On 9/11 anniversary, Obama sends greetings to Arab group

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On December 7, 1952, the 11th anniversary of Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor, President Harry S. Truman spent the day sending his personal greetings of thanks and praise to a Japanese group.

No. That didn’t happen.

But Obama did the equivalent of that yesterday, on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, by sending his personal greetings of thanks and praise to an Arab group, the Arab Forum on Asset Recovery that’s having its first meeting today in Doha, Qatar. Among the meeting’s attendees is Eric Holder. The Arab Forum’s goal is to recover assets stolen by formerly autocratic regimes, including Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.

Joel B. Pollak reports for Breitbart, Sept. 11, 2012, that Obama is “using the day to issue greetings to the Arab Forum on Asset Recovery, seemingly oblivious to the importance and solemnity of the day, as well as the context of his message.”

In his greeting, Obama makes no mention of 9/11, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, or the role of Qatar-based Al Jazeera in broadcasting radical anti-American propaganda. But the POS does give thanks to the Emir of Qatar–“His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani”–and praises the inspiring democratic example of the Arab Spring, which happened to leave the absolute monarchy of Qatar untouched, as well as led to Muslim extremists taking over governments, most notably in Egypt.

Breitbart News also points out Obama’s hypocrisy.

To honor the day, both Obama and Mitt Romney had pledged not to campaign today. So what did the POS do?

He’s having Bill Clinton campaign for him in Florida!


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0 responses to “On 9/11 anniversary, Obama sends greetings to Arab group

  1. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for once again exposing the king’s priorities. This is an abomination. Even though 9/11 happened 11 years ago, the families are still wounded and our nation is horribly wounded. Please, please God help us end this nightmare with this abominable king and his administration! Please help us take back our nation by electing Romney and Ryan!

  2. wow i was typing obama must go and this window disappeared and a new tab window took its place.. ghosts in the machine. lets see i said something like we need to get the crap out of the white house the pos is utterly useless obama must go obama must go remember to vote in november register to vote now…if you are not registered. although register at two different address’s under similar but not identical names and vote twice that is the democratic way…

  3. okay two stories one happened today as i was checking in some dvd’s at the library right next to a desk set up to register voters. a man walked up and wanted to register to vote although a. he could not remember his address b. had no proof of his address and i walked away. several years ago my brother an election judge had a guy try to vote after he had already done the mail in early voting thing supposedly this is a felony but wait a minute he was hispanic so they said he just didn’t know any better so it was okay…

  4. more unbelievabe crap from the pos in the white house vote him out in november no more obama obama must go obama mus

  5. Insanity! I CANNOT wait for November.

  6. I can’t believe or ever will believe that most of America think Obama has done a good enough job to be re-elected. Even if Romney was Clint Eastwood he would be better leading this country than this clueless empty suited fraud.

  7. It looks to me as if Obama is disappointed at heart: He should have moved over to some Islamic country and have been elected President over there! What a disgrace!


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