Only 26% of Americans Think Obama is Reëlectable

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A new POLITICO Power and the People poll finds that only 26% of American people believe Obama will be reëlected in 2012!
This is in stark contrast to the political ruling class, such as Democrat elites Douglas Shoen and Patrick Caddell who, although they recommend a one-term presidency, nevertheless still think the Fraud is reëlectable.
Read the rest of the Politico article HERE.

It's over. Give it up, Barry Stephen Soetoro (or whatever your name is).

Meanwhile, Obama is heading out of the country again, burning up yet more gazillion tons of jet fuel, this time to Europe. He can best serve America by staying there!

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0 responses to “Only 26% of Americans Think Obama is Reëlectable

  1. Ah how the mighty has fallen…well at least he’ll beat Carter’s record as the worst prez!

  2. i’d like to see obama sent to siberia (which is actually in asia) in siberia he could rule the yaks and reindeer and maybe make it as a cab driver or a barber something more suited to his limited talents..

  3. Dave from Atlanta

    Europe doesn’t want him either. They say his politics are too far left for even them! Hm… Kenya?

  4. Nooo not Kenya either I agree with igor…Siberia is the place.
    I have a Christian conservative friend in Kenya who has an orphanage and he says it is corrupt enough and the Christians don’t want him THERE either. So…Siberia…as igor said, He can’t hut people there…can he?

  5. No need to “quit” Obama… You were never legally elected as our president! Just drop the pen and step away from the office.
    Sad thing is, he’s going to be squatting for another two years. 🙁


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