One-world-government Walter Cronkite: ‘I’m glad to sit at the right hand of Satan’

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The late CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite with the avuncular demeanor was called “the most trusted man in America”. He retired from anchoring the CBS Evening News in March 1981, succeeded by Dan “fake news” Rather.

Cronkite was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

On October 19, 1999, Cronkite accepted the Norman Cousins Global Governance Award from the World Federalists Association at a ceremony at the United Nations in what WND reported as a “total media blackout”.

In his speech, Cronkite declared his support and allegiance to a one-world government. He blamed the refusal of the U.S. Congress to ratify one-world-government treaties on “a handful” of obdurate senators who “pander” to the Christian Coalition and the “religious right wing”.

Identifying Pat Robertson as the leader of the Christian Coalition, Cronkite quoted Robertson, that “any attempt to achieve world order before that time must be the work of the Devil.” Cronkite then mocked Robertson by declaring, “I’m glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan.”

Below are two videos of Cronkite’s remarks, followed by my transcription of his words.

Introduced by a speaker declaring that a one “world government is the structure necessary for global justice,” Cronkite said:

I’m in a position to speak my mind and, by god, I’m going to do it. (Audience laugh uproariously)

First, we Americans are going to have to yield up some of our sovereignty. That’s going to be for many a bitter pill.

Today, we must develop federal structures on a global level to deal with world problems. We need a system of enforceable world law, a democratic federal world government. Most important, we should sign and ratify the treaty for a permanent international criminal court. That is now at the core of the world federalist movement’s drive. That court will enable the world to hold individuals accountable for their crimes against humanity.

And the third point: Just consider if you will, after 55 years, the possibility of a more representative and democratic system of decision-making at the UN. This should include both revision of the veto in the Security Council and adoption of a weighted voting system in the General Assembly.

Some of you may ask, although I think most of you know the answer, why the Senate is not ratifying these important treaties, and why the Congress is not even paying UN dues, even as with the American rejection, so many years now, the League of Nations after World War I.

Our failure to live up to our obligations to the United Nations is led by a handful of willful senators who choose to pursue their narrow, selfish political objectives at the cost of our nation’s conscience. They pander to and are supported by the Christian Coalition and the rest of the religious right wing. Their leader, Pat Robertson, has written in a book a few years ago that we should have a world government but only when the Messiah arrives. (Derisive laughs from the audience.) He (Robertson) wrote, “Any attempt to achieve world order before that time must be the work of the devil.”

Well, join me. I’m glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan. (Audience applause)

Curiously, the version of Cronkite’s 1999 speech on the website of Renew America, an organization founded by Alan Keyes, leaves out Cronkite’s “right hand of Satan” declaration.

From LifeSiteNews:

[U]p until his death Cronkite served as honorary chair of the Interfaith Alliance, an organization dedicated to countering the influence of conservative Christianity on federal politics.  In 2007, the Alliance initiated a campaign to force Christianity out of the public sphere by promoting policies that would silence the Christian voice…[and the banning of] faith-based schools….

Part and parcel with Cronkite’s campaign against religion in public life was his outspoken vocal support of abortion and same-sex marriage.

According to Kurt Nimmo of InfoWars, Walter Cronkite was part of the Deep State:

Cronkite was a former intelligence officer who was lured away from his UPI Moscow desk by the CIA Operation Mockingbird’s Phil Graham…. [T]he corporate media, at least at the level Walter Cronkite occupied, is rife with spooks, government agents, and disinfo operatives. The CIA has “important assets” inside every major news publication in the country, a fact established by numerous FOIA documents. A rare glimpse was also provided by Frank Church’s committee in the mid-70s.

Walter Cronkite died on July 17, 2009, ten years after his “I’m glad to sit at the right hand of Satan” speech. May he, like Saul Alinsky and Fidel Castro, be granted his wish.

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39 responses to “One-world-government Walter Cronkite: ‘I’m glad to sit at the right hand of Satan’

  1. Good Lord! he wished,he got it!but he is with his friends,and many many many more will come ,so they will have them new world order in satan’s kingdom,until all will burn forever in hell

  2. One simple thought on this bast*rd: Glad he’s gone, and he knows better now.

    Or is that two thoughts?😸

  3. Renew America leaves out that declaration? Shocker, not. Progressives hate for truth and facts to be exposed. Deception is their only friend…

  4. Truth is love. Love is truth.

    Truth can stand on its own. Lies need laws to uphold them.

  5. “Who controls the media, controls the mind” James Douglas Morrison

    Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media

  6. Barf on you son of a bitch! To say you have been an American for almost a century is a shame. You had it in you all these times, HOPE YOU DIE IN SHAME!

  7. the dramatic difference between a media figures public persona and private beliefs is just astounding! most people fawn over these people like they are mini gods…wake up people. turn the video media off…you don’t need charlatans like this to tell you what to think. they are devoid of any moral character, but would rather trick you into believing in their “saintly” public presence

  8. Satan has business in this world for a short time more. His business? Leading folks to hell. Hell is the big lie. Satan offered Jesus a big lie too. All Jesus had to do was worship him. Jesus, unlike globalists, refused, and instead gave honor to His Father in Heaven. He loved us so much, he was willing to die for us that whosoever believes in Him has eternal life with Him, and that is not in Hell as Satan so slyly offers. Jesus told us truly, he, Satan, was a liar from the beginning. Today, we must choose who to believe. Jesus’ return is imminent. The last thing someone wants to be doing is buggering up to Satan!

  9. The “extremist” Birchers were “extremely” correct…all should know of these prophetic words

    which is why the JBS was smeared and vilified far in excess of the Communist Party itself. They saw this coming before anybody else.

    • The JBS & their magazine the New American have always put out well researched, & informative essays & articles, warning us of what the Cultural Marxist/Kalergists have planned for us all. Now if one researches Samuel Dickstein, one will find this traitor Bolshevik, was instrumental in getting the German American Organizations demonized and help get the US to side with the Christian mass murdering satanic Soviet Bolsheviks
      The Congressman Who Spied for Russia
      The strange case of Samuel Dickstein.

  10. Andrew Sonne Ermocida

    Walter Cronkite… he chose what God hates, hated what God loves. That anyone would consciously ‘choose Satan only makes sense if he does not know the Truth that Jesus spoke… am certain he will be completely shocked when he is raised up to accountability before God for his rejection of the gift of eternal life without which he will be ‘guilty and condemned to outer darkness all the while not resting but alive in torments. These torments being the very ones that ruthlessly killed and oppressed millions. It is the balancing of the scales;

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  12. I just finished reading a book entitled the Last Rhino by Lawrence Anthony (known as the elephant Whisperer) in which he mentioned the ICC, International Criminal Court which Cronkite pushes for in the video. Obviously the Globalists got their way with its establishment. It is rather hard to explain, but Anthony had some very interesting things to say about the ICC because through his work to try to save the Northern White Rhino he had become inadvertently involved with peace making process in the Congo between the LRA and the the government of Ugandan President Museveni. Long story short he said the ICC created more problems than it solved because the African tribes have a different type of reconciliation process- even for the worst crimes. By the fact that the ICC had stuck its nose in, and demanded that Joseph Kony be tried in the European courts with European justice instead of tribal peace and reconciliation protocols it actually kept the tribal wars going with no end in sight.
    The book is a great read BTW as are all three of Anthony’s books.

  13. This isn’t new. They’ve been at this a long time and we’re reaching a denouement. They have forced the issue into a matter of being a “White Supremacist” or a “Regressive Nationalist-Populist” or joining them in your support for absorption into The Entity.

    Those who champion this “globalization” are those who see more butter on their bread. I mean really, what sort of fool would want to lose their sovereignty in exchange for poorer standards of living?

    So, the “solution” is to import losers from the world over to lower your standard to the point where you’ll cry “Uncle”.

    • As an amendment, it is important to note that those getting the lowered standards of living are NOT those who’s principle jobs are the selling of this scam. People like Cronkite and others beating the globalist drum.

      Slick Willy said it way back when. “Some will have their standards lowered, so that others can enjoy a higher standard…..!”. It should be noted that those who gleefully say things like this are not counting themselves among the rolls of the afflicted.

      “Seeing you impoverished will be a cause of sorrow for me, but, I am prepared to make that sacrifice”.

  14. Satan rules no where in splendor. He fell into a state which makes him the dregs of the universe. To sit at his right hand is to sit upon a landfill at a feast of maggots.

  15. I used to send this video to many people years ago, try to find the original version that is unedited and longer that has Hillary in it as well.

    This is one of the most clear embodiments which leftists live and die for, to further the Darwinian, Antichrist atheist, Marxist globalist agenda of no more sovereign countries, but a global centralized power ruling every human being who lives on earth. It is one of the clearest examples of Biblical fulfillment of the Book of revelation which foretold all of this 2000 years ago which is an impossibility if one thinks rationally. No matter how much you hate God or the bible, it is undeniable it foretold this.

  16. Wow! So horrible to read. As a child, we all innocently believed Chronkite was a true newsman we could trust. Now to know he was a lying traitor against the American citizens is sad to hear. We Americans are finding out all the people we trusted were just fake and really against us. Horrible realization. I now trust no reporter or politician. Only the Bible and Jesus. The rest are liars.

  17. This report just in from Walter Cronkite: “It’s really hot down here in Hell. And that’s the way it is”.

  18. And mocked the idea of a Messiah. No Christian would ever do that.

  19. while I must admit that cronkite clearly was not a believer in God or Christ, I must add that I interpret what he was saying as an example of what is in reality the ignorance and denial of satan, evil, etc.that goes on with the elites, etc. I find celebrities speaking casually about “sitting at satan’s right hand” and such statements all the time because they don’t really know what they’re saying, and don’t actually believe in him or in God. Of course, they won’t escape judgment, but I’m just saying that there’s a difference between actual satanists, of which there are legion, and spiritually ignorant people, which he probably was.

    • How do you know that Cronkite and the celebrities you claim “don’t really know what they’re saying”?

      • I think because those that really follow satan know that it’s important to maintain him as a “myth”. They don’t treat him lightly, as in this statement. I must admit, though, that it was quite possible that he was in fact a satanist

        • In junior college, believing a charismatic professor, Dr. Mitchell Bedford (who must now be in Hell), I fell away from the faith, before returning to Jesus the Christ 16 years ago.
          In all my agnostic years in the wilderness, I never ever joked about Satan, or insulted/mocked Christ, Christians or Christianity. To do those things is demonic. I don’t even joke about or insult other religions; I pray for them.

  20. LOL – I wonder what this disciple is saying now: “Lazarus, Lazuras, just a drop of water for my parched lips”?

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