Only 28, Daniel 'Harry Potter' Radcliffe looks like death

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Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter in the box office blockbuster Harry Potter movies, began acting when he was 10 years old in BBC One’s 1999 TV film David Copperfield.
At age 11, he was cast as Harry Potter in the first Harry Potter movie, and continued in the role for 10 years until the 8th and final movie.
Born on July 23, 1989, Radcliffe is only 28 years old, with an estimated net worth of $110 million.
Last night, March 28, 2018, in a show of support for his actor friend Billy Crudup, Radcliffe attended a showing of the off-Broadway show, Harry Clarke, at the Minetta Lane Theater in New York City.
Photographers captured these shocking images of Radcliffe backstage (source: Just Jared).

In August 2010, Radcliffe said he had stopped drinking alcohol after finding himself becoming too reliant on it. But his wasted appearance last night suggests he had fallen off the wagon.
Parents who encourage or allow their young children to go into show biz should have their heads examined.
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0 responses to “Only 28, Daniel 'Harry Potter' Radcliffe looks like death

  1. That’s not him. Someone at the party pulled a hobo off the street and put a jacket on him.

  2. Are you sure he hasn’t been hanging out with Sean Penn?

  3. hollyweird is a parasite on souls….radcliffe appears to have that infection

  4. Almost looks like he could be penn’s twin lol. But looks more like drugs to me than drink. His eyes give it away, we used to pick out the druggies when we did patrol here with the east Memphis Police. I could tell what they were on most of the time and the sad part it was a lot of the parents who were high calling in on their kid that was late getting home. Go figure that was 25 yrs ago and it has only gotten worse.

    • It was his affair with Charlie Sheen.

    • Agree. Before I even read the article, saw the pic and thought “heroin”.
      BTW, the other guys eyes say “coke”
      Weird how the “Stormy” interview now has me looking closely at eyes. Learn something new every day.

      • It’s too bad everybody wasn’t looking at Stormy’s eyes. If they had we wouldn’t be suffering through this now.

  5. That’s too bad because by all reports he’s a nice young man, albeit with a drinking problem. Let’s all offer up some prayers for him to get back on the right path…and to stay out of Hollywood!

    • MyBrainHurts . . . . That is the only solution to get this poor wasted young man back on track. It is little wonder, when you are that young, yet you are worth 110 million. You obviously do not have to get up each day to go earn a living. This is one of the problems with young people coming into extreme wealth at a young age.
      We even have extremely wealthy Billionaires who say they are not going to pass their wealth onto their children . . . no doubt, they realize what perils lie ahead for young people who have no need to go out and actually create something for themselves.

  6. I’m no medical doctor, but it looks to me like Radcliffe needs more sleep and better nutrition. His eyes don’t look right. Off the top of my amateur head, he needs a good supplement regimen, especially Vitamin B complex and carnatine (which comes from meat).
    Moving away from Radcliffe, some people pride themselves on being vegetarian or vegan (two different regimens). Years ago, former Beatle Paul McCartney lost millions trying to market a vegetarian pet food line. It didn’t work, in large part because dogs and cats need the essential amino acid carnatine, or they will die. I do not know how Trappist monks survive without meat, but somehow they do.
    People need good and thorough supplementation, and that includes carnatine. People need to eat at least some meat, in addition to green vegetables. And they need nascent iodine, etc., etc. It looks to me that Radcliffe is prematurely old and suffering from a grotesque lack of this.

    • God Bless you Steven . . . You are such a source of vast amounts of knowledge. I would certainly agree, superior nutrition, utilizing good food sources, and supplementation is an excellent place to start. This poor guy looks like death warmed over.

      • For sure there is a serious nutritional and/or medical and/or drug problem going on. The eyes tell all,and his once beautiful head of black hair is all but gone. I hope he has a good friend to get him back on track.

  7. What a shame. He was so good in “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” (available either on Netflix or Amazon Prime, I can’t remember offhand).
    Oh, the way some of us abuse ourselves; it’s heartbreaking. Happy people rarely kill themselves, whether by fast suicide, or slow death via substance abuse. Poor bastard.

  8. What goes up, sooner or later comes down hard, hope he gets help.

  9. In my life I’ve played a lot of music at various venues and met a lot of artistic people. My experience with actors is that most (if not all) are disturbed. I cannot remember meeting one that I’d call “together”.
    Most were “gay”. That in itself does not lead to a happy lifestyle. On several occasions I was asked to opening or closing night parties by actors who I knew. All of these affairs ended with various same-sex couples wandering off to “be alone”.
    It is sort of a chicken and egg thing. One could argue that the unconventionality “attracts” them, or one could argue that, because they’re unconventional, “acting” is a refuge. Either way, it is far from healthy.

    • Nobody wants to talk about it nowadays, but Sigmund Freud thought homosexuals and homosexuality to be primarily a disorder of narcissism: “gay” men are narcissists and seeking their self-reflection and self-adulation. Since show biz highlights physical beauty, it would be a magnet for narcissists.

      • Very good. I can see that. There is that and the desire to “escape reality”. We see that with these “gender” people. They want to “make the world in their image” rather than learn to accept it as it is.

      • Dr Eowyn . . . That was a profound statement. We can certainly see how that plays out among the “beautiful people of Hollyweird.”

    • Stephen T. McCarthy

      To a significant degree, people who have not really found themselves yet, have not genuinely found their own “voice” and become comfortable in their own skin, are attracted to acting. It gives them a chance to be a whole lot of “other people”, since they don’t truly know who they themselves are.
      I know this because I was once greatly interested in acting. I worked professionally in Hollyweird for 7 years (1977-1983) and managed to get some minuscule speaking roles (a few of which I still get paid small residual checks for).
      I don’t think it’s any coincidence that after I began to find “the real me”, I lost all interest in acting. Oddly enough, today, acting is one of the LAST professions I’d want to be involved in. And one of the reasons is that I would dislike having to spend long hours on a movie or TV set surrounded by a bunch of lost souls looking for a personal identity and another way to grab 15 more minutes in the spotlight.
      That kind of life leaves MUCH to be desired, and I’m quite content with my “Nobody” status.
      ~ D-FensDogG
      Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

  10. With the kinds of things taught out in the open at our Bible colleges and seminaries, and over the past 40 years, it should not surprise anyone that things are getting this bad. This comes from a Catholic seminary.
    I was in Bible college for about a year, back in the early 80’s, and I could see what was happening, even at the tiny little school that I was attending. Heartbreaking is a mild word for what I saw and what I see with our Pastors then and now. Carnal is also not a strong enough word. Where else could we come up with the kind of people who are most likely to write such absolutely vile nonsense, that is like a breath of fresh air to the sinful heart, if not from the father of sinners, the devil. It seems like those who serve him do so with so much more zeal and confidence than those that worship the Lord and King of the world do ours.

    • Thanks for the link about Holy Cross, even if a bit off topic. It describes what is surely the most shockingly vile affront to the divine person of Our Lord Jesus Christ that I’ve ever read, although it’s no longer shocking that such incomprehensibly evil sacrilege is promoted under the Jesuits’ homosexualist imprimatur and taught at Holy Cross. The theology department’s assortment of Crayola PhD’s appear to have been chosen to leave no New Age stone unturned or alternative religious experience untried in destroying the Christian faith of the students entrusted to the care of these apostate sodomites and homosexualists passing themselves off as men of God. If you can smell the sulphur in Worcester from here, it’s probably coming all the way from hell.

      • I do apologize for this being so off topic. I just wanted to share what is going on in the world of so called Christian leadership in many parts of the world today. And that it has been coming for a long time, starting in the colleges that were supposed to be teaching the leaders but were instead turning out the opposite.

  11. Alcohol, drugs, and witchcraft take a toll on human beings. Not only on their very soul, but outwardly, as well.😎

    • Maryaha . . . Amen to that! There are forces afoot today that previous generations did not have to face. It has been ruinous to our society as a whole.

  12. The witch craft promoted in the harry pooper series … He sold his Soul to make money of those false views….

  13. On a brighter note, “Snooki” from Jersey Shore is now getting more for speeches than the Hildabeast:
    Look at the body language of the academia fools groveling in the presence of Canklesaurus:

  14. That is so sad. He was such a cute little boy. This is what happens when you make a deal with the Devil.

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    Nur 28, Daniel ‘Harry Potter’ Radcliffe sieht aus wie der Tod

  16. Sad.

  17. If his family cares, they should have an intervention. He looks deathly ill. Too bad, he brought so much enjoyment to so many people. He won’t last long at that rate.

  18. Sheesh, he looks older than me, and I turned 54 yesterday.

  19. Radcliffe is Jewish. That lifestyle is not conducive to a healthy soul, and the body reflects that.


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