Oklahoma governor signs Constitutional Carry into law

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For those opposed to this (local police are opposed.…that’s another story I may blog about at a later time), think about how many times you’ve seen criminals open carry.

I see many people open carry here in my town in OK: At the vet, Chick-fil-A, the local convenience store, Wal-Mart, PetCo, etc. I have never, ever, ever felt threatened by witnessing a person open carry.

I prefer to conceal carry because I’m a woman and don’t want to advertise the fact that I have guns. I don’t want some man following me and thinking he can 1) overpower me and 2) know of a home that has firearms to steal.

Yet women who choose to open carry now have a distinct advantage to practice their Constitutional right!

Thank you Governor Stitt for recognizing our Second Amendment right!


From KTUL: Just three weeks from start to finish, the “Constitutional Carry” bill has a new nickname for the folks who pushed it through.

“Well, we should have probably renamed it the ‘Whiplash Bill,'” said Don Spencer, president of the Second Amendment Association. That’s cause the speed at which it traveled through the process was stunning. Predictions on what’s next?

“Gun sales will go up, also we’re already seeing the list for people wanting training going up because they know they don’t have to put a license through the state to carry the gun now,” said Spencer.

“Do I think that there will be some people going out and buying some new handguns? Maybe something smaller, lighter, easier to carry? Yeah, there will probably be for the next six to eight months an increase of especially conceal carry type handguns sold,” said Eric Fuson with Trails End Trading Company.

Meanwhile, a dire prediction from former TPD officer and gun control advocate Rex Berry. “More guns in more wrong hands means more gun tragedies means more fear means more guns sold,” said Berry. “One of the arguments is it’s not a gun, it’s a mental health issue. Take a look at what our state legislature or our US government has done to fund mental health. It’s a BS argument,” said Berry.

Spencer’s response to the critics? “Well to the critics I say this, if it wasn’t for the Second Amendment and us being able to exercise it, you would not have the protection of your First Amendment to be up here and make that criticism,” said Spencer.

And finally a reminder, that just because there’s less paperwork, doesn’t mean there’s less responsibility. “Just because there is no permit require to carry doesn’t mean there’s not liability for carrying a firearm, and you must know the laws that govern the use of force in the state of Oklahoma and where you cannot carry,” said Fuson.


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14 responses to “Oklahoma governor signs Constitutional Carry into law

  1. Definitely safer w/ open carry. Being able to conceal should be an obvious right, and open carry is what law abiding citizens should practice. That way, there’d be less violence – criminals would see people w/ guns, so they’d coward out. Psychos hell-bent on killing others could more easily be put down.

    This is a win-win!

  2. Seems like Oklahoma is about the only state that hasn’t collectively lost its’ mind yet.

  3. Woo Hoo! Congratulations. Good job. One down, forty-nine to go.

  4. Great! Oklahoma has some sense and honors the Right To Keep And Bear Arms unlike some places…
    Last year I was at a baseball game and had my EDC knife on my belt. It’s a fixed blade 6.5 inches long with a 3 inch blade in a crossdraw kydex sheath. Some twitch-hole snowflake ran to the team management saying the felt unsafe beacuse this big mean looking man with a beard and tattoos had a KNIFE…. I was actually sitting with a couple of off duty cops and they got a good laugh out of it. Unreal….

  5. So we have one state where common sense seems to have taken root. Thank you for passing this story on to us, DCG.

  6. Watertender…one of the greatest days here in Kentucky was the day the cops told the California folks there was nothing to be done about the neighbor target shooting when he felt like it…several times a week.

  7. Kevin J Lankford

    Ironic that an extramural, or extraneous legislation is required to exercise an existential right.

    Some thing is seriously wrong in the minds of our elected.

  8. It is UNLAWFUL for the government to require permission and, especially payment, to exercise a right. Hopefully we can finally get Constitutional Carry here in Tennessee which must be done according to the Tennessee Constitution Declaration of Rights, Article I, Section 26. Government officials must obey their Constitutions!

  9. Until police can guarantee a 10 second response time, carrying arms seems like the only way law-abiding citizens can defend themselves against criminals.

    • It is an individual’s duty to defend themselves and others. The cops are there to enforce laws. Obviously, attacking people and murder is against the law so it falls under their purview to enforce those, not to “protect you”.

      I wouldn’t give them that option if they COULD get there in 10 seconds. They would likely kill me or my dog or my wife and kids. I wouldn’t even call them unless I thought it was a situation that I couldn’t handle myself. If it was I would be more terrified of them than the bad guys.

      I don’t advise anyone to call them and tell them they’re taking fire.

    • Ten seconds is too long IMO. In less than a second one can get off a round and you’re dead. Unless you fire first…

  10. Well, my husband and I have been looking for a favorable place to retire to….take our possessions and retirement dollars…including guns….to a state that won’t prohibit our guns or regulate in excess our ammunition (unlike CA). We are not gun “fanatics” but rather, just want to keep maintaining the legal 2nd ammendment firearms that we’ve carried with us throughout our liftetimes—MOST of them passed down to us from parents/grandparents and EVEN great-grandparents. FORGODSAKE…I don’t want to go to prison for not knowing how to legally register or whatever my GREAT-grandmother’s Winchester, passed down to me….that she bought for $6 used at the turn of 1900….and shot deer with to sustain her family diet. I want to retire to a state that accepts our heritage in farming and self-reliance….Between the two of us, husband and I, a substantial yearly amount for any state looking to attract our retirement incomes into their state. We will live there, die there, spend all our money there, including a home, home improvements, health care dollars (part of our retirement after a certain age is lifetime coverage) daily groceries and whatever, etc etc. Just hoping these “retirement friendly” states will start flying their “welcome” flags way out in the open…..way MORE than any are doing now: Don’t MAKE US DIG FOR INFO….let it all hang out!!!!

    • CalGirl, I think you have a great idea. However Mrs. Watertender and I have elderly family that we have to check in on regularly and we have helth concerns that require services that we recieve here. I am a 3 time cancer survivor that uses a great cancer center close to where we live. Otherwise we might jump ship on the communist socialist republic we live in. My family had several older firearms including an 1895 vintage Winchester Model 1894 in .30WCF that was stolen and sold by a piece of shit relative for drug money. The bastard also bagged a nice Winchester Model 62 .22 rifle and a couple of good Winchester shotguns.. A Model 12 in 12 gauge and an 1897 Riot Gun…. Here you are supposed to transfer any firearms thru a dealer and anyone has the authority to say you are a danger to get your guns confiscated… WTF!!!

  11. ‘Merica! (And not Canada, the EU or anywhere else.)


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