Operation Gunrunner, We have the Smoking Gun.

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Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious promise to be a scandal that could eclipse even Watergate in the extent of the Obama administration’s cover-up.

As AWR Hawkins explains on BigGovernment, Operation ‘Gunrunner’ was an Obama administration plan to sell guns to ‘straw purchasers’ with suspected ties to the Mexican cartel. ATF was banking on those purchasers to walk the guns across the border into Mexico. Operation ‘Fast and Furious’ was the plan to follow those guns until they were in cartel hands and then make apprehensions.

There are some who believe this was all an attempt by the Obama administration to flood the border with weapons in order to create a degree of chaos sufficient to convince us of the supposed-need for more gun control in America.

DOJ head Eric Holder feigned ignorance of Operation Gunrunner. But his lie was uncovered by evidence that Holder had given a speech in Cuernavaca, Mexico, on April 2, 2009, in which he boasted about Operation ‘Gunrunner’ and told Mexican authorities of everything he was doing to insure its success.

The video below is the “smoking gun”:

~Steve & Eowyn

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6 responses to “Operation Gunrunner, We have the Smoking Gun.

  1. Given Holder lied about not knowing about this, why hasn’t Obama fired him and did Obama have anything to do with this? We need another deep throat or honest news reporter that is willing to tell the truth

    • Mary, these creatures are all political bedfellows. Lying is part of the pose needed to succeed; they know this, and do it as part of their job, and Hey! It’s all for our own good, don’tcha know?

  2. This looks like a job for Methuselah! Anybody got a phone directory in ancient Hebrew?

  3. Seriously, I sent this to rense.com, and if it’s posted as I believe it will be, ten million readers will learn of the Great Deception. Praise and thanks to warriors Eo and Steverino!!

  4. I did some research yesterday. This shovel ready project was accomplished
    with stimulus funds…and wait,there’s more: Operation Castaway is more of the same being perpetrated by the Tampa District where they’re supplying
    Guatemala with semi-auto rifles.What’s amusing is that we are expected to believe that drug cartels with unlimited cash would prefer semi autos to full auto assault rifles…the only ones getting armed are low and mid-level gangs (ie the main cartel’s competition) and this is obviously a plot to abridge and subvert the second amendment.

  5. These crooked marxist vermin, Holder & Obama conspired together to perpetrate a false flag operation against the American People and run rifles into the hands of the murderous Mexican drug cartels, encouraging the ensuing slaughter of thousands of victims. And all this was done to create terrible murder and mayhem that the marxist Obama administration could then respond to by banning firearms that Americans are Constitutionally guaranteed the ability to possess.

    This is a criminal conspiracy staged by the Federal marxist tyrants against the good People of America! Those involved have violated their sacred oaths of Fidelity to the Constitution! This is an outrageous, impeachable offense and these cockroaches should be arrested immediately and all GO TO PRISON FOR THEIR REST OF THEIR MISERABLE LIVES!



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