Only ONE person clapped at Obama’s press conference

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The POS is in The Netherlands, to attend the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit.

He spoke at a press conference, in which he prattled on about America’s “core values” of “checks and balances,” “privacy,” “rule of law” and “individual rights.”

At the end of his little speech lies, only ONE person in the audience clapped.

Even the Europeans are no longer buying his crap.

Checks and balances? Obama must be referring to:

  • Obama said to Senate Demonrats on January 14: “I’ll act with or without Congress
  • Obama in his State of the Union address on Jan. 29, 2014: So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation … that’s what I’m going to do … I’ll act on my own.”

Privacy? Does Obama mean these?:

Individual rights? Was Obama referring to these?:

H/t Gateway Pundit


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  1. Thank you Dr. E., this made my day 🙂

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  3. That made my day, too. 😀


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    If it looks and feels as if the old empire is past its use by date that’s because it is. When a country votes for a man because he’s a pretty black boy they deserve what they get.

  6. Actually, I’d be happy to arrange for him to get the CLAP!

  7. How much was that clapper paid?

  8. Don’t forget that in the event of an EVENT…they own the food, they own the water, they own your property and just about everything else worth owning is at their discretion, cause they know best!

  9. Compare what Obama spewed to the the courageous words of Geert Wilders:

    Wilders is talking about Islam and Muslim immigration gone wild in the Netherlands and Europe with evil consequences. Here is a man who is directly in the cross hairs yet refuses to back down or be silenced by his enemies, the far left and dumb morons of the EU. Here is a man who cherishes freedom and knows what it is like to have your life essentially taken away from you because you stand for principled freedoms.

    Something Obama knows ZERO about.

  10. The only person who clapped has the clap and got it from O’Homo

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  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. People are not stupid. They can see what is happening and they can detect fraud and dishonesty.


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