Operation Cojones

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Because it is high time John Boehner finally got some.
Please forward the above to everyone on your contact list.
Who knows? Maybe he might even get the message.
Pardon me if I do not exactly hold my breath.
(h/t: My bestest NB bud Blonde)

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0 responses to “Operation Cojones

  1. Send him a big fuzzy pair, hehe 🙂
    This cracks me up!

  2. Maybe he’s laughing and is pretending to cry. He just heard, maybe but let’s take it out to the extreme for poetic justice’s sake. Maybe he just realized that Barack Obama has just admitted to being on the same side as the leader of Al Qaeda with regard to regime change in Syrai, and ousting Assad and his government, and that he admitted just now that he was totally “for” Israel, and they are state sponsors of terrorism, meaning that they trained MEK a known terrorist group, to murder four Iranian scientists, and that he is caught now in the jaws of the law he just signed, the indefinate detention portion of the latest defense bill, that means anyone associated with known terrorist groups, applies to Barack Obama now. The US allied with terroorists, the president of the US publically ideologically identifying himself with those ideologically identified with their ambitions. Al Qaeda’s ambition is to establish world wide jihad. John Boehner may not be able to hide his true emotions for very long.
    Someone has to find the cojones somewhere soon, John Boehner is alright by me as long as he does something like get the law to work.

  3. Blubbering Boehner ‘The Weak’ is a worthless individual that has no clue what a Constitutional America is.
    He has never had any and he is not about to get any!
    GOP ‘Greedy Old Panderers’ is not going to give us anything different than we are getting from Imams. Same crap.

  4. Obama

  5. Dennis H. Bennett

    Maybe its the freezing cold weather?

  6. I knew you couldn’t resist, Dave. I was going to put it up on my own blog, but decided you’d have more fun with it!
    Ciao, baby!

  7. This pic would make a good caption contest…

  8. I’d personally send him some Rocky Mountain Oysters so he would know what a pair actually looked and felt like.


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