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The Wildrose Party is a conservative provincial political party in Alberta, Canada.
In the 2008 provincial election, Wildrose won 7% of the popular vote but failed to hold its single seat in the Legislative Assembly. Support for the party rose sharply in 2009 as voters grew increasingly frustrated with the government and a cooling economy. The party’s popularity continued to rise when in the fall of 2009 Danielle Smith won election as leader. By December 2009, the Wildrose Alliance was leading provincial opinion polls with 39% support, 14 points ahead of both the governing PCs and the opposition Liberals. Wildrose’s caucus grew to four members in 2010.
After someone realized the unfortunate “blooper” on the party’s campaign bus, the bus was repainted, presumably with Smith’s image now positioned far far away from the two wheels. LOL

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0 responses to “Oops

  1. Way to go, Warrior woman! Your posting this is the best thing that ever happened to this splinter party, and I hope they appreciate it!

  2. She a Wild One!

  3. Ha ha, this is where I live. We’ve got running jokes because of this. Like: “‘Tired’ of big government ‘treading’ on you? Get rolling with Danielle — she’s the hub of Wild Rose! You support us and ‘wheel’ support you!”

  4. Oh that’s funny!


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