One Nation Under God

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As Newsbusters reported earlier today, NBC on Sunday cut the words “under God” from the reading of the Pledge of Allegiance that accompanied the beginning of its coverage of the U.S. Open Golf Championship.

NBC later issued an apology, but didn’t mention the omitted words were “Under God”.  Disgraceful beyond belief.

Be sure to let NBC know how you feel about their “omission”.  Contact them here.  Or send them a tweet @nbc.


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15 responses to “One Nation Under God

  1. I don’t approve of the omission, but the original Pledge of Allegiance did not include “under God”. That was added later after World War Two.

  2. WND has a poll asking for your opinion. My husband and father in law were watching the game but we didn’t see the children reciting the pledge. We did hear the commentator apologizing for an editing error but we had no knowledge of what editing took place. Their actions demonstrate purposeful denigration of our Lord. I am fearful of where our country is headed.

    • To edit out expression of belief in God for the sake of “Diversity”(TM) is obnoxious and wrong… more offensive to millions of Americans across the nation than not editing it out from a couple of hundred putatively “American” leftist Demo-rat voters in San Francisco.

  3. lowtechgrannie

    I remember when “Under God” was added to the Pledge. It was during the time of the HUAC investigations aka “The McCarhy Era.” No matter how much Hollywood and the Left try to make McCarthy the villain, the truth is that the nation was riddled with very inflential Communists and useful idiots who supported them.

    I think I was in the 1st grade when “Under God” was added. We said it in class every morning and started every school assembly reciting it. Boy, things have changed!

  4. They edited out “Under God” twice! That is intentional! The commies are laughing every day…that includs the White House. God Help this country! Now…where is that real Birth Certificate?, where is a legit ss#?, where is a legit selective service form? Is anything legit with our communist/fascist leader? Obama is a commie fraud born in Kenya. Visit WND for historical details or visit Orly Taitz for legal reviews. Just think…our military is engaged in a war over in Lybia because the U.N. told Obama he needed to take action.
    Obama claims he does not need to ask our Senators for permission to engage in another war. Obviously, our military agrees! They are taking orders from the U.N.! I believe that Obama is head of International Security or something for the U.N. Isn’t it illegal for our president to be serving for a foreign country/entity also? Our elected senators are mum.
    If they had any balls, they would hold an emergency special session in reguards to the fraudulent President & his illegal wars. So far the Senate is allowing the President to send our boys & girls to war without addressing the issues of why, for how long, whats the goal, whats the cost, how many troops, cost to rebuild, what do we get in return, etc.
    Obama’s war is purely for the U.N.’s agenda. The people of America have been circumvented by the U.N. Meaning… it does not matter who we elect to speak our voices.
    The U.N. now controls our Presidency & directs Obama as they feel fit. Crazy how the White House & Obama boast that they are not breaking any laws! Another round of Golf?

  5. the ignorance displayed by these comments is staggering.

    also, the statue of liberty does not hold a cross or carry a copy of the bible. like it or not, the United States is a secular nation. the fact that the majority of its citizens might be Christian does not make it a Christian nation.

    • Obama is not a “commie” nor was he born in Kenya.

      you sound like a paranoid schizophrenic and racist.

      • It’s funny how you can simply declare — without even trying to offer compelling evidence — that Obama is not a commie nor was he born in Kenya. But you are quick to namecall opinions that differ from yours as “paranoid schizophrenic and racist.”

        What a fine exemplar of an Obamaphile you are. Defensive, quick to hurl insults, and — always always always — ready to deploy the Race Card.
        You are cheapening the “racist” label. Henceforth, accusations of real racism will lack credibility because of people like you. Shame on you.

      • For being a so-called “truth czar”, you’d think Mr. Lee would provide you better ammo…

      • “Obama is not a ‘commie’ nor was he born in Kenya.”

        Clearly you are government-educated, so it isn’t the least bit surprising that you are completely ignorant of what a commie actually is, else you wouldn’t have posted that profoundly ignorant statement.

        Never mind that Obama was raised by, as well as mentored by, flaming commies until well beyond his formative years.

        But yes, by some miracle, he isn’t a commie.


        And neither is Kim Jong-il.

        As for Obama not having been born in Kenya, I assume you have irrefutable proof of this, right?

        Link or slink, comrade troll.


    • So if we are a secular nation and this didn’t upset so many people, then why did NBC issue an apology?

  6. “(t)he fact that the majority of its citizens might be Christian does not make it a Christian nation.”


    So, I guess that the fact that the majority of the inhabitants of India are Hindu, but they are what, a Muslim nation?

    The majority of Mexicans are Catholic, but I suppose we should consider then Buddhists?

    And what of Japan?

    You seem to be confused.


  7. When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.-
    Sinclair lewis

    • Who in hell made Sinclair Lewis a prophet? Lewis was a commie and an alcoholic. When he died of alcoholism in 1951, Islam was barely making a squeak. Contrary to Lewis’ alcohol-addled prediction, fascism has already come to America, wrapped in the PC one-world rainbow flag, and carrying the crescent-moon of Islam.

      • I meant that in response to the picture that you have at the top of your page. In any case who says the words doesn’t matter so much as the words themselves.


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