One Million Hits!

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We weren’t gonna do a post on this but, as the saying goes, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. LOL
About 15 minutes ago, this blog made it to the magic mark:
Fellowship of the Minds had a total of ONE MILLION hits or views!!!
Not bad for a blog that’s only a year old, ain’t it?
For that, we have all of YOU, our intelligent insightful readers, to thank. We especially appreciate our regular commenters who make our Fellowship such a lively forum, and the faithful fellows who send us news tips and jokes.
I also want to take this moment to thank the two co-founders of the Fellowship, Steve and Joan.
Without your support back in December 2009, I would never have started this blog. Without your contributions, there would never be the truly useful Steve’s Security and the most delicious Joan’s Kitchen pages. And without Steve’s daily humor post, I/we would never get out of our political funk and return to the battle, spitting fire and ready to fight for yet another day.
Now let’s go and kick more liberal/Democrat/ Progressive/leftwing/socialist/commie butts!

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  2. Congratulations! This blog is one of my favorites. It is current and it is faithfilled. Thank you for your time and efforts on our behalf.

  3. woo hoo!!

  4. I thank God every day for you three.
    Congratulations for all you do and being the one site that can be depended on for the truth.f

  5. Congratulations!!!! Thank you for all your research and getting the truth of the news out to us!

  6. Congratulations! And definitely worth celebrating. Well done!

  7. Congrats!! So glad I found you – thanks!!!!

  8. Congratulations to the three of you!!!! I look forward to visiting here every day–it is always a highlight of my day!!! Keep up the good work because the good guys WILL win!

  9. Yay! 🙂

  10. CONGRATULATIONS, Fellowship Of Minds! I have read and enjoyed your articles so very much that I have sent many links to your articles to other web sites & people! I LUV YOUR WEB SITE/BLOG! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

    • Thanks, everyone, for all your kind and encouraging words! Gosh, you’ve made us want to go for yet another million hits. LOL
      A special thanks to Starla for taking the time and effort to drop off links to the Fellowship. I’ve seen some of your handiwork on the Citizen Wells site. Thanks for spreading the word! 😀

  11. I was at least seven of those.
    You’re welcome.

  12. Congratulations on a most excellent blog, guys.
    Nice work.

  13. Eowyn, Joan, and Steve:
    I appreciate the entertaining and informative forum you’ve created.
    A million hits in the first year means well deserved recognition for a world class blog. Thank you for always making my day.

  14. Guess I’m one of those “liberal/Democrat/ Progressive/ leftwing/ socialist/ commies” whose butts you’re going to kick. Interesting point of view: skip listening to hear and understand people you disagree with, heap judgment on them, and kick their butts. Leads to a really nice, peaceful kind of world, eh? Not in my eperience it doesn’t. Leads to a Taliban kind of society.

  15. Congrats!!!


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