Operation Faithful Patriot: more than 5,200 U.S. troops deployed to secure US-Mexico border are armed

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Last week, we learned that the Pentagon is sending 800 to 1,000 troops to America’s southern border, to deal with the thousands of so-called “migrants” in the so-called “caravans” that are traveling through Guatemala and Mexico, with the intent to crossing the border into the United States. Earlier this year, the military had already deployed about 2,000 National Guard troops to the border.

Yesterday, in a tweet, President Trump called the “caravans” an “invasion of our Country” and warned the “migrants” that “our Military is waiting for you”.

By “our Military,” Trump means not 800 or 1,000, but 5,000 troops who are being deployed to secure our southern border.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the mission of the 5,000 troops is “Operation Faithful Patriot” — a military force equal to about one-third the number of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents currently working at the border, and a larger deployment than we have in Syria and Iraq, and about half of what we have in the field in Afghanistan.

Of the 5,000 troops, about 1,800 will go to Texas, 1,700 to Arizona, and 1,500 to California. The troops will be drawn from about 10 U.S. Army installations and consist largely of military police and engineers. U.S. Marines also will be deployed.

Yesterday, October 29, in a sparsely-reported DHS-DOD joint press conference at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC, three Trump administration officials spelled out more clearly and in more details how the U.S. government will secure our southern border from the incoming caravans hordes of invaders. The purpose of the press conference is to provide an update on the CBP’s Operation Secure Line and the DOD’s Operation Faithful Patriot.

The three officials are:

  1. Kevin McAleenan, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) commissioner. CBP is an agency within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
  2. Air Force Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy, commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command.
  3. Kenneth P. Rapuano, assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense and global security.

Canadian Free Press posted a nearly 23-minute video of the press conference, with neither a transcript nor summary. To view it, go here.

Below is my transcripton of the press conference.

Kevin McAleenan, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) commissioner:

“An update on enhanced security operations in order to address potential for large groups of migrants who arrive at the US border as part of the so-called caravan. As of this afternoon, we continue to track a large group of some 3,500 traveling through southern Mexico with the stated intent of reaching the US border…. We’re also aware of a second large group of around 3,000 migrants at [a] border crossing between Guatemala and Mexico. This means that at any given moment, there are tens of thousands of migrants between the Guatemalan border and the US border that are moving towards us. Within that flow are included about 17,000 criminals last year, along with hardened smugglers and people from over a hundred countries from around the world.

Our immigration system is unable to effectively process and repatriate those without a right to remain in the United States due to an extensive backlog in our courts. What is new and challenging about this caravan phenomenon is the formation of multiple large groups that present unique security and safety threats…especially the second large group still in Guatemala has deployed violent and dangerous tactics against both Guatemalan and Mexican goverment security teams.

Accordingly, we are preparing for the contingency of a large group of arriving persons intending to enter the United States in the next several weeks. Our message to the organizers and participants of this caravan is simple — the President and DHS Secretary [Kirstjen] Nielsen have made clear we will not allow a large group to enter the United States in an unsafe and unwelcome manner…. There is no benefit in being part of a large group. The caravan has already been offered protection in Mexico and will not be allowed to enter the U.S. the same way.

Yesterday we launched Operation Secure Line, a multiphase and flexible response designed to ensure we are prepared for any number of contingencies involved with the arrival of a large group of intending migrants at our border. Whether they attempt to cross at a port of entry or unlawfully in between ports of entry, an important principle here is that border security is a law enforcement mission, and as the unified border security agency of the United States, CBP is well equipped along with support from interagency federal, state and local partners to manage multiple contingencies of variious size. Since we initiated our planning two weeks ago, we have completed updated assessments of each of our 26 crossing points on the southwest border, and already deployed 100 specially-trained special-response team operators to prepare plans for each location…. We have at the ready 1,000 CBP officers, including 250 tactical enforcement officers and mobile response team professionals with training on managing contingenceis, including riot control. Between ports of entry, we have an additional 830 border patrol agents on standby ready to deploy, to include 140 special operations agents, 385 mobile response team agents, and an additional 350 agents from unaffected sectors. These agents will be augmented and supported by two dozen CBP air assets for surveillance and mobile response, including 4 blackhawks [helicopters], 6 additional helicopters, as well as multiple fixed wing assets and unmanned aerial systems [drones]. Due to the large size of the potential caravans that may arrive at the border, however, the Department of Homeland Security has further requested support from the Department of Defense. This is in addition to the 2,000 National Guard personnel already augmenting operations under Operation Guardian Support.”

Air Force Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy:

Our mission of homeland defense is inextricably linked to Homeland Security’s mission of homeland security.Operation Faithful Patriot, as we have named the military operation supporting CBP in hardening the southwest border, is the latest example of this critical partnership. In a macro sense, our concept of operations is to pool our military assets with a priority to build up southern Texas and then Arizona and then California, reinforce along priority points of entry so as to enhance CBP’s ability to harden and secure the border. The specific request for assistance is for the active duty military to enhance the capacity and capabilities of CBP by providing robust military capabilities.

Our first level of effort with CBP will be to harden the points of entry and address key gaps in areas around the points of entry. And here is a list of some of the capabilities we are bringing:

First, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They bring amazing expertise earned through years of experience under challenging conditions, including the current work of building the border wall.

We’re also bringing three highly experienced and capable combat engineering battalions with expertise in building temporary vehicle barriers, fencing, and are bringing them with heavy equipment which, as we speak now, is line hauling toward Texas.

We are bringing military planning teams that are already actively engaged with their CBP counterparts. This integrated command and control capabilities we are working with our aviation,  engineering, medical and logistic resources to bring them to bear.

We are bringing three medium web helicopter companies in. These are aircraft equipped with the latest technology. They are enhanced with optics; they have MVGs; they have sensors that allow them to operate at night, and be able to provide assistance to bring our CBP personnel exactly where they need to be regardless of the conditions. We will be able to spot and identify groups and rapidly deploy CBP personnel where they are needed. The helicopters will ensure that CBP agents can arrive in the more austere locations. They can fast-rope down if they need to; they can conduct and work their law enforcement activities. These aircraft will also ensure those agents needing medical assistance will be able to get that assistance when required.

In addition, we are bringing in military police units,we are bringing strategic airlift to bear. As we sit right now, we have three C-130s and a C-17 ready to deploy CBP personnel wherever they need to be at any time.

We have deployable medical units, we have the logistical support, we have command posts so we can combine with CBP command posts for our operational commanders who will work side by side to integrate our efforts and make no mistakes.

As we sit right here today, we have about 800 soldiers that are on the way to Texas right now. They are coming from Fort Campbell, they are coming from Fort Knox. They’re moving closer to the border, and they’re going to continue their training, and they’re ready to deploy, to be actually deployed on the border….

We’ve already brought critical material that’s already in place. We have enough concertina wire to cover up to 22 miles already deployed to the border. We have additional concertina wire that we can string, with over 150 miles available.

Additionally, we are working wherever reinforces are needed so that we can be exactly where CBP wants us to put it. By the end of this week, we will deploy over 5,200 soldiers to the southwest border. That is just the start of this operation. We’ll continue to adjust the numbers. Note that is in addition to the 2,092 that are already employed from the National Guard’s Operation Guardian Support that’s been so effective.

In my final point, I’d like to stress that everything I have discussed here fully adheres to our current authorities and governed by law and policy. We know border security is national security, and the U.S. military will advance CBP’s capability to harden the border. The Department of Defense is all ready and will continue to provide support to CBP to secure the border.”

The press conference concluded with Questions-and-Answers, beginning with a first question from a female reporter asking whether the troops deployed to the border will be armed (13:43 mark in video).

Gen. O’Shaughnessy answered that the 2,092 National Guards will remain, that the military’s Operation Faithful Patriot is to support and assist the CBP, and that “everything we’re doing is in line with and in adherence to Posse Comitatus” — the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

The reporter persisted and repeated the question of whether the troops will be armed. Gen. O’Shaughnessy said:

“We have the authority given to us by [Defense] Secretary [Jim] Mattis, units that are normally assigned weapons, they are, in fact, deploying with weapons.”

CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan emphasized that the the “caravans” are different from previous groups seeking to enter the U.S. illegally because of their violent tactics, as seen in their crashing of the Mexico-Guatemala border. That is the reason for the deployment of troops because “we want to be ready for that” “for the potential of the arrival of a large group like this”.

In response to a question whether this is a “national emergency,” Gen. O’Shaughnessy said:

“I think the President has made it clear that border security is national security. That is the direction we have been given, that is the direction we are marching to, our orders are very clear…. We are going to secure the border.

Commissioner McAleenan said that the U.S. is working with the Mexican government, and that those “migrants” seeking political asylum have alrady been offered benefits and safe shelter by Mexico, which implies that the U.S. government will not be disposed to entertain their political asylum demands, especially if those demanding political asylum cross the border illegally. He said that the U.S. is providing access to asylum to asylum seekers “at our borders lawfully”. In the last fiscal year, Border Patrol has processed 38,000 (political asylum) cases of fear of return to a home country — “a new record”.

God bless and protect President Donald John Trump. Pray for him. Pray for America.

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30 responses to “Operation Faithful Patriot: more than 5,200 U.S. troops deployed to secure US-Mexico border are armed

  1. Think of it this way, Cultural Marxist California, passes water restriction laws, to conserve water, while allowing in thousands to millions of water using invaders! Liberalism is a mental illness that endangers our environment, economy,culture,society, nation, and civilization itself.

  2. Thank you Dr Eowyn. This was the best and most concise, up to date information regarding the hoards that are approaching our Southern boarder. I am so glad that our troops will be armed. When we see the savages, particularly in the second caravan, they need to be met with absolute stopping power. It certainly is funny to see some of them displaying the flags of their respective countries; if their country is that dog gone good–why are they trying to invade our country?

    Many of the Mexicans and those from Central America come here to work, but their wages are sent out of the country, back to the country they came from. This does nothing to help our economy.

  3. It looks to me like he’s gonna let ’em in. Notice the language used. This makes me sick.


    I wish for once he’d make me eat my words. So far I haven’t had to. You watch, they’ll let 15,000 in. That’s what they’re saying that they’re gonna do.

    Read the piece I posted on the other thread about the Soros/UN involvement in this. If Trump doesn’t know this then they are guilty of usurpation. If he does, he’s complicit. Either way it shouldn’t be ignored.

    The globalists (Marxists) are saying that people everywhere have a “right” to cross any border. If you don’t agree with this you’re a “White Nationalist (grrr!)”. I don’t need this and neither do you.

    • Ipohatt, read the link., scary. I hope he does not let the guard down and NONE. I mean, NONE COME IN, it will be the biggest dissapointment and my trust in him zilch, he will be just like the rest, on his knees giving in to the powers that control the world. His love for the country the biggest lie, it will finish him completely. Tents mean get in line, eventually you’ll be allowed in. PERVERSION AND TREASON.

      • Alma, everything I read leads me to believe that he’ll let them in. His “favorability rating” has fallen to 40% during election week. This is down 4% (I think due to this). I don’t blame them.

        I see Sessions, why? I see Rosenstein, why? I see an “enemy” FBI that needs a whole-house cleaning. I see military advisors and Neo-cons up the wazoo. All must go or this is all for show.

    • Yes. And let’s not kid ourselves. They’ll be armed to protect the migrants, not to fight against them.

  4. Kind of off-topic but what if operation Jade Helm’s whole purpose was to stash (NATO) military hardware at specific locations in the U.S. with the intent being for that hardware to eventually be commandeered by foreign nationals who would accumulate over time on American soil by illegally crossing our porous Southern border in small numbers? What makes me suspicious is that no one to my knowledge reported on any of that hardware returning back whence it came after the exercise(s) were done. Am I just being paranoid? 😉

  5. Snailmailtrucker

    Sounds to me as tho President Awesome DJ Trump is about to have the
    US Army Corps of Engineers get started BUILDING OUR GLORIOUS WALL !

  6. Given the past history of our government dealing with border crossers and illegals already inside the country I have reservations. A hard stance must be taken, nothing else will work, but in our fractured society hard does not exist. Too much infighting from people sworn to uphold the standing laws. Each interpets it their own way by party platform and not by the interests of we the people. This is a train wreak about to happen and will decay into confusion and be the litmus test of which party actually rules.

  7. Trust no one in Washington DC to do what’s going to have to be done.

  8. DJT hasn’t let us down yet. You can bet he’s got an ace up the sleeve.

  9. This is not the time to get “shaky.” Trump is surrounded by swamp rats. He is opposed at every turn. He has to deal with rotten judges, a hideous media, Obozo holdovers, still dirty FBI, Muleface Mueller, China, tariffs, international and domestic crises, and the Fed is trying really hard to destroy the economy and everyone’s 401k’s along with it. Now, we’re under attack at our southern border, apparently by the entire third world. Let’s send him the help he needs in Congress and assess the situation later.

    • I’m not a bit “shaky”. I just call ’em like I see ’em. I don’t worship any politicians. My position is always to give credit where its due. I also point out obvious problems, overlooking them is not a solution to anything.

      It is true that I would probably be dead by now if I traded places because I wouldn’t stand for this. Do I see the alternative as a better approach? No.

    • Agree!!!! But, the Congress/Senate will NEVER support him. 🙁 I know and feel like every morning this POTUS awakens ( if he sleeps at all) and faces this miasma that threatens to destroy the greatest republic that ever graced the Earth….and….without EVEN attaining the longevity of the Roman Empire….a previous and ancestral /collbrative Republic. Are we to be swept aside ( and in Churchhill’s terms……) into the “dustbin” of History?” It appears so—-we have NO expections….NO requirements of citizenship…..NO unifying understanding/knowledge of our founding documents….and on and on…..YOU JUST SHOW UP/SNEAK OVER OUR BORDER AND DRAW BREATH AT ONE STEP OVER OUR-BORDER OR deliver a live-born child one step over our border…..and somehow, you magically become a protected “subject” of the USA without recourse…….for whom I will work/have worked an entire and extended work history to provide for—–through my taxes, my Medicare contibutions (which I will NEVER use bc I can NOT afford to retire!) and so on and so forth. I am SOOOOOOOOO weary of being “my brother’s keeper. When oh when will someone /anyone “take care” of me? Meanwhile…a full 5 years past my father-in-law’s retirement, I am working. His son, my husband, is 7 years past that. Neither my mother nor my mother-in-law worked like I do (mother-in-law NEVER worked, and mother worked sporaticlly ) & continue to do…….way past a “regular” retirement age. SO freakin’ weary of these waves of illegals that arrive “for a better life” in the USA…..which means……a free ride for a generation or two or three on MY welfare dime, and on my back as a public school teacher……

      • I don’t doubt that for a second. I don’t discount that it is hard. He asked for the job. He’s a billionaire. He doesn’t need the work.

        I could feel sorry for him, and would if he did a few things that are absolutely within his purview. There is NO excuse for not cleaning out Justice with a fire hose. The same goes for the Neo-cons.

        That’s only two (there are others) then life wouldn’t be nearly as hard. He’s going to be there until they remove him. He’ll be alright. He has to decide if he wants to leave on his own or not. If he wants to stay he has to do some things.

        The stakes are too high to play with this. As you say, we only get one shot at this. The globalists have all but sewn this up. It doesn’t matter WHO is sitting in the chair as far as methods go. You either surround yourself with absolutely trustworthy staff and immediately get rid of them at the first hint of disloyalty or you fail.

        It’s too big to run by yourself. People are free to argue with me all they like but it doesn’t change the dynamic. I have given him credit for what he has done that worked. I will continue to do so. I know a couple of things he must do to survive. It won’t be me that brings that about if he doesn’t.

        There’s way too much loose baggage rattling around in the breeze in D.C.. This invasion thing is serious. If he is seen to cave they will smell blood and it’ll be all over.

      • As you wrote of the Roman Republic, let us never forget that as the Republic expanded into an Empire it encountered people who were resistant to Roman rule. As a rule, Romans did not racially or culturally oppress other people, as long as basic Roman laws and economic order were maintained, people could do pretty much as they always had.

        However, there were always a few groups that constantly wreaked havoc, so the Romans evolved a Simple Solution: pick them up and send them entirely as a group into a new nation, far from the borders, which in time became known to us as Romania. Romanian is not a Slavic language but Latinate.

        Our Problem is where the Hell are we going to put them? And no, we certainly don’t want them here in Canada.

        • I’m afraid I don’t believe that any of this is “naturally occurring”. I think these people are being used as a weapon. The certain hope is that they further reduce our quality of life. The “goal” is that we all live alike. “Alike” meaning destitute.

          I also do not believe that “Congress” is the problem in that the Republicans hold a majority in both so if they can’t do what they claim to want now, when will they?

          I do think it resembles the Roman Empire in that it is a show. It is relatively easy to strut around making pronouncements. It is much more difficult to deliver on them. “Effective” pronouncements are better done after the fact.

          In terms of stopping illegal invasions, those are easy. If they can’t do that, we may as well cancel the Government and go home. Will the political enemies scream? Sure. Who cares?

          This one is really simple. They either stop them, period, or they don’t. Anything less is a total loss.

  10. For once I actually like their title, Operation Faithful Patriot.

    I wonder who came up with that (VP Pence?) since “Faithful” is definitely a Biblical word.

    “He that is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much.” – Luke 16:10.

    Obviously the trio of officials at the press conference did not want to come right out & say WEAPONS.

    Good for the reporter for asking twice & getting them to spit it out & make it plain! 🙂

    And thanks for posting about it as this was the first I’d read where they actually & finally said WEAPONS.

    I’d read they would have “jersey barriers” to stop any possible invader vehicles (concrete or plastic w/reinforced steel barriers 3-ft high & 10-20-feet long as seen on highways to prevent median & side-edge cross-overs). That didn’t inspire too much confidence… 3-ft high? Big deal. Jump out of the vehicle & jump over it.

    Two weeks ago POTUS (I’m pretty sure it was his own tweets that I saw) tweeted remarks he’d said to 60 Minutes:

    __That “Mattis may not be around much longer.”

    __And that, “Mattis, he’s sort of a DEMOCRAT.” (Caps mine.)

    Since that shoe never dropped & Mad Dog Mattis is still with us & is in charge of this Border Invasion “Military Assistance Plan,” I hope he doesn’t turn all willy nilly Socialist on us at the border.

  11. “Operation Faithful Patriot” – “Faithful” can be a newspeak word for a broken promise. “Patriot” can be a newspeak word used by those who define what it means. “Operation” is used by the CIA as the first word for a stealth program we wouldn’t approve of if we knew what it really was in advance.

    • Having worked around stuff like that for many years I can assure you its all military psychobabble. At the levels we’re talking you are either in charge or you’re not. Even Clinton got that right. Anybody remember how many generals he fired? They deserved it. Why? Because they defied him and as President you CAN’T allow that.

      It is better for all of us to “faithfully” execute a bad plan directed by the President (no matter who that is) than to have mutiny. From where I sit the DoD looks almost as messed up as the DoJ. That’s pretty strong.

      If. he ordered this I’d say it’s screwed up. If he didn’t, and they are simply defying his orders (directly or indirectly) that is worse. The term “Commander In Chief” means that in a military emergency or operation the President is the ultimate commander. He does not command us, he commands the military.

      If he says he wants 20,000 troops somewhere he should get that, no equivocation. He has a few in there that argue publicly. That’s also ridiculous. They can discuss things in private, but once something is decided, its decided.

      It even worked that way when I was in federal service. One thing is certain, if it fails no one will get the blame but him.

      • I subscribe to President Trump’s tweets and have not received any denying the headline of his tent cities plan.

        The global effort to undermine our President’s efforts is extraordinary and it’s no small wonder that he managed to accomplish the many things he has.

        When obama fired all those generals, he did so because they wouldn’t agree to be a part of his horrid agenda. He replaced them with conscienceless order followers. They, of course, are still there.

        I’ve said for years that the president is just a figurehead, as there’s a global conspiracy of oligarchs running the show. Until obama. Then I realized that because of the concerted efforts by the other two branches of government to cede their constitutional powers to the executive branch, and the con-con which is structured to do the same, that a “monarchy was in play.” In other words, the new world order is the old world order Let the people continue to believe that our government was still in control, when it wasn’t. Hillary would have reigned, not ruled. But we came together in November 2015 to foil their plans. And their bubble burst.

        “It is better for all of us to “faithfully” execute a bad plan directed by the President (no matter who that is) than to have mutiny.” I hadn’t, yet (l0l), considered this in quite the same way. Thanks for the enlightenment.

        It’s no surprise how many crimes against our Republic these traitors will commit, in our face, knowing that, in fact, they will, and can, blame President Trump. Then, there’s the mainstream media. I read an article many years ago that transcribed a meeting of the Rothschilds, the Bushes, and well-known banksters during which a Rothschild son, one of the “five demons”, stated: “Well, we now own the media, bought and sold.” I painstakingly transcribed it onto an email I sent to myself and put it in a folder. I then posted the story every place I could, with the link, and after just a few days, I began receiving replies indicating the link no longer worked. I research it and discovered that not only had it disappeared from the internet, but it disappeared from my files, just after I received a “YOU’VE BEEN HACKED” message, in bright red capital letters on a blue screen background, and my comp went down. Another article was missing about the Judge from Alaska, Anna von something (I forgot her name, but still have it somewhere) wherein she documented the fact that the Rockefeller Foundation actually owned Oregon, Nevada and several other states and that the Sheriffs in the cities of these states were paid their salaries by the Foundation. It certainly explained the bizarre behavior of the Sheriff in Malheur during the coup against the Hammonds’ ranch land. I regret not having transcribed the article. I mention these stories to show the extent to which we have already been “conquered” and just don’t know it yet, and won’t know the full extent of it until our guns are confiscated.

        President Trump’s strength comes from we the people, almost entirely. He has very little support from congress and the federal agencies. I know you know this. And only as long as we support him, no matter what, as you implied, will he prevail in “fundamentally” unchanging the damage obama has caused.

        Your reply could cause me to turn this reply into a treatise because there’s so much going on, as you know, but i’ll stop here. Your reply is brilliant and I thank you so very much for taking the time to write and send it. PS: If only there were more people like you in federal service today, well…if only…

        • Thank you Marlene. Just for clarification, I wasn’t suggesting that I “liked” Clinton, or that his choices with the generals were good. I am saying that the “Commander In Chief” in a military situation cannot allow insubordination. For the generals, if they cannot serve under someone they should resign.

          Because the nature of this is an invasion, it is a military matter. From experience I can attest that discussions indeed occur. But, once the decision is made, there should be no argument.

          I can also attest that there are ways things are done that are not always consistent with what we think of government. The Presidency is as powerful as the person in the chair makes it. All of the previous ones have been able to pick up the phone and silence reporters, make extra-legal things occur, etc..

          Is that nice? No, but it may be necessary. In fact, that was probably the real reason for the FBI. Trump is in the unfortunate position of having his most useful ally against him. These are the guys who dig up dirt on your political opponents and make “anonymous” phone calls to them at 2:00 A.M. “no tell motel, blond, last Thursday”.

          It is obvious to me that he is twisting in the breeze. The “press” are pummeling him. He has a rogue’s gallery of slimesters in the Whitehouse. I wouldn’t turn my back to any of them.

          So, thanks for the kind words. I suppose all I can say is that this is a “hot mess” and we’ll have to wait to see what happens next.

          • “I wasn’t suggesting that I “liked” Clinton, or that his choices with the generals were good.” No way did I think this!!! Sorry for the misunderstanding. Believe it or not, I actually edited my long-winded reply to you and may have deleted something that would have indicated that not for one moment did I think you “liked” Clinton.

            Yes, I agree that President Trump, not ever having been a politician, but as an “outsider” doesn’t yet really know the full extent of his powers, as I suspect, not all of his advisers are on his side. However, I believe that he is one of the most intelligent presidents we have ever had and trust (but verify) him to do, or to try to do, the right thing for our country, something I can’t say about any previous president in my lifetime.

            “…a ‘hot mess’ ” indeed!

            Lophatt, you are so cool-headed, knowledgeable, experienced and gracious with patience. I greatly value your input. Thank you.


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