Operation Free Terry Lakin!

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Last December, U.S. Army surgeon Lt. Col. Terry Lakin was convicted, sentenced, and dismissed from the military for daring to challenge his deployment orders on the grounds of Obama’s unproven constitutional eligbility and thus, dubious authority as commander-in-chief.
The good doctor was court martialed but denied the right of discovery. Military judge Denise Lind refused to grant the defense discovery documents comprised of Obama’s birth certificate and school records — not even his kindergarten records — because, as she put it, those documents might be “an embarrassment” to Obama. In so doing, Lind effectively stripped Lakin’s attorneys from mounting a defense. All of which makes the trial a travesty of justice and Lakin a political prisoner of the Obama administration. 
Here is Lakin’s first letter from prisonDec 21, 2010:
“Hope all is well. Don’t know how to start a letter or what to say. I hope I made a difference in a very important matter. It cost me a lot. But I now have to believe it turned out okay. There certainly are no do-overs. The important thing is for the work to carry-on so we never have this situation again.
Today is my fourth day at Leavenworth and my first day with supplies to write and send letters and hoping for a phone call today. Another soldier and I arrived Saturday AM shortly after midnight. We are considered in ‘reception’ status until we complete about a week of briefings and assessments. But they have a holiday schedule until after New Year’s Day. Although they are making some efforts we likely will remain in ‘reception’ status until into January.
Reception status is mostly lock down in my cell. We now get two hours of ‘rec time’ in the morning and afternoon. Rec time is cell door open to a common pod area with a four-seat table, an exercise bike that does not work, a flat-screen TV that we cannot watch, and two showers. Activity is playing cards or a few board games, working out in my cell between meals, reading the rulebook, Bible, and now writing letters. Looks like the routine for the next several weeks. We have limited stamps, envelopes, and I am writing with a small, soft plastic (almost rubber pen) that is not to comfortable.
After getting more integrated in January (hopefully minimum security) we may have more privileges. There will not be much use of a computer, limited phone, news, or TV. We have to order our own health and comfort supplies from a small provided list. We are allowed one order request per month and not more than $35 per month. I’m hoping they will honor my first order on credit- we have not been able to get money into our account yet – not having any communication with Pili yet. I’m hoping to get a small radio with ear buds so I can get some news radio. Had to work hard to decide about how many batteries I could get by with vs how many rolls of toilet paper to buy.
The trial seems long ago now. What a feeling of helplessness going through the process. I likely got the best outcome I could have- but it was painful.
After the trial I overhead someone say, ‘Well, he’s no hero now!’ Sorry, I was not in it to be a hero. Just thought I was doing the right thing. I spent enough of myself and my family’s future for now. Others are going to have to continue.
Got to go now. Moving cells quickly. Phones don’t look good today. They brought a phone in but no one knows how we can call out collect. Sigh…

The ProtectOurLiberty.org Fund is paying for and running a full color two page center fold ad in support of LTC Terry Lakin and further exposing to the public the Obama constitutional eligibility issues in the Washington Times National Weekly this week — the 3 Jan 2011 edition – pages 20 & 21. The ad is embedded below this post. You can also see the ad and link to get a PDF version to down load and print out the two pages at: https://www.kerchner.com/protectourliberty/mostrecentad.htm
Cards and letters, but no packages, can be sent to Lakin at the following address, and should not mention rank:

Terrence Lakin #89996, 830 Sabalu Road, Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027. 

Please help LTC Terry Lakin’s family by making a monetary donation to a Trust set up for his family. Go here today and give what you can. He gave all! https://www.TerryLakinActionFund.com
Download the LTC Terry Lakin Poster; https://www.terrylakinactionfund.com/images/stories/banners/TerryLakinPoster.pdf
H/t ObamaReleaseYourRecords.

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0 responses to “Operation Free Terry Lakin!

  1. This just makes me nauseous.

  2. This man was obviously railroaded by a bunch of desk-driving military brass with no balls.
    If it turns out that Obama truly is ineligible, Lt. Col. Lakin had better get every penny of back pay he has coming, and as for this Army “judge” who was too afraid to embarrass Obama, she should be busted all the way back to Pfc, and spend the rest of her career shoveling out latrines.

  3. Just sickening what has happened here…

  4. Please, everyone contact your local radio, newspapers etc… especially if you are involved in tea parties or any liberty groups, freedom groups. IT IS TIME THEY GO AFTER “THE FRAUD” AND HIS INELIGIBILTY – we all know he’s not eligibile to be POTUS. Unseat him now, to stop all of this BS. We can’t wait for the courts and all the legal BS. You can’t impeach an illegal but you can arrest him.

  5. America, we can’t wait. Blog on this and e-mail everyone you can find about Obama being a fraud. Shake it up anyway you can!

  6. Then there’s the appeal… which will eventually go before the Supreme Court (military appeals have a shorter route to get there) and they may not find a “compelling public interest” in putting embarrassment before defined constitutional rights. (Last time I checked, there was no right against being emabarrassed or having one’s feelings hurt in the Constitution unlike due process, equal protection, etc.) Nixon had a better argument against releasing the tapes in executive priviledge and they didn’t like that either.

  7. How Terry Lakin was robbed of his defense and lives is a damned shame.
    Thieving Bernard Madoff lives better than Lakin, a talented patriot, who served, not screwed over, his country. Is there any DIRECT way to send him funds at Leavenworth…?

  8. Eowyn, I appreciate your compliments and value being part of this Fellowship.
    The reason for my question drills down to a core value of comfort.
    Too many times, fundraisers enrich organizer(s), and not the intended beneficiary. I hope to organize a private event for Terry and ideally, send all the contributions to improve his living conditions at Leavenworth for: Charmin Ultra; Kleenex; grooming aids & toiletries; vitamins & sports nutrition, etc.
    Thank you for Terry’s attorney contact information and for sending him my inquiry.


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