Okay, lady. We now all know it's you.

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At last night’s State of DisUnion snoozefest, Obama rattled on about a 50-something mother of two who’s a furniture industry employee but is getting a degree in biotechnology.
As he droned on, the woman was the soul of modesty. She kept telling the two strangers sitting next to her “That’s Me!”

Her name is Kathy Proctor. And don’t you dare forget it!!! LOL


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0 responses to “Okay, lady. We now all know it's you.

  1. Hey! “that’s me” don’t forget aka obama believes you are all used up at age 50 or was it 40?

  2. Surprised she didn’t stand up and wave…

  3. They should have had Larry Sinclair in the First Lady’s Box. That would have been more interesting that this lady. Any other suggestions anyone?

    • Well, if Larry wasn’t available there is always Reggie Love. 🙂

      • The other thing I was thinking was, did you all see Michelle Obama’s security “detail”? I wonder which one she is into. The darkest one? There were four of them. Reggie may have been there disguised as someone else in the audience…………………………..
        wasn’t he the one in the back in the Klanner outfit?

  4. Once Obamacare gets rolling in earnest, what good is a biotechnology degree going to do her, anyway?
    Of course, maybe she will be the one to come up with the red and blue pills the Dear Ruler was talking about.

  5. Take it easy there lady… sheesh! How ‘dare’ you try to steal Skippy’s limelight…careful! He’ll have you up on charges!


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