2018 Midterm Election results: GOP keeps Senate; Demons get control of House

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House of Representatives

218 seats needed for control

Republicans: 196     Democrats: 222


51 seats needed for control

Republicans: 52      Democrats: 46

That means President Trump can’t be impeached.


Republicans: 26     Democrats: 23

I weep for America.

For a cheerier take on the election, see DCG’s “GOP maintains control of Senate; great news for the ‘conservative judicial train’“.


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25 responses to “2018 Midterm Election results: GOP keeps Senate; Demons get control of House

  1. Vote!

  2. Here is an old saying that dates way way back.

    One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.
    – – –
    Think about that Pelosi in charge the only thought that comes to mind is Civil Disobedience or just plain find a new country.

  3. I was a bit disappointed at what I could vote for in Ill-annoy & C(r)ook County today – not too many choices where I could write in and also write an essay trashing a candidate like I did with Hillary 2 years ago – I wrote her in, not as President, but some inconsequential local race.

    Both me & my daughter are going to lose races where I wrote in either me or her.

    About all I could do was write in #MAGATrumpsDACA (above the county clerk’s name & signature on the ballot) – hopefully it gets misinterpreted as the county clerk (a democrat who supports DACA & illegal immigration) writing it in.

  4. Marsha Blackburn wins Tennessee. Suck it Taylor Swift.

    ABC and NBC projecting Ted Cruz win. Suck it Hollyweird!

  5. Governor, senator and congressional seats all went republican in Oklahoma. Most other positions went republican except for several district positions. Overall I’m very pleased with our results.

    And Gillum in Florida just conceded.

  6. They can impeach Trump, but the Senate will not sustain the impeachment.

  7. How many Republicans who lost their seats last night were RINOs and neverTrumpers? Just curious.

  8. I think that this election must go down as a win for the Republicans. In mid term elections, like this was, it is normal, almost expected, that the party in power with the president, will lose seats. The fact that they made gains in the Senate and only have a tiny hill to climb with the house, is a bit unusual, and the credit must go to the President. He was a tireless campaigner for so many of his supporters, one almost forgets that this is a man who is 72 years old.

    I voted for him the first time, somewhat reluctantly, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the many good things he is actually doing, and often dragging the Republicans in Congress along with him.

    I still don’t like his character, but I do believe that most of the evils that are attributed to him, are fiction, authored by those who would see him fail.

    The MSM has not shown any interest in running the story about how Trump stopped his speech onstage, for 8 minutes to allow a doctor to treat a woman who had fainted. Plus the crowd, on their own, prayed for her, and then broke out in song, singing Amazing Grace. I don’t know what it is about Trump, but for some reason he just resonates with the normal every day person. Perhaps because he has built so much, that he has become used to dealing with the working class of people, and sees that many of them are actually much smarter than well over half of Congress.
    I am of course disappointed that the house didn’t remain Republican, but to be honest, the Republicans have shown that they are not willing to actually work with the president anyway.
    I will continue to pray for our elected officials, also including a prayer that they are able open their eyes to the nation founded under God, and begin to govern like it.

    • Heywood Jablome

      He does what he says he is going to do, or at least tries his best to accomplish it. Anything he hasn’t accomplished is mostly due to the RINO’s in Congress who haven’t supported him. Hopefully, many of them are gone, but. sadly, most were replaced by Democrats.
      Is his character really that much of an issue for you? Do you really want him to be like every other politician that came before him? I don’t. That’s why he works so well.

      My fear about Trump is he once was a Democrat. I hope he doesn’t go back to his old way of thinking just to get along with the Democrats in power and to get things accomplished.

    • Yes, I agree. Here are how “losses” shape up generally:


      I think the voter turnout was good. We mustn’t forget that Demon-rats get the cemetery vote, the illegals, and many of them vote four or five times. They have no honor or dignity and I want nothing to do with them.

      The worst of it is that they will hamstring this administration at a minimum. Just think about that a while. By letting these illegals come in just for their votes they tag the citizens with disease and costs. So we end up financing their corruption.

      They do not have a platform because their “platform” is the NWO. They didn’t write it. So, depravity and waste all around. I’d love to offer my advice to Trump. It would go something like this:

      They don’t have the Senate so they can’t impeach. Fire Sessions and his little monkeys and standby for a wave of subpoenas. Tell them “NO” and get on with your plan. Don’t give them anything. Don’t cooperate one iota. Call them out for being globalist lackey’s at every opportunity.

      By doing that you will increase while they decrease. If you stripped away the illegal voting they would have lost entirely. It’s always that way.

  9. Heywood Jablome

    Stacy Abrams has to overcome a 69,000 vote deficit, and she thinks she’s going to do it with absentee and provisional ballots. Even if every absentee and provisional ballot went her way, there wouldn’t be enough to swing the vote for her. I’d be highly surprised of there were 69,000 ballots available.

  10. As long as there’s a God in Heaven, St Michael will suppress the demons with his mighty sword.

  11. Nancy is the gift that will keep on giving. Don’t forget about that free Healthcarez Nan. Doctors are going to go to school for years just to work for the government.
    Now about this healthcarez bill that keeps coming in the mail, you got my back on that Nan?

  12. “If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level. Two can play that game” – President DJT – 11/07/18….

    The “Q” now claims that losing the House to Dems was no big deal. But without the House, the President’s agenda to MAGA goes nowhere. So now what? Each chamber of Congress spends the next 2 years doing nothing but wasting taxpayer mony investigating the President and each other? Tit for Tat? Meanwhile, no wall gets built, no new immigration legislation, no progress repairing our rotting infrastructure, no work towards eliminating the ballooning deficit and the out of control national debt, ect… In other words, 2 years of ridiculous, partisan hearings and investigations; and zero movement towards tackling the serious problems this country now faces. Is this all that we can expect over the next 2 years?

  13. I see Heller conceded to Rosen in Nevada,so apparently we’ll be doing whatever Pelosi says. Whooopie.Don’t know if Laxalt won as Governor-I sure hope so. If not,I think I’d consider moving to S. Utah…..

  14. It is a terrible travesty for the Republicans to lose any race at all. The evidence is all there on our last two years of successes and the Dems have not been bashful on the damage they plan to do. For anyone to support them left or right is just numbing. There have been several cases of evidence on fraud, I hope they follow up.

    • It might be worth making VERY LARGE examples of the first few Voter Fraud perps.Let ’em ALL know that not only will that NOT be tolerated,but that the punishment will be uncommonly PAINFUL.

  15. In CA we had only TWO Demorats on the ticket for Senator: 150-yr-old Dianne Feinstein and some militant Hispanic Demorat…same difference. My husband and I conferred/studied, as we always do, and decided to strategically “cancel each other out.” He voted for Dianne (I had to steady his hand on his mail-in ballot for this) and I voted for her opposite, to effectively cancel each other out.


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