Ole and the naked chick

Jessica RabbitIt’s been a brutal winter in North Dakota — heavy snow, ice, and record lows with temps plunging to below zero.

Ole is a taxi driver, of old Norwegian stock.

One night, a beautiful, curvy, stark naked woman hops into his cab.

Ole opens his eyes wide and stares at the woman. He makes no attempt to start the cab.

The stark naked woman purrs: “What’s wrong with you, honey? Haven’t you ever seen a naked woman before?”

Ole says, “Lady, I’m not staring at you. I am telling you, dat vould not be proper vair I come from.”

The stark naked woman smirks: “Well, if you’re not staring at my boobs, sweetie, what are you doing then?”

Ole looks at her and says: “Vell, I am lookin and I’m lookin, and I am tinking to myselfs, vair in da hell is dis lady keeping da money to pay for dis ride?”

H/t FOTM’s Wild Bill Alaska muttley


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