How the EPA got "on the fightin' side of me"

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Earlier this month, Breitbart London reported that a Welsh government office was to scrap its £50,000 wind turbine after it generated just £5 of electricity per month. It now turns out that this is not the only place small-scale wind-turbine to have proved completely pointless.
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0 responses to “How the EPA got "on the fightin' side of me"

  1. What I have been saying for years,these wind mills will be non operative and a eye sore littering the landscape,Oh!! Some will still killing birds.

  2. AAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love birds. Where’s the outrage from PETA?
    The EPA has shut down businesses (logging), farms, and ranches (Clive Bundy’s) to supposedly protect this or that endangered species. But birds are getting killed by useless and pointless wind turbines. Blazing hypocrites!

    • Yeppers, hypocrisy [Number one of my 12 deadly sins] is now the EPA & FDA’s forte, by far.
      The old adage should be changed to: “The more they get it ‘right’, the more they get it wrong… completely!”

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  4. Has anyone taken a trip through the USA lately? All of those very expensive wind mills are still. None of them are turning. None of them are producing a thing. Why? It’s not like we ran out of wind. Why are they idle? If you look into it, you will be told, “There isn’t the need (demand) for them right now, so they are idle.” That has GOT to be the stupidest excuse a person could give. IF the grid doesn’t need them, then they should be running at capacity to store the energy. How? You convert water into Hydrogen. When you get low on fuel, you can burn Hydrogen (at NO carbon dioxide output), and you have the added product of pure Oxygen that can be sold to hospitals. Leaving them idle is a waste of biblical proportions. We are wasting millions of dollars every day, and no one says anything.


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