One small thing Christians can do to defeat Obama

Last night, FOTM received an e-mail from Jonathan Wakefield, the author of Saving America: A Christian Perspective of the Tea Party Movement (Crossover, 2012). He’s asking all Christians to do our little part to ensure Obama will not get another four years, by helping to register more voters. Here is his email, followed by a brief description of his book, which I highly recommend!



I come to you today with a request—one that I hope will affect the 2012 elections, and every one thereafter, helping to restore America to her founding principles so that we can again live freely under the Heavenly King instead of in slavery under the earthly king of Big Government.

I’m not asking you to join an organization, make phone calls, knock on doors, work the polls, or drive anyone to them (though those are all great things to do). My request is simple: ask your pastor or priest if you can conduct a voter registration drive in your church one Sunday morning (or multiple Sundays) before your state’s registration deadline for the November 6th elections (the deadline in my home state of Virginia, for example, is October 15th).

All the materials you need—including voter registration forms, flyers or inserts for your bulletins about the importance of Christians’ voting, and short but powerful videos you can show in church—are found here: Full instructions are at the link, but basically all you have to do is show up at church on a Sunday morning, hand out and collect registration forms (or have people mail them on their own, if that’s their preference), and deliver those you collect to your local registrar. Some are even bringing laptops to help others register online instead. Simple.

If you at all doubt the enormous impact Christians can have in shaping the future of our nation, watch this short video:


The statistics on committed Christians’ lack of voting are—I’m sorry, but there’s no way to sugarcoat this—shameful, considering so many Christians preached, fought, and died to secure our right to freely choose our own representatives and protect us from an oppressive government. A lot of those non-voting Christians aren’t even registered.

The great news is that we can change this. My understanding is that the likelihood of someone’s voting goes up by 50% if they just register. So let’s register as many Christians as possible so they can join us in honoring God by exercising the immeasurable gift He gave us in choosing our own leaders.

There’s nothing partisan about this, by the way. This isn’t Republican or Democrat. This is simply about encouraging Christians to do their duty and vote, choosing some wise men so God will set them over us (Deut. 1:13, paraphrased).

If you’re not interested in conducting a drive or your church won’t let you, would you at least forward this e-mail and/or my video to anyone else you think might be interested? I want to make an enormous impact this November—and beyond. I believe the future of this nation hangs on how Christians decide to engage—or not engage.

Please let me know if you’re interested or you have any questions. And please do share this message with others as you feel led. I’m here to help however I can. Also, if you happen to go to my church and you want to help me with the registration drive I’m trying to organize, please let me know.

Thanks, everyone!

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Jon Wakefield

Saving America: A Christian Perspective of the Tea Party Movement

America faces some of its biggest crises ever. After reaching the brink of economic collapse in 2008, Americans awoke to the reality of how fragile their nation had become. Many identified the source as the dramatic expansion of governmental power at all levels under both political parties, and they united to form the Tea Party movement to advance the principles of limited government. Numerous books have been written about the Tea Party since its surprising explosion onto the political scene, but few if any have been written from a Christian perspective despite many Christians being active in the movement. In SAVING AMERICA – A Christian Perspective of the Tea Party Movement, author Jonathan Wakefield, a Tea Party leader and an ordinary citizen with virtually no political engagement before 2009, examines this powerful movement with an insider’s perspective from a biblical context. He explains why he felt compelled to finally get active in helping shape his nation’s future, making the case that the Tea Party’s core principles align with Scripture and represent America’s best hope for surviving its current crises and ultimately thriving again. Written for Tea Party supporters and skeptics, as well religious and non-religious individuals, SAVING AMERICA, will challenge all readers to think through their basic assumptions and beliefs and consider their roles as responsible citizens at this critical time in world history.

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Thank you for this wonderful post! I will see what I can do. We could also do this at our Republican party headquarters!


Spirited voter-registration drive outside WalMart this afternoon… hint: DURING work hours (probably gone now that it’s 5:30pm here now).

Dave McMullen
Dave McMullen

All three of my children are old enough to vote.they are registered and are NOT Obama supporters..Counting my wife and myself that’s five against Obama..I have never missed an election .I taught my children to be conservatives and the value of voting.,


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