskin with a knife, peri’ah — ripping the membrane with a fingernail, and mezizah — applying the mouth to the baby’s bleeding penis and sucking blood from the wound.
      In 1906, The Jewish Encyclopedia acknowledged that mezizah was “entirely in conflict with the antiseptic treatment of wounds,” and that a “a large number of Jewish children” had been infected with syphilis from contact with one mohel’s mouth.

  8. Oprah is a gross pig!

  9. Oprah is flat ugly in that picture. She is not a good advertisement for the product. I think the one who should receive awards and accolades is her make up artist. When I see her on TV I am amazed at his work. He is a genius. Oprah really looks like the character she played in The Color Purple.

  10. She has always looked like droopy to me. Her makeup artist indeed should be given a grammy award for his work.

  11. This is very sickening.

  12. If this product actually works, it is a pact with the devil. To mutilate an infant’s body and use it to prevent aging is a horrific and selfish act of monumental proportions. Hasn’t she ever seen the movie, Death Becomes Her….https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Becomes_Her . Next we will hear that she is killing baby seals because she believes the fur looks better on her body than the being it was born on.


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