Only 1 in 10 Americans Believe Obama Has Proven His Eligibility

The elephant in the room which will not be ignored

A new scientific poll by Wenzel Strategies finds Americans across the political spectrum increasingly dubious about Obama’s birth eligbility to be president.
Wenzel is an independent public opinion research firm based in Ohio. From March 15-17, Wenzel conducted a nationwide telephone poll using a randomly selected sample of adults. The survey included 1,095 respondents and carries a confidence interval of 95% and a margin of error of +/- 2.93 percentage points.
The results of the survey are reported by Bob Unruh of WorldNetDaily on March 20, 2011, “Only 9% believe Obama has documented eligibility“:
1. The vast majority of Americans are aware of the controversy of Obama’s eligibility:

2. Among those who are aware of the Obama eligibility controversy today:

  • Nearly 82% of Republicans said they are aware of the controversy.
  • 77% of Democrats said they are aware.
  • Almost 69% of Independents said they are aware of the issue.

3. More Americans doubt than believe in Obama’s eligibility to be president:

  • 41.9% say Obama should prove his birth story, including 60.9% of independents, 58.6% of Republicans and 13.2% of Democrats. Men are also somewhat more skeptical than women.
  • 7.9% say the questions are troubling.
  • 32% say the lingering questions about Obama’s eligibility have no validity.
  • Just 9% said they believe Obama has met the requirements to prove he was born in the United States and is therefore qualified to be president.

4. A majority of Americans also want Obama to release his school records (from Punahou Kindergarten, Occidental College, Columbia University, Harvard Law School), which he continues to refuse to release:

  1. There is strong support for state laws that require candidates for president to prove they are constitutionally qualified to hold the office – before they will be allowed to appear on that state’s presidential ballot:
  • 65% said they support such state bills.
  • 24% said they oppose such state measures.
  • Huge majorities of both men and women agree with these state proposals, which are popular in every region of the nation.

The president of the poll firm, Wenzel, concludes:
“At a time when this country faces dramatic problems both here at home and around the world, it does harm to Obama’s credibility and undermines the confidence of the American people to have this question hanging out there. One can only imagine the storm of controversy that might ensue if we discover definitively after his presidency is over that he was not qualified to hold office. The resignation of Richard Nixon would pale by comparison in terms of undermining public confidence in government. The bottom line on these early-life records of Obama is that this issue lives on, regardless of how derisive some have been toward the so-called ‘birther’ movement. Obama supporters, particularly those in the national news media who have protected the president on this issue, have tried to ostracize those who still have doubts about Obama’s birth, but try as they might, they have done little to quell the questions in the minds of the American public. This issue is far from over.”
WND has reported that such proposals already have been made in 13 states, although several of the initiatives have been detoured by politics inside committee meeting rooms.
For past polls on Obama eligibility, read the rest of the WND article HERE.
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What’s even more surprising is that the Congress won’t impeach him, when
all that is required is a simple majority vote from the house and 2/3 of the Senate?


He needs to produce the birth certificate and all the other records. The doubt created by just non-release itself alone pretty much demands it.


And to think I got banned at RedState for questioning the credentials of the former commoonity pisser-offer.
Bite me, Erick Erickson.


Dave, Has RedState gone mad?


this issue is still getting bigger by the day,the Constitution is the “Law” of the land.


I BELIEVE THAT 1,095 respondents is not enough to represent the millions of Americans across the nation! maybe a real nationwide survey needs to be conducted on a larger scale .

Candance Moore
Candance Moore

1,095 is a typical sample size used by pollsters routinely.
In Gallup’s most recent survey on Libya, the sample size was 1,010.