Olympic Skier To Lose Medal. I.O.C. Awards Medal to ……….

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Considering all the recent athletic uproars, it’s nice to know that at least the IOC is honest.
The International Olympic Committee announced today that it has taken back the gold medal previously awarded to American skier Lindsey Vonn and given it to U.S. President Barack Obama
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Olympic officials said Obama deserved the medal more than Vonn
because no one has ever taken a country downhill faster than he has.

~Steve~                                  H/T Miss May

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0 responses to “Olympic Skier To Lose Medal. I.O.C. Awards Medal to ……….

  1. Snark….

  2. WONDERFUL!! Great start to the day….

  3. You got me, Steve! Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Another good one Steve . Keep’em coming .

  5. 😀 Have to thank Miss May. She sent it to me. .
    Glad to start your day off with a laugh.
    I did think it was pretty funny myself.

  6. Everything is getting worse and worse, but we can still make fun of the POS ! 😀

  7. LOL..You are very baaad. Very bad! LMAO

  8. You should only know the half of it. 😀


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