One Abortion is Just One Life Lost? Think Again.

Just one life gone?

On Father’s Day, I stumbled upon the site RenewAmerica is a grassroots organization that supports the self-evident truths found in the Declaration of Independence, and their faithful application through upholding the U.S. Constitution, as written.

Author Jenn Giroux, former Executive Director of HLI America, posted a poignant article about abortion and her father.  I wanted to share her story with you. Excerpts from her story are below.  Please see the full article here.

I have a simply amazing Dad. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, times of financial stress, or when an egregious act of injustice had occurred he showed by his example that nothing justified lying or cheating.

“An eye for an eye” was never an option. He understood that every life was precious. He treated every human being with the same kindness and generosity regardless of a person’s title (or lack thereof).

Dad’s sense of fairness and prudence resulted in the highest possible peer review award of his profession. He had the courage of a lion, the gentleness of a lamb, and the eye of the tiger when necessary.

At the most painful moments he would remind us that “everything comes and goes except for the reign of God” and would often say “this too will pass” to ease our sadness. I didn’t understand what he meant until I was much older.

I began to think about all the good that my Dad continues to do today even at the age of 82. I was recently reading the latest abortion statistics and reflecting on the millions of lives lost in our American Holocaust. I thought about the potential of each precious life lost. It then hit me: “what if my Dad had been aborted?” While my saintly Irish Grandmother would have NEVER considered such a thing, here is something to ponder:

So many times when young couples (married and unmarried) are faced with an unexpected pregnancy they are seduced into believing that the ‘quick fix’ is to have an abortion.

“You can always have another when your life is settled.” “You don’t have the money to raise a child.” “This isn’t a good time. ” “Just one abortion and everything will go back to normal.

I began to think about the impact of “just one abortion.”

My Dad was born as the oldest of 9 children. He grew up and married my mom (sweethearts since the second grade they tell us) and together they had 11 children who, in turn, have produced 59 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren to date.

My Dad: 1. His Children: 11. His Grandkids: 59. His Great Grandkids: 2. Total lives lost to date if my dad had been aborted: 73.

We do not often think about the generational effect of ‘just one abortion’. The taking of one single life wipes out the countless souls who would have followed in all generations to come. Look at your own Father and do the math. It is breathtaking to realize how many lives are spared with the birth of ‘just one soul.”

My father is the youngest of 12 children.  He was an uncle before he was even born.  I have one sister and two beautiful nieces. I also have over 150 cousins. I cannot imagine my life without any of them. Thank you Jenn for pointing out the ramifications of “just one abortion”.  It is not “just one” life that is lost.  It is a generation that suffers.


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Dr. Eowyn

Thank you, Debbie, for finding and posting this inspiring Father’s Day tribute to a true man of God.

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

One abortion, one more murder, everyone has the right to be born. God cries when a baby is murdered. Children are His consolation. Woe unto those who condone or act in abortion. It will bring the vengeance of God upon those who would kill the unborn. Liberals talk of ‘safe abortion’. Safe for the child? Some women speak as if they have an alien life form inside them when it is their own flesh and blood. Keep praying for an end to this horrible thing. Obama is one of the key players in killing the unborn.