One simple gift

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Dogs Smile

Smile And The World Smiles With You

Photograph by Kyle Behrend

One more piece of evidence that God loves us.

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0 responses to “One simple gift

  1. 😀 ♥

  2. That’s the exact look I get from my dog when I am pulling the burgers off the Weber.
    He knows he is going to get one. 😀
    If you are having trouble making friends with a dog, just give it a crumpled up charcoal grilled burger patty.
    LOL – Just make sure you put something for the dog on the grill every time you light it.
    -Or else.

  3. Dave—our (rescue) dogs get their grilled burgers before WE do 🙂 It makes our otherwise daily “ordinary” supper so awesome! We’re so thankful to God to be blessed w/the ability to earn a decent living…& that through this, we could also offer a decent life to our kids & take in/college-educate a foster child…..There were times when we didn’t even have enough to eat in our young “beginning family- &- worker” lives….Working our way to this point…we rejoice every day in being able to share our “fortune!” Meal times are the BEST time to do this IMO! If your kids are (now) grown & gone…this most often means your best-pet pals!

    • My little furry buddy got a burger tonight, as he is getting his annual rabies shot tomorrow.
      I gave him the whole thing, too.
      LOL – Right now, he is the happiest schnoodle on the planet. 🙂


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