OPEC, Iran and Iraq – No Man's Land for the MSM?

I don’t recall this being covered in the American MSM in August.  They were pre-occupied with Bambi’s Martha’s Vineyard vacation.   
From the British press, I just came across two related stories that may have to do with Obama’s recent announcement of pulling out troops from Iraq by the end of December.    What do you think?   ~LTG

Qassem Suleimani: the Iranian general ‘secretly running’ Iraq

7/28/2011   Martin Chulov reports on the elusive Iranian with so much Iraqi influence that Baghdadis believe he is controlling the country.  Whole Story Here

Iran revolutionary guards commander becomes new president of Opec

8/3/2011     Rostam Ghasemi joins Ahmadinejad cabinet as oil minister, automatically making him head of global oil organisation.   Whole Story Here


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8 years ago

Just lovely…
SRM is more interested in nominating Romney and protecting Skippy than actually reporting what’s going on in the world.