Oklahoma bill introduced for Constitutional Carry

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Our new governor, republican Kevin Stitt, stated during his campaign that he would support this action. One of the reasons I voted for him.

And if you ask anyone where I live in Oklahoma, the only people who find this “controversial” are the gun grabbers.

From News 9: A controversial bill to allow the permitless carry of handguns passes its first hurdle. Thursday, the House Public Safety Committee passed a bill allowing for constitutional carry.

Constitutional carry would allow any Oklahoman over 21 years old without a felony to carry a handgun, open or concealed, without first getting a license or training.

Training is an individual responsibility. It’s not the governments job to mandate training to you. It should be your individual responsibility to make sure you get yourself trained,” said Travis Couture-Lovelady of the NRA.

If it passes, Oklahoma would be the 15th state to have constitutional carry. The state currently allows visitors from those other 14 states to carry here without a license.

Backers say a lot of Oklahomans will continue to get the license though. “If they want to travel, they’ll still need that. If they want to go to Texas or other states, they’ll still need that permit for reciprocity, so they can carry across state lines,” said Couture-Lovelady.

Opponents fear the lack of requirements will be dangerous.

“National polling shows that most Americans are in favor of reasonable gun laws and licensing, getting a permit, going through some basic checks keeps everyone more safe,” said Rev. Lori Walke of the Mayflower Congregational UCC Church in Oklahoma City. “As far as Christians go, we follow someone who was a nonviolent resister. And we think that more guns make people less safe. We follow the prince of peace, not the prince of pistols.

The committee also passed bills that forbid companies like Uber from requiring drivers not carry and would not send felons back to prison for unknowingly riding in a car with someone who legally has a gun. All of those bills now go to the House floor for a vote.

The legislature passed Constitutional Carry last year, but it was vetoed by Governor Mary Fallin.


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18 responses to “Oklahoma bill introduced for Constitutional Carry

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    “Constitutional Carry”?….Seems awful ironic that we must rely on the passage of a “Bill” to exercise a right clearly defined with in our Constitution. And yet they still pose infringements not prescribed by our Constitution.

    The fact is, like it or not, our Constitution allows that no one can be denied their second amendment right, ‘felon’ or not. If one is a free citizen of society, his/her rights are secure.

    • I totally agree. Congratulations Oklahoma!! Good job. I have said this here for a long time. I get my license but I can’t say I can see why I should need one.

      Basically, the Second Amendment protects individuals right to defend themselves. How on earth do you take that away? It’s a hypothetical question. I KNOW why they want our guns. Users and thieves want us helpless and afraid.

  2. The NRA is stupid in their comment about training. No One should be able to carry unless they have 40 hours of training IMHO. I have 100 hours – paid by myself – to know firearms extremely well – as the father of a young Autistic boy, I take extra safety precautions, including locking all firearms always. But most people are too stupid to do the right thing, so they need mandates. I’m not worried about others carrying, unless they are emotionally immature, psychopathic, etc., and the system won’t protect against those few. But, an intense training program would help. I would require it like this:

    – 20 hours of long rifle training first. then,
    – a year later, you take another 20 hours for handguns.
    – if you want a semi-automatic rifle like the AR-15 (which I do, but cannot afford..), that would require another 40 hours before a permit can be given. Along the way, their should be a background check. There should be tests built in to check on people’s attitudes, ensuring proper education.

    Firearms should be biometrical locked, so only I can shoot my gun, and you yours. There are plenty of other ideas in which to ensure public safety. The NRA should not be standing up for the 2nd Amendment in a stupid way as Wayne LaPierre does, but rather, should work towards a fair and equitable system for ensuring public safety, without giving up our rights. To be clear, the police are never there on time, and so we all must take our own safety as our responsibility. This means staying away from bad areas and individuals with a bad mindset. I’m near 60, and have shot guns since I was 10. I never hurt anyone, never got hurt (well, when we were 12, we shot each other with our BB guns. You learn quick that’s a bad idea).

    Aside from the ridiculous NRA position, Oklahoma is doing the right thing. America is becoming more and more dangerous, not least of which are corrupt cops and FBI stool pigeons who follow Deep State lies, so folks will continue to be armed. The key is to have well-trained GOOD GUYS like me around, in case some dumb psychotic ass clown thinks shooting an innocent person is a good idea.

    • “IMHO” the Government has zero right to impose “infringements” of any kind on the Second Amendment. Training may be a good idea but it shouldn’t and ISN’T a “requirement”.

    • There’s that term “fair” again…Who gets to determine the definition of fair? Who gets to determine which people get to set the definition?

      And how do we ensure equitable public safety when police don’t even have a constitutional duty to protect?

      • I think that self-defense (and the defense of others) is a “God-given RIGHT, not a “privilege”. Moreover, it is an OBLIGATION.

        We can’t, and shouldn’t, broker that to the cops. The only way that could even happen in a “perfect world” would be for cops to be everywhere at all times just in case.

        Believe me, most of them do NOT see their first duty as protecting anyone but themselves. If you want to guarantee a long response just mention “gun” when you dial. By the time they assemble the calvary you’ll either be dead or victorious. You decide.

    • Also not a fan of biometrics for firearms.

      1. What if my hand get smashed and cannot read my fingers/palm?
      2. What happens if your power source is gone?
      3. Will the biometric read me correctly if I am under duress?
      4. Many criminals are crafty folk and there will be a time when they can outsmart the smart technology.
      and lastly:
      5. As most things having to do with “smart technology,” just when you need to use something in an urgent matter, Murphy’s Law predicts you will run into a glitch.

      My home, my firearms, and my decision on how to store ’em.

      • It’s a cinch they don’t want those things because they’re afraid we might hurt ourselves. They are fine just like they are. I have some that were made in the 1800’s and they’re fine too.

        They are tools, just like a screwdriver. You could hurt yourself or someone else with them if you don’t know what you’re doing or you’re careless. That’s how life is.

    • Demorats idea of ensuring public safety: “Democrats believe that CMPD is making illegal immigrants nervous with drunk driving and traffic safety checkpoints.”


      • How do they do things like that with a straight face? They are here ILLEGALLY. That’s bad enough, now they are breaking laws and endangering citizens, their answer is to cut them some slack? Why?

        They should be swept up and deported. So by leftist standards, humans have no right to existence. Illegals are superior to citizens. Illegals SHOULD vote FOR THEM. Illegals should get free everything. YT should be forced to pay for it.

        OK, tell me again why people vote for them? Oh, that’s why they want the illegals here and voting. I get it now.

        • I really can’t understand why people vote to elect those who protect illegal aliens over American citizens. I. just. don’t. get. it.

          All I can conclude is that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  3. Sorry Doctor Moebius, but you are so far off base that you are not even in the same city where the baseball stadium is. You indicated that you have 100 hours of firearms training. Well done. I hope you are a better shot for it. However, you have proposed a litany of firearm restrictions, prohibitions, unscientific, nonexistent “biometric” gun locks and barriers to lawful firearm ownership that Nancy Pelosi should give you a medal for joining her socialist gun grabbing army.
    Your would-be governmentally mandated training requirements would do absolutely nothing, and, I do mean nothing, for firearm safety. It is simply the same dreck spewed out every hour of every day by the gun haters and gun grabbers on the socialists left. Here is the truth about firearms safety. US government statists show that firearms ownership is one of the safest actives there is. There are approximately 100 million law abiding firearm owners in the United States, which represents about a third of the overall population of 330 million. Many firearm owners have more than one gun. In fact, although absolute numbers are not available, there likely are enough guns in private hands to allow one gun for every man, woman and child in the country.

    Now, here is the safety record for the NRA. The NRA has sponsored and conducted firearm trainings and shooting competitions all over the country since its founding Nov. 17, 1871. In the 147 years of its existence, the NRA has only experienced one, yes ONE, injury at a sanctioned shooting match. And that injury had nothing to do with a firearm. The injury occurred when a volunteer cut his hand putting up a target. Therefore, there has been no one injured at an NRA shooting match in the 147 years. No one.
    Here are the statistical data for the top ten accidental deaths in America for the year 2017. The data are rounded to whole round numbers for clarity.
    Actual Accidental Deaths:
    1. Car crashes, 44,000
    2. Falling, 15,000
    3. Poisoning, 9,500
    4. Fires, 3,700
    5. Drowning, 3,500
    6. Choking, 3,200
    7. Medical procedures complications, 3,000
    8. Firearm Discharge, 1,500
    9. Hit by a car, 1,100
    10. Electrocution, 500
    Of the 1,500 accidental firearm deaths, there are suggestions that fully half of those are suicides, which are subsequently labeled firearm “accidents” for insurance purposes. As you can see from the actual data on firearms deaths, you are twice as likely to be killed by your family doctor than you are by an accidental shooting.
    As for criticism of the NRA, the NRA’s position on the potential Oklahoma constitutional carry measure is neither “stupid,” nor “ridiculous.” Neither are those NRA spokespersons. It is the only rational and sane stance to take on the issue. The right of the people keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed. Why is this? There are a couple of reasons. First, it is a God given, inherent right. Why do I say this? Read the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” There can be no liberty without the means to guarantee it to our posterity. The Second Amendment is the guardian of our liberty against a tyrannical government. Disarming the populace is the first step taken by any would be tyrant who aspires to wield power.
    As for your stand of mandatory training as a condition of firearm ownership, that’s hog wash. No one should be forced to undergo a litany of gun classes just to be able to possess a firearm. I say this not as just Joe gun owner, but as someone who is well acquainted with firearms training.
    I am an NRA life member.
    In addition, I am an NRA certified firearms instructor, and have held that certification more than 30 years.
    In addition to that, I am a Massachusetts State Police certified firearms instructor. I am licensed to teach all the classes required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that applicants for their concealed carry permits must have.
    In addition to that, I am an NRA certified Range Safety Officer, which means I am qualified to oversee the shooting range at NRA events.
    And last, but not least, I’m a veteran of combat.
    I do believe in gun control. Here is my definition of gun control.
    Gun control is hitting what you’re aiming at.
    That’s it. No muss, no fuss, no libtard B.S., no asinine barriers to gun ownership.
    Molon Labe

  4. And how would more firearm laws keep criminals from obtaining and using guns? c-r-i-m-i-n-a-l-s don’t need no stinkin laws. I’m with Oklahoma. Carry. Be responsible. Or suffer the consequences. Once the bullet leave the barrel you can’t call it back.

  5. Finally!

  6. Yay! 🙂

  7. Stephen T. McCarthy

    >>… “said Rev. Lori Walke of the Mayflower Congregational UCC Church in Oklahoma City

    There is NO SUCH THING as a female “reverend”. All pastors of the Christian Church MUST be males.

    Anyone want to debate me about this? Give ‘er a go and let’s see what happens. Good luck to you.
    {*How about you, ‘Deplorable Patriot’? – Yes, you, the one who thinks that God is flawed because God created man in God’s own image and man is obviously flawed. You wanna try me on this one, Bro?*}

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…’

  8. Hey, it isn’t even passed and its working!:


    An obvious idea whose time has long since come.


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