Add one more name to the dead pool…

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Add the name, Peter Schweizer, to the death watch list

Andrew Breitbart, Joan Rivers, Loretta Fuddy, Michael Hastings, Ron Johnson, Vince Foster…

President Lucifer and the Clintons have some things in common. People who become inconvenient to them have a tendency to die.


The author of a book hammering Hillary Clinton says he now has full-time security

The author of a controversial new book about Bill and Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday that he has arranged full-time security for himself.
Asked during a Bloomberg interview if he received any death threats over his controversial book, “Clinton Cash,” Peter Schweizer would only say he has “security.”
“I’ll just say we have security. And that security is not something that just came because we decided to have security. And we’ll just leave it at that,” he said.
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Clintons’ Dead Pool
Click the link above to check out the incredibly long list of suspicious deaths connected to the Clintons. I’ve removed the list out of mercy to the readers, but if you have time to spare, this will shock you.

Obama’s ‘Dead Pool’
Click the link above to check out the incredibly long list of suspicious deaths connected to Obama. I’ve removed the list out of mercy to the readers, but if you have time to spare, this will shock you.

Conclusion: Peter Schweizer needs to pray Psalm 91 daily.

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0 responses to “Add one more name to the dead pool…

  1. Peter Schweizer just affirmed in that interview, without exactly saying so, that he’s been threatened. Why else would someone spend money on full time security which is wildly expensive? The hit lists of Obama and the Clintons grows constantly, and to say it’s coincidence on any of those hits defies logic and sanity. And yet, all of these politically and criminally insane people will get away with murder. How much more do these sociopaths have to do before they are thrown into prison? But no, in this country we elect them to the presidency, how sick is that? What a testament to the moral decline of a society.

  2. Wow. Good post, TD.

    • Thanks Mike. It was the wisdom of your latest article on writing that convinced me to remove the exhaustive text from the Clinton and Obama dead lists, and simply supply the links to the articles. My post doesn’t look so frightening now. 😀

  3. Very informative and thorough post! This post proves propaganda is the greatest threat to the American people because Americans will believe anything as long as it is presented in a way that looks good. satan is the great deceiver for a reason. Jesus was and is the King at ‘keeping it real’ and speaking the truth and these fools today would not get away with everything they have if Americans opened their eyes and accepted truth, whether it’s liked or not. It’s because of our willingness to be deceived that these people have literally ‘gotten away with murder’.

    • That is why Governor O’Mally is so dangerous. He is young, strong and good looking, a perfect choice for the brainless people who voted for Clinton and later for Obama. The Kim Kardashian, Oprah, and TheVIEW/CHEW crowd will easily fall for this leftist demagogue.

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  5. Considering the mental instability of the Clintons and Obama,I’m even concerned for the safety of many of the Conservative Presidential Candidates.It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest for them to start “thinning out the herd”. God knows THEY don’t have an abundance of viable Candidates (who aren’t in Prison).

  6. TD . . . you have really outdone yourself! God Bless you for compiling this unfortunately ever-growing list of “suicides” and those who died of other numerous injuries. I kept up with it back when it was just the Mena, Arkansas nonsense, but this is so far beyond when an average person can really comprehend! The first thing that came to my mind, which may seem rather peculiar–can you imagine when the perpetrators, and those who hired these killings are brought to stand before the Lord? The whole thing is so convoluted, it will take God to sort out these heinous acts. It will be good when we come to the time that the Lord is governing the earth, and we no longer have to fear that these types of atrocities will continue.

  7. I’ve added Peter Schweizer to my daily prayer list!

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  9. Thank you so much for a complete article. I have followed Nachumlist for years on both the Clintons and BO. I have found it extremely accurate.
    I also have read an article and wish I could find it on the fact that several high ranking officers were getting ready for a coup to remove Clinton when they were killed in a crash. It might be one that you have listed.
    Anyway, great job for the exposure.

  10. Thank God Almighty there are still some people out there willing to take these risks. Revelation tells us that certain things are going to happen. God is using these brave men. He wants witnesses.
    The Clinton death roll isn’t finished yet. Ditto the Obama death roll. Or the Banker death roll. We are being ruled by criminal psychopaths.
    The Bush Family death roll isn’t finished, either.

  11. excellent video-full of info people must know-Pete Santilli Episode #960 Neil Keenan-The Interview The Global Elite Never Want You To Hear.

  12. Brittany Murphy? What’s that connection? Appears to be a reach. Somewhat diminishes an otherwise comprehensive post.


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